Stay Informed with the Best Pulse Oximeter in India for Home Use 2024

Are you looking for the best pulse oximeter in India for home use? But with so many options in the market, you are getting confused to choose one of them. So now you don’t have …

Best Pulse Oximeters in India
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Are you looking for the best pulse oximeter in India for home use? But with so many options in the market, you are getting confused to choose one of them.

So now you don’t have to worry, because this article will help you find a suitable pulse oximeter for you.

Today’s, unhealthy and busy lifestyle is mainly responsible for your respiratory problems. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for every scenario.

best pulse oximeter for home use

Many health and fitness product manufacturers have invented such pulse oximeters through their advanced techniques. Which you can use to measure your pulse rate even without proper medical procedures.

In view of the present circumstances, this product has become a necessity for every household. You can monitor your oxygen levels by using it regularly. If your level has actually gone down, in time you can consult your doctor for the appropriate treatment.

Due to current conditions, pulse oximeter is a product that has become extremely popular in healthcare-related devices. It comes in a flap design. And shows the results you have taken, on one of the flaps, through a digital display. A sensor has been used to analyze your pulse inside that flap.

The reading in it shows as SpO2 percent which indicates the measurement of oxygen saturation in your blood. The pulse oximeter is used in cases of respiratory problems like Covid-19, COPD and asthma etc.

After studying several oximeter companies, we have made the list of best pulse oximeters in India. And to help you choose this, a detailed buying guide is also available in this article.

Here is the list of Top 12 Best Pulse Oximeter in India for home use

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Best Pulse Oximeter brands in India in 2024

1. Dr Trust Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter


Best Pulse Oximeters in India

Dr. Trust is a worldwide well-known US-based brand. This company takes care of the health of its users by manufacturing a variety of health and wellness products. Because the priority of this company is the fitness of its customers.

Product Specifications:

With this pulse oximeter, you can find the measurement of oxygen saturation level, perfusion index. And your pulse rate is shown as a graph for better accuracy and understanding.

This product is IP22 waterproof also makes it the best pulse oximeter in India for home use, which works well even after accidentally exposed to water. And it displays readings within 10-15 seconds.

You use it by sticking your finger between the two flaps. As soon as the base of your finger touches the sensor. This device alerts you through an alarm after which you remove your finger from the flap and wait for your result. You can also set its sound settings to your liking.

You can also reduce or exceed the setting that contains the brightness level of its display.

If you are traveling in mountainous areas or you have a permanent residence there, then this product proves beneficial in avoiding hypoxia by monitoring your results.

This oximeter uses a clear font to display the results as well as a detailed display. Which makes it suitable for all age groups and people with poor eyesight. Its multi-directional display makes the reading process hassle-free.

The outer body of this product is made of ABS material and uses anti-allergic latex-free material inside it. Which prevents any harmful reaction at your fingertips.

Due to the lanyard provided in it, you can wear it around your neck and hang it. Its small size is travel friendly and comes easily in your pocket. So that you do not forget to take your results during the journey.

The package delivered after purchasing it includes a lanyard, two batteries and an instruction manual for using this device.

If you face any problem after purchasing this device, then you can contact the helpline of the company. The company offers a warranty period of 15 days due to its customer satisfaction and comfort policy. To buy it, click the red button below.

  • The results are easy to understand and accurate.
  • Being coated with an anti-allergy coating is not harmful to sensitive skin.
  • It has a multi-directional and large display.
  • The battery comes free with the package.
  • Its string helps in the journey.
  • Being fed up with regularly changing batteries
  • Comes with a warranty period of 15 days.

2. BPL Medical Technologies BPL Smart Oxy Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter


Best Pulse Oximeters in India

The BPL company, with its latest technology and affordability, has carved out a niche for itself in India’s electronics markets. Due to this, the quality products of this company are always appreciated by its customers. And also rely on its products for their precious health.

