Stay Hydrated with Safe Water: Best Water Purifier in India for Home Use 2024

Are you looking for the best water purifier for your home in India? If “YES” then you are reading the correct post. Here you will get information about the 12 best water purifier in India. …

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Are you looking for the best water purifier for your home in India?

If “YES” then you are reading the correct post. Here you will get information about the 12 best water purifier in India.

After reading the water purifier buying guide given at the end of the article, you should not have any problem in choosing a water purifier.

Best Water Purifier in India

In today’s time, the percentage of water pollution has increased. Due to which it is becoming difficult to obtain pure drinking water, In this scenario, the water purifier is the only device that helps us consume clean and healthy water.

Today, many people still do not know the basic differences between UF, Mineraliser, UV, RO and TDS.

Research has shown that contaminated water is supplied to 99.3% of the places in India. The eligibility of water of any place is determined by the level of its TDS. RO purifiers are required only when the TDS level in the water is 300 ppm or more.

Today, many modern technologies such as inbuilt UF and UV filters are used to make water purifiers better.

List of the Best Water Purifier in India in 2024

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Best Water Purifier Brands in India

1. HUL PureIt Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier


Best Water Purifier in India

Hindustan Unilever is the best water purifier manufacturing company in India. And it is also considered one of the top brands. This product makes your 2024 purchase perfect, which is a combination of RO, UV and MF

Primary features:
  • It has a capacity of 10 liters.
  • It uses RO, UV, MF technologies.
  • Its performance is well praised for TDS up to 2000 ppm.
  • Provides water purification in 7 steps.
Product Specifications:

The black color of PureIt Ultima makes its beauty unique. Which has the capacity to hold 10 liters of water. A soft touch button control helps the machine in the operation process. There is also a facility to mount it on the wall or you can place it above the tabletop.

Its biggest advantage is that it consumes only 60 watts of power, which makes it a power efficient RO. The temperature of the water inside its tank is between 10 toC to 40 .C.

This water purifier has the capacity to work with water with a maximum TDS of 2000 ppm. And its inbuilt digital panel helps to increase water quality 5000 times every second.

To maintain optimum water quality, a smart sensor has been used in it. Which shows you the purity of water through the display screen.

The process of purification of water goes through various stages. And it ensures that you get 100% filtered water by separating all the impurities in the water.

For your good health and better taste of water, it has been programmed with a mineral cartridge. That combines essential salts such as magnesium, calcium and water minerals.

This water purifier uses the advance-alert feature to notify you in advance of the expiration of the germ kill kit. So that you can change it in time.

“Power-off” technology

Its is another important feature of the device that automatically shuts off the machine while throwing out impure water.

One thing to keep in mind in this product is that it keeps dispensing 650 ml of impure water for every 1 liter of pure water stored in its tank.

Hindustan Unilever provides you with a one-year warranty on the product. And also provides free installation within 48 hours of delivery of the product.

  • It has a smart display.
  • This product has the capacity to hold 10 liters of water.
  • Advance alert system when German kill kit expires
  • In this, annual maintenance by the company December cost you dearly.

2. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Delight 7-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier


Best Water Purifier in India

Eureka Forbes has earned its name in consumer devices for the last 40 years. One of its well-known products is water purifiers.

It is an Indian company which does not require any introduction. It has maintained its brand fame in the market over the years and has also built trust among the users.

Primary features:
  • This product has the capacity to hold 7 liters of water
  • It is available with RO + UV + MTDS protection.
  • Its long lasting cartridge takes care of your wallet.
  • Energy saving mode facility is also available.
Product Specifications:

Eureka Forbes has gained popularity by selling excessive water purifiers and vacuum cleaners in India during the year 2000. The water purifier of this company is available in two colors, black and white. Its 7 liter capacity tank represents this product as an ideal machine.

Due to the size of the aqua-guard being very small, it can be mounted on the wall or placed above the table-top. Its storage tank water temperature can be between 10 ° C to 40 ° C.

The cartridge of this machine lasts for a long time and it has the capacity to clean up to 6 thousand liters of water. When the cartridge is on the verge of being replaced. Its smart indicator notifies you via an alert.

Its smart LED indicator lights you up in three ways.
  1. While filling the water tank
  2. When the power is turned on in it.
  3. At the start of the purification process

An energy-saving mode has been used to make this product a power-efficient product, which turns off the power supply after the water inside the tank is completely filled. According to the TDS of the water, a TDS regulator has been used to change its taste.

