Top 10 Best Hair Curler in India: Get Salon-Quality Curls at Home 2024

Are you planning to buy the best hair curler in India? If “YES”, then you don’t need to worry anymore, because here you will get answers to all your questions regarding curling iron. A curling …

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Are you planning to buy the best hair curler in India?

If “YES”, then you don’t need to worry anymore, because here you will get answers to all your questions regarding curling iron.

A curling iron is a product that allows you to curl your hair beautifully and gracefully. This is a brand new and fast way to curl hair, by which you are able to curl any part of the hair.

With the invention of the curling iron, you can now style your hair the way you want, without the need for a pre-appointment with your hairdresser.

Due to the availability of curling irons in the market, now the salon has its doorstep. Now you can curl your hair at home whenever you want.


This product is very easy to use, you will learn to operate it after some time of practice. Not only this, the manufacturer has also equipped it with a lot of safety features, so that you do not burn the hair or yourself during the practice process.

Although, there are many types of curling irons available in the Indian market, but choosing one among them is not easy. Because before buying the best curling iron, you need to have complete knowledge of your hair type, hair density and hair volume.

To solve all of these problems, we’ve put together a buying guide followed by a list of the best curler in India. Through this guide, you will get to know about the factors that you need to consider before buying a hair curler.

Here is the list of 10 Best Curling Iron in India 2024

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Best Hair Curler in India

To make your curling iron search easier, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular brands of curling irons. We have listed them below, on the basis of their durability. In order to explain to you more clearly, we have tried to summarize the key features and properties of each curling iron model.

Top 6 Best Hair Curler in India under 2000

1. Havells HC4031 Hair Curler



If you are looking for a premium brand to buy electronic items, Havells lives up to your expectations. The brand has always created a buzz in the electronic market by using the best innovative features in its products. This company has been consistently praised by users for more than sixty years. Havells products come highly recommended by users.

Product Specifications:

Havells’ curling iron is one such product, also known as a chopstick curler due to its smart 7mm thick rectangular, long design. If you are desirous of perfect curls in your thick and long hair with this curling iron, then its length is very helpful in giving them that perfect curl.

The extremely thin rod of this curling iron is designed with the aim of getting the perfect coils in your hair. In addition, its barrel is coated with ceramic, so that you do not face any problem in smooth action. This coating works to prevent damage to the silkiness of your hair.

The barrel of this curling iron is also provided with a shiny bronze coating to give it an attractive finish. This curler has a high operating temperature of up to 190-degree Celsius, which keeps your curls set until you wash your hair.

In this best hair curling machine in India, the facility of a safety stand has also been provided, which is very beneficial for protecting the surface where you have to keep this curling iron after use, so that that surface does not burn.

The hair curler also features a PTC heater, which allows the product to heat up very quickly, to the set temperature. Due to this feature, this product also saves you a lot of time.

The activation of this product, which occurs when the power is turned on and off, you can find out by the LED indicator on it. So that, you remember to keep it off after using it.

The 360-degree swivel cord of this product works to prevent any wire tangle while storing the product. Its Smart Cool Tip is made from best quality plastic, due to which you can avoid any accidental burns on the neck, scalp or ears.

As read above, the safety features of this hair curler are commendable. This hair curler is very easy to use, and performs better on dry hair. If you want to use the curler after washing your hair, then before that you remove all the tangles and knots from the hair.

To get nice curls in your hair, carefully grab a manageable strand of hair, wrap it in a spiral way around the heating rod and hold it in position for 20 seconds, then let it loose. Repeat this process until each side of the hair is complete.

Feel free to use this curling iron, the manufacturer offers a long warranty of 2 years with this product, so that you can speak to customer service if you encounter any manufacturing defects under this time limit.

  • For curls and soft curls, the heating rod is extremely thin.
  • The highest operating temperature is up to 190- degrees.
  • with simple operation system
  • Equipped with PTC heater
  • LED indicator light feature
  • With 360-degree swivel cord
  • Equipped with a Smart Cool Tip
  • Warranty period is for 2 years
  • The rod is not equipped with a clamp.

2. VEGA Long Curl Hair Curler-22 mm (VHCH-04)



Vega Company is the manufacturer of a wide range of beauty products, which play a huge role in adding glam to your hair, face and body. Vega Company has been grounded in the markets for a long time with its high quality products, and taking care of the needs of its users.

Product Specifications:

The Hair Curler is one of the best products from Vega Company. Its barrel or heating rod is about 210 mm in length and the diameter of this hair curler is 22 mm. This diameter of the heating rod ensures that you can wrap your long hair around it comfortably.

The special thing about this hair curler is that it protects your hair from getting damaged due to high heating temperature, as its inner chrome plates are coated with ceramic. Not only this, this coating also protects your hair from sticking to the rod.