Product Specifications:

The promising accuracy of this device puts it in the category of best oximeters in India. It shows the percentage of oxygen level in your blood, pulse rate and perfusion index by a graph. The company states that the minimum deviation in its readings can be +/- 2%.

Due to its ability to show results very fast, its accuracy and fast work are greatly appreciated. In order to give you the required result, it consists of pulse analysis by infrared technique.

This oximeter can be used by people of all age groups. But if you are using it to know the results of children, then make sure that their finger touches the base sensor.

Oximeter wide display ensures that it can be read and understood comfortably. To avoid the unnecessary need to flip the device repeatedly, it has the technology available to rotate the display screen in all directions.

In its OLED screen settings, the brightness of the screen can be reduced or increased, to make it visible even in the dark. And it also has six different display modes.

If your measurement is unusually abnormal then its alarm immediately goes off and gives you signs of alertness. This oximeter sound level can be adjusted as per your requirement.

To conserve battery range, this device automatically turns off within 10 seconds due to non-use.

The company also provides a lanyard and a bag during the purchase of this device. So that you can easily carry this device outside your home, at your working place and anywhere outside the city. So that you get constant updates for your health conditions.

Only one power button is used in this device. So that to turn it on, you have no confusion. To use it, you have to press and hold its button for a long time.

The package of this oximeter provides you with a lanyard, a pouch, as well as a user manual to understand how the device works.

If you have any confusion about the device or have a complaint against it. In this package provided a helpline number and email ID to contact Customer service easily.

You can contact the company under one year warranty in case of any manufacturing defect.

  • 12 months warranty
  • Its screen rotation feature provides a multi-directional display.
  • It comes with six different display modes.
  • Its simple method and accuracy of work are commendable.
  • The device has a large font size and wide display screen.
  • Its body texture is not water-resistant

 3. MEDITIVE Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Best Pulse Oximeters in India

Meditiv has created a keen market across the country with its efficient and cost-effective products. They are also recommended by many doctors due to their reliability. Its products are helpful for your healthy life.

The accuracy of the results of this product makes it worthy of user appreciation. And it has been recommended by many doctors to use it.

Product Specifications:

The result can be seen by rotating in all four directions. So that you are able to see its result from any angle.

This device gives important measures such as oxygen saturation in your blood, your pulse rate, and perfusion index.

If you are going through asthma, emphysema or any other respiratory problem, then you need to observe all these parameters regularly.

Its font size is kept at a convenient level for people of all age groups. Which is also easy for people of older age groups.

Its water-resistant technology prevents accidental contact with water. So that you can keep it around you all the time for constant checking, without any fear.

It can be turned on by the power button at the base of the screen. And when the device is not used for ten seconds, it automatically turns off.

Two lithium batteries are used to operate this oximeter. Which needs to be changed at regular but long time intervals. A complementary set of batteries is available in its distributed package.

The indicator on its screen makes it easy to track battery levels. So that alerts you to a change of battery set.

The buzzer alarm feature and variable brightness settings make this device the best pulse oximeter in India for home use. Which you can adjust according to your ambient light.

This product is efficient and reliable due to its characteristics. But you also need to know that if your reading is not normal, the alarm goes off. Then you should consult your doctor immediately for your health.

The company offers a one-year warranty on this device. So that if there is any construction defect within a period of one year, then you can be safe.

  • The oximeter can be used easily by all age groups.
  • This device is available with a 12-month warranty.
  • Its body is waterproof.
  • Free battery set for first use
  • It is highly recommended by many doctors.
  • It is slightly more expensive than other models

4. Vaku Pulse Oximeter Finger Blood Oxygen SpO2 Monitor


Best Pulse Oximeters in India

Dr. Vaku company has made a good name in the field of electrical gadgets, oximeters and modified thermometers. Being an Indian company, this company has established a trusted brand in the minds of Indian users. Because of which users highly recommend this company.

Product Specifications:

With this oximeter, you can see the result by including the oxygen level in your blood, pulse rate, battery level of the device and pulse-wave graph.