To keep away bacteria and harmful germs, a high quality stainless steel UV chamber has been used inside this machine.

The tank is made of premium-quality food-grade plastic to protect the machine from any damage.

For your information, that this machine wastes 65% of the total water which is not potable. Eureka Forbes offers an installation kit in this filter as well as free installation.

  • Its RO + UV technology eliminates all types of impurities such as bacteria, viruses, etc.
  • It is suitable for all types of water such as municipal supplies, taps, borewells, etc.
  • Smart LED Indicator.
  • Energy saving mode facility
  • It has a 7-liter storage capacity.
  • This product wastes a lot of water

3. Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre RO+UV+UF Water Purifier


Best Water Purifier in India

Kent Company has earned a big name in the market of water purifiers industry in India. This company has held a large share of the Indian market for almost 2 decades. Kent Ace is available in the market in two colors, white and aquamarine. Which comes with the ability to store 7 liters of water. And it has the ability to purify 15 liters of water in one hour.

Primary feature:
  • RO UV UF TDS controller is used in this company’s product
  • Its tank has 7-liter water storage capacity.
  • Premium food-grade ingredients have been used inside this product.
  • This water purifier is available with a free 3-year AMC.
Product Specifications:

The width and height of this device are 27 cm and 50 cm and length 38 cm respectively. This water purifier is available as a wall mount product. By which you can take advantage of its compact structure by hanging anywhere in the kitchen.

This water purifier has the ability to eliminate all types of water bacteria, pesticides, viruses and other impurities. To eliminate them, RO, UV and UF technology has been used in it.

This device controls the TDS level, which is in the range between 0–80. And it helps in maintaining important minerals in water. Which makes the water ideal for drinking.

This Kent Company product is capable of purifying any type of water. If the water in your area is not potable, then it solves your problem by separating all kinds of impurities and giving you a pure form of water.

This RO alerts you by an alarm system to change its filter. Its computer controlled operation also alerts you to fix it if its UV system fails.

The device is manufactured with high-quality ABS food-grade plastic and a push-fit design, which helps prevent water leakage. Kent Water Purifier has also been certified by the Water Quality Association.

If you face any problem during its use, then you can easily get advice from their experts. With a large network of more than 1500 service centers. You can communicate with experts from any city in India. The company offers a 1-year warranty with this model.

In this model the company is providing free installation facility with 3 years AMC for free.

  • It has 3 years of free AMC.
  • Free installation kit is available.
  • It has the capability of power-efficient equipment.
  • Waste up to 650ml of water for every 1 liter.

4. A.O Smith X8 Green RO 9 Litre RO+SCMT Water Purifier


Best Water Purifier in India

A.O.Smith has been serving its products in the Indian markets since 2008 after establishing its roots in USA. It has emerged as a well-known brand by making the best water heaters and water purifiers in India. AO Smith X8 Water Purifier – It is named among the best water purifier in India due to its elegant appeal. It will complete your kitchen.

Primary feature:
  • Its tank has a storage capacity of 9 liters.
  • It purifies water purification in 8 stages.
  • It is possible to use it both ways, to be placed on a table-top or mounted on a wall.
  • Free installation is obtained with it.
Product Specifications:

This water purifier is available in dual colors, pearl white and black. This product consumes 48 watts of power. And inside its storage tank, the water temperature goes up to a minimum of 5 ° C and a maximum of 45 ° C.

The RO comes with a large 9-liter water tank. And its outer body is made of food-grade ABS. Which makes this product shock-proof. Thus, its life is longer than other purifiers.

This water purifier uses unique smart technology. That is formed by a combination of RO and SCMT. Due to this technique, it saves 2 times more water than other water purifiers. Due to the low running cost, you will find this water purifier cheaper.

Its digital display informs you through orange lights when the membrane and filter are dead and need to be replaced.

AO Smith X8 Water Purifier has to go through various stages to purify the water, which is completed by 8 steps.

Some of which are as follows.
  1. The former is completed by filtration.
  2. In the second phase, the water is passed through a sediment filter.
  3. This is accomplished through advanced recovery techniques.
  4. The ph- of water is improved by Min-Tech technology. Which is followed by the side stream RO membrane.

The remaining steps ensure that you get to consume 100% pure water, not the contaminated river water that is supplied to homes.