An additional safety feature has been added to this hair curler. That is, the tip of the curling iron is layered with an insulating material in such a way as to prevent burns to your scalp, ears or neck.

The handle of the Vega curling rod is rubber wrapped to give the product features like shockproof and heatproof. Due to this feature, you can use it comfortably for an even longer period of time.

The Vega curling rod requires a 45 watt power supply during use. Not only this, after changing its maximum limit, it has the ability to heat up to a temperature of 230 degrees.

You can also control the temperature of this curling iron based on your hair type or as per your requirement. Its temperature can be increased or decreased between 80 to 230 °C.

The handle of the Vega curling rod features an LCD screen, where you can see the temperature you’ve set. Due to this feature, you are able to keep track of the heat coming in contact with your hair.

Vega’s this best hair curling machine in India is equipped with a clamp to hold your hair, which is at the end of the barrel. This feature is sure to make curling more effective and hassle-free.

In addition, the curling rod is also equipped with a safety stand, which helps in keeping it down safely without any damage after use. This safety stand prevents any unforeseen accidents from happening.

This curling iron once set as per your requirement always stays set for the same duration. To use it, you don’t need anyone else’s help, which means, you can easily style your hair at home like a professional.

With this hair curler, the curls made last till you wash your hair. The Vega curling rod comes with a 2-year long warranty, during which you can contact customer service to get your problems resolved.

  • Its barrel is long enough for long, thick hair
  • Use of ceramic coated chrome plates to prevent hair damage
  • Shockproof and heatproof in handle
  • LCD feature to display temperature
  • Excellent customer services with 2 year long warranty
  • With its use, some types of hair become frizzy.

3. BaByliss C525E Curling Iron



BaByliss is a brand that has dominated the hair styling products market for over half a century. The company deals in beauty products like hair straighteners, nail clippers, which you can find in a wide range in the market. Apart from this, it is also the manufacturer of the best curling iron in India at an affordable and convenient price range.

Product Specifications:

The heating plates of the BaByliss curling iron are coated with intensive ceramic, which is very helpful for providing a shiny and sleek look without damaging your hair.

Its I-Temperature technology ensures instant heating action without any time lag. In addition, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the rod, in order to curl the hair as you wish.

You can set the temperature of this curling iron between 100 to 200 degree centigrade. This means that if you want to curl your hair in the form of soft curls or coils, then this temperature can be adjusted accordingly. Ten different manually-adjustable temperature settings are also provided in this curling iron.

The BaByliss heating rod has a diameter of 25mm, which allows you to curl your long hair with ease without any hassle or tangling in your hair.

The tip of this curling iron is wonderfully designed, so that it stays properly ventilated. But still, we would advise you, to operate carefully around your neck and ears.

The company BaByliss has also provided the facility of an LCD in this curler, which displays the temperature of your choice. So that while you use it, you can know the temperature selected in it.

A smart clamp feature has been provided in this best curler in India, which makes it more user-friendly. Because of this feature, you don’t need to grab your hair by yourself, because if you grab it yourself, you can burn your skin with a hot surface. This clamp is made using high-grade plastic which is heat resistant as well as shockproof.

The stand used in this product is used to let you keep the device down while curling, so that your hands can get some rest. Not only this, with this stand, you can avoid burning anything from its hot surface.

This curling iron also comes with an easy to see, on and off switch which is a vibrant yellow colour. You also get to see a swivel cord in this iron, which prevents damage to the connecting wire due to all the twists and turns.

Against any defect from the manufacturer, you have been offered a warranty period of 3 years in this best curl machine. So that you can provide necessary guidance in that matter, through customer service.

  • Heating Plates Coated With Intense Ceramics
  • Use of i-temperature technology to distribute heat evenly
  • 10 different temperature settings feature
  • rod diameter 25mm
  • Selected temperature displayed on LCD
  • Inbuilt stand facility
  • 3 years warranty period offered
  • Slightly more expensive than others

4. Havells HC4051 Digital and Temperature Control



Havells deals with a wide range of home appliances and personal care products in India for more than six decades, which are used to make our daily lives easy and enjoyable. Havells Company has always been a favorite of its customers due to its high-quality products and customer service.

Product Specifications:

The barrel dimensions of the Havells HC4051 curling iron are 210 mm in length and 25 mm in rod thickness. This dimension indicates that this curling iron is capable of curling your hair of any length very comfortably and efficiently.

The chrome body of this curling iron is layered with a ceramic coating, which ensures that the high operating temperature does not damage your hair.

The top of this heating rod is covered with a plastic insulator, designed to be heat and shockproof to protect you. Due to this feature, you can use this product by yourself without any hesitation.

As a protective measure, the handle of this curling iron is made from hard plastic. Due to this measure, you eliminate the possibility of burning your hands and getting electric shock while working.

The product features instant heating technology, which means the heating rod is rapidly heated up and ready for use within sixty seconds.