This oximeter can be turned on by long-pressing the button on the top mantle. You can see your results on the digital display of this device in just seconds by sliding your finger inside it.

You can rotate its display screen in any direction as per your convenience. Due to the font size of this device being clearly legible, so that the readings displayed are very accessible. Due to this, it is suitable for people of all age groups as well as near-sighted people.

This device has the facility to reduce the brightness of the screen according to your needs. Due to this, the device can be used easily in the dark. In this device, your results are highlighted using double colors. Which makes them easy to understand.

This oximeter has the capability to operate on a set of new batteries for 20 consecutive hours. This means that you can use it more than 7200 times before putting a new battery set in it.

Due to its very simple process, this device is counted among the best oximeter in India. All you have to do is to press the button to turn on the device. And put your finger in it and wait for five seconds. If you do not use it for 10 seconds, it automatically turns off to reduce power consumption.

Due to its simple method of battery replacement, you do not need any kind of professional help. That matter is different, if your results do not come in your favor then you December need to consult your doctor.

The small size and lightweight of this device makes it travel friendly. So that you can take it to your working place. The ergonomic design of this device makes its handling comfortable and easy. You can clean it by rubbing it with a sanitizer and alcohol-immersed cloth.

  • In this, double color results are displayed for clarity.
  • Convenience of reading results even in the dark
  • Its work process is easily understood
  • Ability to work continuously for 20 hours
  • Ease of reading due to the easy font
  • This device does not have a waterproof facility.

5. Eagle Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Audio-Visual Alarm (Dust Black)


Eagle Company is a seller of a large range of weight scales in India since 1918. The company also deals in health equipment that have facilitated the daily lives of its consumers. The products manufactured by this company are equipped with the latest technology and they are strong for durability.

Product Specifications:

With this oximeter, you can measure the perfusion index, waveform, the level of oxygen in the blood during the analysis. To turn this device off or on is done by long-pressing the power button at the top of the clip.

You do not have to think specifically to turn off this device because it automatically shuts down within 15 seconds of inactivity.

To see the result from any angle is possible by its screen rotation feature. You kept pressing the power button to change the direction of the display at your convenience. Until the display rotates to your appropriate location.

The substantial size of the font enables you to easily see the results. This oximeter has an OLED display with 4 colors to show the result.

It has the facility to adjust the brightness level to suit the lighting. So that you can review your results with less light as well as in darkness.

Due to the low power consumption in this device, its battery can be used for four months or even longer. Because of which you do not have to go through the process of constantly changing the battery.

Used by three easy steps:

1. Switch on the power button of the device and start it.

2. Touch your finger on the sensor inside it

3. Wait five seconds to know your result.

The small size of the device easily fits in your shirt or jeans pocket. Which is very useful when you are going to work or when traveling outside the city. To keep doing your test regularly, you have to monitor its battery level. So that you do not miss any of your tests.

  • Easy to understand the result
  • Its silicon layer is very helpful for hold gentler.
  • Turns off automatically within 15 seconds during non-use.
  • Its compact size and lightweight are useful for portability.
  • Its brightness can be adjusted according to your light.
  • The company has not given any instructions regarding its warranty.
Best Pulse Oximeters in India

6. Wembley CE, FC, & ROHS Approved Pulse Oximeter


Best Pulse Oximeters in India

Wembley is a very popular brand for its products in the Indian market. Consumers of this company are always very satisfied for product performance, their durability and affordability. This company can be trusted by its consumer to provide only the best.

Product Specifications:

This device has been certified by CE, FC and ROHS. It is highly recommended by doctors across the country due to its accuracy and precision.

It is very quick to show and distribute the result on-screen during analysis. On its screen, you get results in a vibrant blue color. Due to the compact size and strong body of this device, it is easy to carry during travel.

The device also comes with battery-powered features, which makes it more travel friendly. With the indicator displayed on its screen, you are always updated with the battery level.