All these major processes are used to remove contaminants, bacteria, viruses and harmful germs from the water. The pure form of water is achieved only by a soft touch button.

The company has programmed it with mineralizer technology which focuses on adding essential salts such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, minerals. This technique gives a sweet taste to the water and by its use, it proves beneficial for children and adults to live a healthy life.

Its one-year warranty includes filters and membranes along with purifiers.

AO Smith is also offering free installation and demo services after purchasing this water purifier. This product has been liked on Amazon by a large number of people and is highly satisfied using it.

  • Min-tech facility is available for adding minerals to water.
  • After 8 steps purification gives you clean water to drink.
  • SCMT is used in this to work better than UV, UF, MF.
  • It is priced slightly higher than other purifiers.

 5. KENT New Grand 8-Litres RO+Double UV+UF Water Purifier


Best Water Purifier in India

Kent is primarily known for premium quality water purifiers. Due to this, it has made its place as a popular brand in the Indian market. After its terrible sales over the years, it has created a great market by the services provided to customers.

Primary feature:
  • Its water storage capacity is 8 liters.
  • You can use it for up to 2500 TDS of water.
  • The company provides a free installation kit in it.
Product Specifications:

It is one of Kent’s new products that come with an 8 liter Grand White color. It is a purifier, available with 3 features (RO, UV and UF). Due to its transparent plastic cover at the top, you can easily see its unit’s internal system.

A multi-stage purification system has been used in this Kent model, to flush out germs, bacteria, and other viruses from the water. So that you get pure and safest water.

It is programmed with a patented mineral RO technique to contain essential minerals and salts in water. So that you get a pleasant taste of drinking water.

It uses “Advanced Save Water Technology” to reduce water wastage which helps in pulling efficiency.

This purifier has the ability to purify 20 liters of water every hour for a continuous supply of water, which is available in its 8-liter storage tank.

A water level indicator has been used to track the amount of water available in the storage tank. By which the user can turn off the machine and use the available water in the storage tank. And after the water level is low, he can restart the machine.

This purifier comes in the market with 3 years of zero cost service and 12 months warranty. Due to which it is considered one of the best water purifier in India. Apart from this, the company also provides free installation after purchase.

It has been liked by more than 3000 users on Amazon and has been rated with great reviews. To maintain your and your family’s health, click the button below and enjoy sweet water at every sip.

  • Most users have expressed their trust after purchasing it.
  • There are 2 variants available.
  • It has 3 years’ complimentary AMC service.
  • It is a power-efficient product.
  • Like most purifiers, it also wastes most of the water.

6. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart UV Water Purifier


Best Water Purifier in India

In this list, another model of Eureka Forbes Company has made its place, which adds elegance to your kitchen due to its pearly white color. This product has the capacity to consume only 23 watts of power, which makes it one of the best purifiers in India.

Primary features:
  • Use of Superior UV Purification
  • High water flow rate
  • Full of energy
  • It is a trusted brand.
Product Specifications:

If the amount of TDS of water in your area is up to 200, then this product is right for you. Inside its tank, the water has a maximum temperature of 40 ° C and a minimum of 10 ° C.

Due to a high water flow rate in the purifier, it supplies 2 liters of drinking water in an interval of just 1 minute. Superior UV purification has been used to keep drinking water free of any chemicals.

It has the ability to adjust its power-load by sensing any random fluctuations in power, that are possible through a voltage stabilizer fitted inside it.

The error signal function denotes any kind of problem in its purification process.

Due to the use of smartly programmed in this product, its UV mode automatically turns off when not draining water for 600 seconds. And this purifier goes into power-saving mode.

This product has been bought and liked by a large number of people on Amazon website. This product from Eureka Forbes offers free installation and a 1-year warranty. You can enjoy pure water with no delivery charge.

  • This product has the potential to work well for water up to 200 TDS.
  • It is a small and beautiful machine.
  • Available with UV protection.
  • It is very easy to operate.
  • Cheapest and durable water purifier
  • There is no other color option.

7. Blue Star Aristo RO+UF AR3BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier


Best Water Purifier in India

Blue Star is a popular brand in India that has earned its name in many large and medium-sized appliances, such as water purifiers, air conditioners, air purifiers. Its Blue Star Aristo RO + UF AR3BLAM01 is available in black and white dual colors and has a 7-liter water storage capacity.

Primary features:
  • 7 liter storage capacity
  • It has a choice of 2 colors, black and white
  • Features aqua-flavored boosters.
  • It uses both RO and UV.
Product Specifications:

Its staggering value makes it one of the best water purifier in India, and it can be purchased easily on Amazon’s website. This purifier passes it through 6 different stages to deliver 100% pure water to you. Its first stage passes through a pre-sediment filter to eliminate all the dirt from the water.

After that in the second phase, the water goes through the pre-carbon filtration phase. And to clean the water properly, it passes through the remaining four stages.

This purifier is available with dual-layer protection of ultra-filtration to keep water safe for drinking.

The job of RO in this device is to eliminate the chemical impurities of micro-organisms, dissolved particles, and on the other hand, UF discard viruses, bacteria, and related organisms.

Aqua-Taste boosters have the greatest contribution to maintaining the pH level of water. Most of the purified water has a pH level of 7, which is perfect for drinking water purposes.

Households in India usually supply water with a pH range between 6-8.5. Blue Star Aristo does everything possible to bring the pH of the water to an optimum level, so that you can enjoy the water by drinking it.

The “child lock” in this device is one of its unique features. The function of which is to prohibit the setting due to any random change, this feature is activated by the soft touch button.

The function of the 3 indicators on its upper panel is to guide the user about the tasks below.
  • Purification status
  • Tank full signal
  • Low water pressure

This product uses copper contaminated activated carbon to flush out bad odors and chemical compounds from the water. And it helps in fighting bacteria in water as well as keeping it free from bacteria cells.

Blue Star provides 1 year warranty, after purchase of this product along with free installation and demo.

This product has received good ratings from buyers on Amazon. And to improve the deal when purchasing this product, Amazon also has the option of “10 days replacement” and cash on delivery.

  • It has child lock facility.
  • Available with low preset indicators.
  • To improve the water, copper impregnated activated carbon has been used in it.
  • It has dual layer RO + UF.
  • This product is less efficient at low water pressure

8. Faber Galaxy RO+UV+UF+MAT, 8 Stage Mineral Water Purifier


Best Water Purifier in India

Faber is considered one of the most preferred brands in the chimney industry, among India’s customers. And this company also manufactures better quality water purifiers. Faber Galaxy’s top center panel has 3 sensor lights and its black design gives it a premium look.

Primary features:
  • It has 4 liters of water storage capacity.
  • Capable of working with water with a maximum TDS of 2500.
  • It comes with a premium design.
Product Specifications:

Due to the very small size of this product, it enhances its beauty by keeping it somewhere in the kitchen. The water storage tank inside it has the capacity to store 9 liters of water. Its ability to purify 13.5 liters of water every hour makes it one of the best water purifier in India.

Faber Galaxy works on various systems such as RO, UV, UF and Mate to ensure that the user receives 100% clean water.

The water storage tank is made of ABS food grade plastic to prevent the entry of germs, viruses and bacteria, this plastic is considered as a premium quality material.

It uses copper guard technology to protect you from drinking contaminated water. This product eliminates all kinds of bad smells from water and gives you delicious and enjoyable drinking water.

Faber Galaxy uses 8 stage purification technique for purification of water. Under this technique, the water goes through 8 important stages to supply you with quality water.

Being a weight of only 7.5 kg, it is a fairly lightweight device. In order to maintain the amount of calcium, magnesium, all the essential salts in water, a unique technique of mineral addition has been used in it.

Faber products add to the beauty of your kitchen due to its beautiful design. To further improve its appeal, it uses a premium water tap lever.

In this product the company provides free installation and 1 year warranty. Keeping in mind your budget, Amazon is offering No Cost EMI on select cards as well as great deals. If you want to get more information about this offer, then click on the red button below.

  • It uses high quality RO membrane.
  • ABS material plastic makes its body strong.
  • Purification of water in this product is done by eight steps.
  • The technique of adding mineral is available in it.
  • Higher amounts of water are wasted in this purifier

9. LG WW182EP 8-Litre India’s True Water Purifier


Best Water Purifier in India

When you look at the list of top brands manufacturing consumer devices, you find that LG’s name comes in the list of top 10 brands. LG has not only impressed customers with its best washing machines in India, but has also taken care of their health by manufacturing premium water purifiers.

Primary features:
  • This water purifier has the capacity to store 8 liters of water.
  • It has a strong stainless steel tank.
  • It also has mineral booster facilities.
Product Specifications:

The LG WW182EP is a high-end product on the Amazon India website. Which comes with 8-liter water storage capacity. The dual-safety stainless steel water tank and its black outer body captivate customers.