This oximeter has a battery life of up to several months. So that you do not have to go through the hassle of changing the battery again and again.

Its display screen shows blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, perfusion index and its graph clearly and easily understandable.

It has an indicator to show your good and bad results. But we should not depend completely on those results and consult your doctor for confirmation.

It is very easy to turn on this device. To turn it on, just press the button at the top for two seconds. This process is also to stop it. Anyway, if you do not use it for 10 seconds then it automatically shuts down.

There is also a loop-hole for the lanyard for easy carrying. And due to its strong body and durability, it is value for money.

Without the help of any professional, its result can be clearly intelligible and easily understood.

The instructions manual has been provided in its package to explain the features of this device. If you are having trouble using it, you can contact the company’s customer service.

  • It has three certifications.
  • It is recommended by many doctors.
  • Its accessible font sizes are helpful in understanding its names.
  • Shows fast and accurate results
  • Its automatic shutdown increases battery life.
  • Notifies by alarm if results are not good.
  • There is no information about its warranty.

7. Dr Trust (USA) Signature Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter


Best Pulse Oximeters in India

Dr. Trust has emerged as a well-known brand in the international markets by its health and wellness products. Consumers always praise it by using their products. Because these products are beneficial in maintaining their health.

Product Specifications:

With this pulse oximeter, you can get the measurement of pulse rate, blood oxygen level and waveform perfusion index.

This oximeter helps to avoid a fatal condition like hypoxia, which comes due to a sudden drop in oxygen level in your blood. If it is not detected in time, it can be harmful to your health.

If you are suffering from breathing problems, it is advisable to keep it with you at all times. This oximeter can be used by people of all ages. You have to make sure that the fingers of young children touch the sensors inside this device. Because by that you can get exact results.

To make its display screen more understandable, its font size has been made larger and wider. You can change its eight display modes as per your convenience.

Its screen rotating technology makes you see the result from any direction, which you can use by pressing the power button. It is also used to turn the device off and on.

The latex-free hypoallergenic coating has been used on the interior of the device. So that your sensitive finger is not affected by any unwanted reaction. The body of this device is made of ABS plastic to support you for a long time. Its toughness and withstand force to an extent make the device more durable.

If your results do not return to normal during the test, the device gives you instant alerts through the built-in alarm system. In such situations, it starts buzzing. If the alarm goes off, you need to see your doctor immediately, so that you can get timely treatment.

This device works with the battery and you can see its battery level through the display screen indicator. From that indicator, you can see when the battery needs to be replaced.

  • It has an accurate reading of PI and SpO2%, pulse rate.
  • You can view the results through eight display modes.
  • A battery indicator is available on its screen.
  • A buzzer closure in this is a sign of a dangerous situation.
  • Its body is strong and durable.
  • Use of hypoallergic coating for sensitive skin
  • 15-day warranty only

8. Hesley Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, Oxygen Saturation Monitor


Best Pulse Oximeters in India

Hesley Inc Germany has made a name for itself as a top-rated seller in India, gaining trust from over two thousand Amazon customers. Which is growing every day.

This company started selling its products on Amazon India website in 2017. Today, it is well-known in the health and personal care department of Amazon India under the brand name Hesley. Hesley Inc Germany is one of the top 500 sellers on Amazon India.

Product Specifications:

The oximeter of this company is one of its popular products. It is used to measure your blood oxygen levels properly. Which is within the range of 0–100 percent. Pulse rate is measured in BPM which can range from 25 to 250 BPM.

Its OLED display helps you to read the results seen on the screen easily. And the technique of reducing or increasing its light according to your requirement, which makes it in the category of best pulse oximeter in India for home use.

Its screen rotation feature helps you to see your results from all four directions.

The alarm system of this product alerts you with a beep when your results are abnormal. So that you can take the advice of your doctor in time.

You can change its display by different modes. And it also has the facility to adjust the screen’s alarm and brightness levels.