LG has used mineral boosters to take care of your health. Which is helpful in adding all the necessary salts like minerals, potassium, calcium etc. This feature ensures a fit water supply for you.

To clean the water in all likelihood, the LG company has used three filter candles Carbon, RO Recovery Plus, and ultra-filtration in this model. Those are installed inside the RO. It works to eliminate viruses and microscopic dirt particles from drinking water.

The product being a wall-mounted / table-top device, the user can adjust it anywhere as per their requirement. LG WW182EP is available in the market with 1 year warranty.

This purifier from LG company is definitely a bit more expensive than other purifiers. But after using it, you will feel that you did not make any mistake by purchasing it. Because of its merits, it has emerged as the best water purifier in India.

  • This product comes with a smart display.
  • It has a UV sterilizing indicator.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty.
  • 5 stars are given by Amazon users.
  • Compared to other purifiers, it is slightly more expensive.

10. HUL Pureit RO + UV + MF 8 liters Water Purifier


Best Water Purifier in India

Hindustan Unilever has earned its name in manufacturing a variety of consumer appliances and is a British-Dutch company. Water purifier is a well-known product among the best products made by it.

The HUL Pureit’s texture is greatly enhanced by its superior design and shiny finish, Its black color gives it a more premium look. Which is the best purifier in India due to the preference of many customers on Amazon India.

Primary features:
  • It has the capacity to hold 8 liters of water.
  • Free installation proposed by the company
  • Table top and wall mount facilities
  • It has the ability to purify water in 7 steps
Product Specifications:

This product has the capacity to consume 60 watts of power as well as the input water temperature can be from 10˚C to 40˚C. Due to its water tank being made of solid food-grade plastic, it can store 8 liters of water, and prevents water from attack by germs.

This machine has dual water dispensing function and has the facility to distribute RO water as well as RO water with copper charge. This product ensures that the consumer gets the drinking water full of purity as well as healthy and with copper charges.

The smart sensors of this machine are automatically activated and notify you 15 days before the expiry of the germ killing kit, so that only pure water is supplied to the user.

If it is not replaced after the disinfection kit is finished, then the water supply in this machine stops.

This machine distributes the water to you after passing through various 7 stages. This product is also perfect for water with a maximum TDS of 2000 ppm.

This stylish water purifier from Hindustan Unilever is available with 1 year warranty. Its box is packaged by the company with an external sediment filter and a free installation kit.

Free demo and installation facility is available after purchasing it. And if you face any kind of problem related to it, then the representative of this company will serve you to solve your problem from any city of India.

  • Copper charge technology provides you with pure water supply.
  • It has provision for free demo and installation.
  • Dual water distribution technology has been used in it.
  • It comes with a stylish look and premium design.
  • This purifier wastes a lot of water.

11. Havells Max 7-litres RO+UV Water Purifier


Best Water Purifier in India

If you are thinking of buying a consumer appliance, Havells is a brand that has created a great image among buyers in India over the years. Havells Max RO + UV Water Purifier comes in eye-catching dual colors such as Pearl White and C-Green.

Primary features:
  • It is available with a capacity of 7 and 8 liters.
  • It works in both RO and UV forms.
  • Free installation availability
  • Available with Revitalizer.
Product Specifications:

This purifier has a capacity to store water around 7-liters. Its use of 2 critical purification strategies like RO and UV makes it ideal for your homes. This technique is used to provide the purest form of water. Havells is a brand that is famous for its products attractive design and look.

Havells Max Water Purifier is helpful to supply you 100% clean and fresh water using 7 steps.

Some steps are as follows.
  1. In the first stage it passes the water through the sediment cartridge.
  2. In the second phase there is an activation of the carbon cartridge.
  3. After that the membrane and UV work in cleaning the water starts.
  4. The regeneration of the cartridge helps in increasing the silver-contaminated taste, respectively.

The final steps are by using a revitalizer which helps in changing the structure of water molecules. Thereby helping the purifier to improve absorption of essential salts such as minerals and calcium.

To monitor the purification process, a feature called “iProtect Purification Monitoring” has been programmed. This technique ensures that the machine dispenses only pure water to you.

The technique of spreading the flow rate of this machine makes this purchase an amazing deal. This purifier has a complimentary zero-price installation as well as a 1-year warranty.

  • It has the availability of mineral cartridges.
  • This purifier has a capacity to deliver water up to 15 liters.
  • The product comes with a 7 liter tank storage capacity.
  • Incredible service after its sale
  • For every 1 liter of pure water, it wastes up to 650 ml.

12. R. K. Aqua Fresh 15-Liters RO+UV+UF+TDS Adjuster Water Purifier


Best Water Purifier in India

Today, it is a challenge for the middle class to buy purifiers. Because most purifiers are very expensive. But here we have come with purifiers that fit your budget.

RK Aqua Freshwater Purifier is one of the best purifiers in India, being the best selling product in Amazon India. The company is based in India. It has earned a name in metro cities for its premium quality product and service.

Primary features:
  • Its tank has a capacity of 15 liters.
  • RO + UV + UF + TDS adjusters are available in this purifier.
  • It comes with elegant design.
Product Specifications:

The pearl white color of this product gives it a pleasant appearance. Due to covering half of the body of this purifier with transparent high quality plastic cover, you can see the entire mechanism inside the product.

It has an automatic operation control, informing you through an alarm to change the filter. If the UV system fails then it also informs you to fix it.

This machine is one of the most power-efficient machines available on Amazon, in terms of voltage, being only 220. A water purifier consumes negligible power (which is 24 watts).

This purifier works by 4 major techniques, including UV, UF, RO and TDS adjusters. The work of this technology is to provide you 100% pure water as well as to improve the taste of water. So that you can enjoy every sip of water while drinking.

The device includes a cartridge, along with the above mentioned things mentioned above. Which have been connected to the purification system for better filtration. Its function is to remove all impurities from the water which are harmful to your health. So that you can consume clean water.

On this, the company provides a twelve-month warranty. Cash offer at the time of delivery makes the deal more amazing. So don’t delay and immediately click on the button below and read about its other features in detail.

  • TDS controller is available in it.
  • It is the best selling water purifier on Amazon India.
  • It comes with auto control operation.
  • Free installation service by the company
  • The clear plastic cover reflects the internal mechanism

Best Water Purifiers – Buying Guide

What are the major factors for determining life on any planet?

What is needed to make life possible on Mars? And the whole world is hustled to find it. If you can get my point right then the answer to both the above questions is “Water”

As much as the need of air is our life, water is also an integral part of our life. It is futile to imagine life on any planet without water. We are fortunate to have enough water to live on our earth.

Sources of water pollution on Earth

Best Water Purifier in India

During the changing of seasons, when the frozen snow melts on the hills. At that time, their water is fresh and clean. But when that water takes the form of a river. At that time, he moves, adding salts and minerals from the dirty rocks coming in his way.

This fabricated rocks and soil contain large amounts of TDS (completely dissolved solids). TDS has large amounts of minerals like potassium, magnesium, sodium and chlorine, as well as the goodness of nitrate and phosphate.

But as we all know that with every benefit there is also loss, not only this, but also human activities have left no stone unturned to make the water impure.

Human activities polluting the water are – Release of hazardous industrial chemicals such as sewage, lead, iron, arsenic and mercury into the water.

Water consumption is a fundamental right for any living organism. So before drinking water, make sure that the water is drinkable. Contaminated water can cause you many water-borne diseases such as dysentery, cholera etc.

Best Water Purifier in India

A water purifier is used to make such contaminated water clean and drinkable. Its function is to purify impurities in the water and TDS levels. Each filter performs a different function with different contamination present in the water. Now below we will discuss various types of impurities present in drinking water.

Types of Drinking Water Impurities

Best Water Purifier in India

With the information so far, you would have come to know that a lot of salts are found in the water by natural and human activities. Similarly, many contaminated salts and minerals are also found in groundwater.

The number of contaminated salts in the groundwater of coastal areas increases. Due to lack of rivers in such places, people have the last option of using tubewells, dug wells and borewells to get water.

Due to the high level of TDS present in the water obtained from the dug wells, it becomes necessary to purify it. Because in the case of animals and plants it is necessary to do this. As we have mentioned above, in TDS, impurities like dust particles and purity like minerals are found.

Water is disinfected using chlorine in most cities and towns, by various organizations such as municipalities. If a large amount of chlorine is used in water, consumers December face many diseases.

Before using any water purifier, you should make sure that the water you are getting by using it. The water should be free from purities and contaminants.