The groove that holds the finger is coated by latex-free material. This hypoallergenic material is helpful in making it anti-allergic. Its technology is useful for you when this product is used by many people.

The main reason for its body to be strong and durable is the use of quality ABS material. Which also makes it waterproof.

Its light and small design help in taking you out of the house or traveling.

If you forget to turn it off after seeing your results. So you do not need to take tension, as it stops automatically if not used for more than five seconds.

After purchasing it, in its delivery package, you are provided with a travel-size bag, two batteries and a lanyard in addition to the oximeter. It has a warranty of 6 months for any manufacturing defects. And you can contact the customer helpline number within working hours.

  • A travel bag is provided.
  • Stops due to inactivity within 5 seconds
  • It is cost-effective due to being waterproof.
  • The use of soft silicone layering gives you extra comfort.
  • Gives alerts by the alarm.
  • Only six months warranty

9. Choicemmed MD300CN330 Dual Colour OLED Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter


Best Pulse Oximeters in India

Choicemmed is very famous in India due to its premium brands. Their laudable products have been praised for their strength and durability. One of which includes the best pulse oximeter in India for home use, which shows perfusion index, blood oxygen levels and pulse rate in the results displayed after analyzing your pulse.

Product Specifications:

There is a single button on the upper clip to turn this device off or on. To do this process, one has to press that button for about three seconds.

You do not need any skills or professional help for this process. All you have to do is turn the device on and put your finger in the groove and touch your finger on its sensor.

After waiting for about five seconds you get your results. Its rotation display helps you to see your results from all four directions.

The large size of its font enables you to understand your results without mistake. That’s why people of all age groups are able to use it without any hassle.

You can reduce or exceed the brightness level of this device in relation to the amount of light you receive at that certain time.

The color of the result you take in this product is different from everything else on the screen. So that they are highlighted and clearly legible to you.

Due to the great energy efficiency of this device, it requires changing the batteries a maximum of three or four times a year, which saves you from the hassle of constantly replacing them.

Its automatic closing smart feature helps in conserving its battery.

By the way, the method of using it is very simple, even if you face any problem, then its instruction manual tells the method of its use in simple words.

It is to be kept in mind that this product is for analysis and measurement only. So that if there is any problem with your results, then you can immediately consult your doctor.

  • Ease of reading due to large font
  • The results are comfortably digestible even under low light.
  • Suitable for any age group for use
  • Small design to carry out
  • Four screen display screen
  • One year product warranty
  • This product is not water resistant

10. ENEM Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Heart Rate Monitor


Best Pulse Oximeters in India

ENEM is known for the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of its products, making it one of the most trusted brands in India. Consumers using them highly recommend the brand for its excellent customer service and accountability.

Product Specifications:

This device describes oxygen levels in your blood, measurement of BPM graphically, pulse rate and perfusion index. Its accuracy protects you from unnecessary confusion and inconsistencies.

This device consumes a very small amount of electricity to use, which saves you from the hassle of changing the battery frequently. Its self-closing feature prolongs the life of the device.

Due to the probe sensor being in the middle of this product, it can also be used for very young children. Because of their small fingers, they are unable to touch the sensor. It occurs at the end of other device models.

The optimal screen size helps you read your results comfortably without any hassle. People with low vision can also read their results easily due to the size of the font.

Its compact and lightweight makes this device useful for travel. So that you could not miss your regular results.

The fast and efficient work of this device shows you the result on display in just 8 seconds, which is also a highly reliable source.

You can also use this oximeter during your analysis by sticking it on your toes or earlobe. You can take your test by choosing any site according to your convenience.

Screen brightness can be easily reduced or increased according to the lighting of its surroundings, which is also effective in achieving easy results even in complete darkness.

This product can be switched on or off with only one button, which simplifies the test process.

You can seek help from the efficient customer service provided by the company if there is a problem with the device within 06 months.