Advanced techniques such as Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultrafiltration Methods (UVF) and Ultraviolet Purification (UV) should be used to eliminate contaminants and impurities present in water. Which is also necessary for the health of consumers.

In the manner listed above, we have explained in the summary all those purifiers which fall in the category of best water purifier in India.

Acceptable TDS level

Best Water Purifier in India

From the discussion, till now you have come to know about the concept of TDS in water. As you know, the essential minerals and salts needed in the body to maintain a healthy life. Some amount of such salts comes from TDS.

During the process of purification, make sure that all the necessary minerals and salts are not lost during this process. If TDS is up to a certain category, then it is not harmful to your health. The question that must be arising in your mind is how much TDS range should be in the water.

The level of TDS given below will answer all the questions arising in you.

  • Excellent – less than 300 mg / liter
  • Good – between 300 and 600 mg / liter
  • Fair – between 600 and 900 mg / liter
  • Poor – between 900 and 1200 mg / liter
  • Unacceptable – exceeds 1200 mg / liter.

From the data given above, you must have got information about the range of TDS. However, in the case of groundwater and some other water sources, the value of TDS usually falls below 900.

With these figures, you can guess whether the direct consumption of water is safe for your health or not. But we recommend you to avoid direct consumption.

Many times during direct consumption you find that the TDS level in that water is between 0 and 300. But despite good statistics, high amounts of arsenic or mercury are found in water which can be harmful to your health.

That is why you need the best water purifier in India to eliminate all these impurities.

Difference between UV vs RO vs UF

UV Water PurifierRO Water PurifierUF Water Purifier
This purifier works by electricity.This purifier works by electricity.It works without electricity.
The dissolved salts cannot be eliminated by this filter.Dissolved salts can be eliminated by this filter.The dissolved salts cannot be eliminated by this filter.
It has the ability to work well by tap water pressure.This increases the flow of water by requiring a thrust.This purifier has the ability to work well by tap water pressure.
It is capable of killing all bacteria and other organisms but does not get their dead bodies out of the water.It has the ability to completely eject bacteria and other organisms from water.Able to completely eject bacteria and other organisms.
Water should not have any type of dirt particles for UV to work well.RO also has the ability to function in dirty water.It can also function in dirty water.

Water Purification Technology Clarification in 8 Steps

Best Water Purifier in India
1. TDS controller

The RO filter removes the major part of TDS from the water, making the water coming out of it clean and healthy for you. Research has shown that while cleaning the water, RO removes the TDS content close to 90%. Because of which healthy salts, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium present in water, are also washed out.

And all this process is done by TDS controller. It divides the water inside the machine into two parts. In one part, water flows into the RO membrane. And the second part sends water for UV filtration to eliminate microorganisms. It does not eliminate TDS during this process.

The TDS controller combines this water with RO water to improve the pH value and TDS level.

2. Pre activated carbon filter

Poor watery smell that comes from organic and other volatile compounds. This filter works by eliminating those elements and making them odorless. It has been used in most of the water purifiers mentioned above.

3. Reverse Osmosis Mechanism

As you know that in order to make water move faster, it has to flow from high concentration to low concentration. Whereas, in this machine, water flows through the semiconductor membrane which requires a push that is completed by a pump. This whole process is called Reverse Osmosis.

RO membrane eliminates contaminants such as lead, viruses, bacteria, mercury, and microorganisms present in water and then goes to UV filtration for clean water. The remaining waterfalls into the drain.

4. Ultrafiltration process

In this process the water eliminates the last residue of contaminants with the help of small holes in the ultrafiltration membrane, avoiding the RO process.

5. Post activated carbon filter

This filter has the highest contribution to remove bad odor from the water. And also for better water taste, this filter plays an important role.

6. Sediment filter

With this filter, large impurities and contaminants present in the water can be prevented before entering the machine. Which proves beneficial in improving the life of RO membrane.

You can also remove this filter as you wish. With its technique of blocking out impurities and contaminants, you will experience improvement in the life of the machine.

If your source of water is hyphenic then we would not recommend using it.

7. Mineralizer

Mineralizers are used to rehydrate the minerals depleted during the process of cleaning water.

8. Ultraviolet protection

Purifiers do not have the ability to eliminate impurities having a molecular weight below 20 Daltons, due to which some impurities, such as viruses and bacteria, remain in clean water.