  • Variable brightness and alarm sound levels
  • Screen rotation with just one click
  • Display results in 8 seconds
  • Efficient customer service in case of a problem
  • Clip-on earlobe or toes for analysis
  • Font size large enough for clear reading
  • Only 6 months warranty

11. AmbiTech High Accuracy Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Best Pulse Oximeters in India

AmbiTech is renowned as a pharmaceutical company and has its headquarters in Pune. It has gained a special status in the markets of India by manufacturing its advanced health care devices, which are used to treat patients in hospitals. Among its health care devices, one of its major devices, which is the oximeter, is very particular about its quality. Because it does not compromise the health of its consumers.

Product Specifications:

This oximeter is powered by a set of two batteries. Once the batteries are inserted into it, it provides energy to the oximeter for four months or more without any hindrance.

This device accurately displays your perfusion index, pulse rate and blood oxygen level on the screen. The brightness of its display can also be reduced or increased by the light around you, which helps in using this device at night.

Its rotation technique helps you to see the results from all four directions, which works by a click of the power button.

The finger groove in this oximeter is quite accommodating for all age group fingers. And its grip is very comfortable. The lightweight and small size of this product are useful in taking you on a journey and to your place of work.

On its screen, you can check the battery level through the indicator. So if you are going on a trip and you feel a low battery level in it, then you can take a set of batteries separately. So that you do not miss your regular test.

Its auto shutdown feature prevents unnecessary power consumption. Due to this feature, if the oximeter is not used for more than 8 seconds, it automatically turns off.

The screen of the device is set to a very high brightness upon delivery, which you can reduce or exceed as per your choice.

You December not use this oximeter for continuous monitoring, as indicated by the company. If you need it, you will need more complex and professional equipment for it. Due to its one-year warranty, you can feel safe about your investment.

  • OLED displayable to see results in the dark
  • Comfortable grip for your finger in the groove
  • Its automatic shutdown is useful for power consumption
  • Battery level indicator on the screen
  • A reliable device due to accurate readings
  • Adjustable brightness
  • No alarm feature

12. HealthSense Accu-Beat Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Healthsense is an Indian brand, and its target is to provide health products to its consumers at exceptional quality and affordable prices. Its AccuBeat pulse oximeter is perfect for those who want to regularly measure their blood oxygen levels, perfusion index, pulse rate, and respiratory rate.

Product Specifications:

Due to its design being portable, you can carry it easily during travel, sports activities, jogging, workout sessions and more.

It comes with one-button technology which makes you hassle-free. Using this, you can set the alarm, measurement and sound features. It has a four-direction OLED screen that comes with optical detection technology. Which helps you to see your results from all four directions. This allows you to see readings in dark or dim light conditions.

The finger groove is made from medical grade silicone. Which makes it latex-free and allergen-free. Also prevents any subtle reactions during the measuring. Being universal it can adapt to any finger shape.

In this product, the company is giving a 1-year warranty on any manufacturing defects. And HealthSense also provides customer service support for any technical assistance.

  • Fast reading technology
  • One button operation
  • Universal size for all fingers
  • Four directional OLED display
  • Battery signal
  • The sound of its alarm is not enough
  • No waterproof
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Buying Guide – Best Pulse Oximeter in India for Home Use

According to today’s scenario, the oximeter has become an important place in our busy lifestyle. This device proves to be very effective for people with hypoxia status. This condition can be very harmful to your health if not monitored regularly.

Best Pulse Oximeters in India

This device can also help you detect the possibility of an asthma attack. Doctors recommend using this device when you suffer from respiratory problems like COPD, emphysema, etc.

Companies such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals have brought a large range of modern technology oximeters to the Indian markets. Which are so many in number that the consumer is unable to choose one of them. So we have come up with some factors which will help you to buy the Best Pulse Oximeters in India.