** Note – Dalton is used to measuring molecular weight.

You December have noticed that this technique has been used in several purifier models in the list above to clean water. And passes water through the chamber to get rid of ultraviolet radiation.

What factors should you keep in mind when buying a water purifier

Best Water Purifier in India

The moment you make the final decision to choose a water purifier for your home. So we recommend you, before buying that purifier, drink its water and make sure that it meets your criteria.

1. If you are in a dilemma, seeing so many models of purifiers in the markets. So we recommend you go with RO + UV + UF filter. The technology used in this purifier makes it the best water purifier in India. This model is slightly more expensive than other water purifier models available on Amazon India.

2. Today, different types of water purifiers will be seen in the markets. But before buying it, there is only one main factor in everyone’s mind and that is the budget, which plays an important role before buying it. The purifier also needs to take care of its maintenance and filter costs before purchasing.

3. To calculate the TDS level in water, we recommend you go for its TDS assessment test before purchasing the purifier.

4. If your home falls in an industrial area, you should go with a chemical test to know the number of industrial pollutants and chemical percentage present in that water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Water Purifier in India

Q1 . What is the total annual cost for maintenance of water purifiers?

Ans. Most of the well-known companies in India provide AMC (annual maintenance cost) to the customers for their facilities. AMC Amount is fixed based on the budget of the customers, but most companies have AMC value up to Rs. 4000. But we advise you to consult an AMC provider to get the exact price of AMC of your water purifier.

Q2. What amount of water is wasted in any water purifier?

Ans. You cannot ignore the major limitation of most water purifiers, which is that these products waste a lot of water. Most purifiers waste about 650 ml of water to obtain 1 liter of pure water.

Waste of water depends on the amount of TDS present in it. If you have low TDS content in your water then less water is wasted. If you have more TDS in your water then more water is wasted.

Q3. What is TDS Controller?

Ans. The main function of TDS controllers is to adjust the amount of TDS present in the water to make it potable for consumers.

Q4. What does TDS controller do?

Ans. RO purifier is used to reduce water hardness by 90%. Mostly the TDS level of any water source is around 800 which is harmful to the health of any human being. A good water purifier works to maintain the level of TDS from 800 to 80.

If your water has low TDS levels then its taste is slightly bitter. The TDS machine supplies some important salts such as minerals and calcium in drinking water.

The water in this product is cleaned by two steps (through the membrane and through UV and UF). UV & UF technology has no effect on TDS of water. Finally, you get pure water by mixing 2 types of water.

Q5. Which water purifier company is best in providing after sales services to its customers?

Ans. Today, every brand claims that only they manufacture the best water purifier in India. To prove that, most of them offer to provide you good service after the sale.

We recommend you take a look at Amazon on users’ feedback to get a real picture of the company’s after-sales benefits, features and services.

Q6. How can water purifier wastewater be reused?

Ans. After the process of cleaning the water by the water purifier, the wastewater taken out contains a lot of toxins. Which is not safe at all for the consumption of living beings.

But you can use this water again for various purposes such as moping for home, planting, and cleaning utensils.

Q7. Does an unbranded water purifier work like a branded water purifier?

Ans. We would never recommend buying an unbranded water purifier. If you give priority to your health, then you should buy only branded and reliable water purifiers.

Unbranded water purifiers do not have the ability to eliminate toxins. And they also do not come with minerals and TDS controllers. Which can harm your health. In addition, most non-branded water purifier manufacturers also cannot provide you with an excellent after-sales service.

So you should go with the brand and water purifier that are the best in India.

Q8. Is it safe and easy to buy water purifiers online?

Ans. Yes, in today’s time, you can buy a water purifier of your choice through some reliable websites. The name of Amazon India comes at the top of those amazing websites. Where you can save good money due to some discounts along with a good product range.

ConclusionBest Water Purifier in India 2024

Best Water Purifier in India

Have just read about the best water purifier buying guide in India. We recommend you to consider all the factors discussed in this guide before purchasing any company water purifier for your home.

Through this guide, you will be helpful in selecting the best water purifier in India and understanding its technical aspects.

In this guide, the main techniques are discussed as well as the differences between RO, UV and UF.

If you want to buy the best water purifier in India, then choose a water purifier that uses all technologies including UV, UF, RO, TDS controllers.

After much research, we have listed the best water purifiers in India above in this post, if you still have any doubts then tell us in the comment box below and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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