What factors to consider when buying the best pulse oximeters in India

Best Pulse Oximeters in India
1. Accuracy in reading

Accuracy in results is an important part of any oximeter. Before purchasing any oximeter, the consumer should keep this in mind. Because any disturbance in its reading is harmful to your health.

At the time of purchasing this device, special care needs to be taken that the minimum deviation in SpO2 levels in that device should be +/- 2%.

2. Finger groove

You should be comfortable with the finger groove due to using the device very often. In many oximeters, silicon is laid, so that it remains soft during use.

Many devices are coated with a latex-free, hypoallergenic layer. Due to this, people with sensitive skin can use it without any worries. If you are taking it for the use of all your family members. So it should be big enough to accommodate the fingers of all sizes.

3. Its display screen and mode

In this, its display screen should be wide enough to clearly see the result. There should be no possibility of any mistake, so it should be easily digestible. The font size must be explicitly large enough to constrain the numbers.

Nowadays, oximeters come with screens with OLED facility. Whose brightness you can adjust as per your requirement.

Best Pulse Oximeters in India
4. Body of device

Its body should be made of hard plastic or ABS material. Which has the ability to withstand a certain amount of pressure while being taken out of the house or during travel.

5. Notify by indicators and alarms

The indicator on the screen shows the battery life. So that you keep getting information about its battery consumption from time to time. And if it is less, then by changing the battery in time, you can avoid missing your tests.

If your results are not good, its alarm sounds indicate that you need a proper medical consultation immediately.

Best Pulse Oximeters in India
6. Safe for travel – or not

The strong, compact and lightweight body of this device is primarily designed to travel safely. Items with some extra features like a lanyard or free travel bag are also provided in some packages.

For your regular results, you should be able to carry it. So that your health is monitored efficiently and it is not missed when you are for work or on a journey.

Best Pulse Oximeters in India
7. Complexity

A good oximeter is identified by its easy use. If the working of any oximeter is too complex, then you need the help of a professional.

A regular pulse oximeter needs to be started by pressing the button. And slide your finger into the grooves between the straps and touch the sensor. And see your results on screen in 5 seconds.

Your pulse rate is expressed by BPM.

1. 98 bpm for normal

2. 72 BPM, for above

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Best Pulse Oximeter in India for Home Use 2024

Q1. How can I disinfect an oximeter?

Ans. It is advisable to periodically clean this device. If it is used by many people, you can clean it by swiping with disinfectants like Dettol or Sanitizer.

Q2. At what body sites can I use a pulse oximeter?

Ans. You can use this device by applying it on your fingers, earlobe or toes. But it is mostly used on the fingers because pulse reception is the most obvious there and hence readings are also the most accurate.

Q3. Should I be alert if the device starts beeping?

Ans. Yes, its alarm beeps mean that your blood oxygen level is low enough, after which you need to consult your doctor immediately. And then there is a need to be vigilant.

Q4. What exactly does a pulse oximeter monitor?

Ans. The main function of a pulse oximeter is to track your blood oxygen saturation levels. So that you can avoid hypoxia, which if not treated in time, can become a very serious issue for you.

Q 5. Can I use this oximeter on my child?

Ans. Yes, you can use this device on your child. But make sure that when his finger goes inside the device, for the right result, he touches his sensor.

Conclusion: Best Pulse Oximeters in India

Best Pulse Oximeters in India

After studying a lot of oximeters, we have listed the 11 best oximeters in India. If after reading the characteristics of all these devices, you are still confused about which oximeter is right for you.

So we recommend you take the Hesley Pulse Osmater Fingertip which stands out with its best features, which is durable, cheap and efficient.

This brand is highly recommended by physicians and is reliable as well. It is equipped with modern features like auto turn off, warm sound settings and brightness.

A delivery bag and a lanyard are provided in its delivery package. Its 6-month warranty period covers you if you find any construction defects.

To know more about this product read the article above, which has an informative review of the device.

Also, if you face any confusion in choosing the best pulse oximeter in India for home then let us know in the comments!

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