The Havells HC4051 curling iron comes with an amazing array of features like six different temperature settings, which makes it one of the best curling irons in India. You can use these settings depending on your hairstyle.

The temperature of these settings can be increased or decreased from 80 to 210 °C. To keep this set temperature under control, the product has a digital LED, so that you can see the temperature set by you.

This curling iron also comes with a clamp feature to hold your hair in place, allowing you to set your hair exactly the way you want it to without holding it.

The feature of a safety stand is also seen in this product, so that, you can keep it on the surface during use without burning anything. It also uses auto-shutdown technology, so that if you forget to turn it off, it automatically turns off in 1 hour.

The curls made with the Havells HC4051 curling iron last as long as you wash your hair. In addition, this product is suitable for any hair type.

Havells is one of the best select brands in India, hence, makes every effort to keep its customers satisfied. Havells has given a provision of 2 years long warranty on this best curl machine, through which you can find a solution to your problem, through a very efficient and smooth running customer service.

  • Barrel length suitable for long hair
  • Ceramic coating to prevent hair from sticking to the chrome plates
  • Made of cool tip by heat resistant and shock proof material
  • a safety stand
  • Digital display to see temperature
  • With a long warranty period of two years
  • Automatically shuts off the device within 60 minutes of not using it
  • Dry hair can become frizzy after use.

5. Philips BHB862 Hair Curler (Black/White)



Philips is a Dutch company that manufactures home appliances, electronics and personal care products. This company has been one of the largest electronics companies for over a century. Not only this, it is making the life of its consumers easier through its high quality products.

Product Specifications:

In this article, we will talk about the best curling iron Philips BHB862 Hair Curler. The barrel or heating rod of this curling iron is 10 cm in length and 1.6 cm in diameter. The design of this curling iron enables you to comfortably wrap your long hair around it. Moreover, the company has evenly coated this heating rod with ceramic, so that your hair does not face any trouble while its operation.

This heating rod efficiently distributes heat evenly for best results. The cooling tip of this rod is made from special heat-insulating material, so that during use, the heat does not damage any exposed areas of your skin

The handle of this curling iron is designed to be comfortable so that you can hold it for a long time while styling your hair. Furthermore, the body of this curling iron is made from high-quality plastic, which makes it heat resistant, shockproof and durable.

A swivel cord is provided at the connecting joint of this Hair Curler, so that, while you are curling, there is no problem of tangle and twisting of the wire. Moreover, this feature not only prevents damage to the strands, but also, it also packs easily to store the hair curler.

This device gives you the best results through its optimum working temperature, as it is capable of raising its temperature up to 200 degree centigrade.

It also features a clamp at the end of the barrel to hold your hair, so that you can make your curling process more effective and hassle-free.

If you want to keep this hot device on a surface during the curling process. A safety stand has also been equipped to protect that surface from burning.

The curls created by this curling iron stay exactly as you set them until you wash your hair. Not only this, it also remains completely silky and bouncy.

After purchasing Philips BHB862 Hair Curler, you get a warranty card along with an instruction manual. This warranty card protects you against any manufacturing defects in this device for two years.

  • Optimal barrel length for hair of any length and thickness
  • chrome plate coated with ceramic
  • insulation on tip
  • Handle made of high-grade plastic
  • With a 1.8-m long chord
  • 2 year warranty on curling iron
  • No facility to adjust temperature manually

6. VEGA Ease Curl Hair Curler



Vega Company is a well established brand in India which has dominated the personal care product markets for quite a long time now. This company is more preferred by the customers for its exclusive and affordable products. They work hard in creating products to make their consumers happy with utmost importance.

Product Specifications:

Vega hair curlers require a 45 watt power supply ranging from 220-240 volts during use. Furthermore, the working frequency of this curling iron is 50/60 Hz. This hair curler is a perfect choice for most hair lengths and thicknesses, as it measures 125mm in length and 25mm thick.

The chrome plates of this hair curler are provided with a ceramic coating, so that, your hair sticks to its surface and the curls get a shiny and bouncy finish.

Along with the length of the barrel of this curling iron, a clamp feature is also provided, which is helpful for holding your hair strands. The finger press at the end of its clamp is made of high-grade plastic, which helps prevent burns or electric shocks to you.

During use of this product, the maximum operating temperature that can occur is 200 C. This temperature is just enough to set your hair for a long time. In addition, it does not burn and damage the hair during the process of curling.

It also features an efficient safety stand to keep this curling iron down safely in the middle of your work. So that, with the hot rod, you don’t burn the surface where you want to put it.

Its Safety Cool Tip feature ensures that you don’t burn your fingers when you hold the tip during the curling process or burn your neck and ears while curling.

On the handle of this product you will find a power indicator that lights up in bright red to indicate that the curling iron power supply is connected and turns off when it is removed from the power supply. This feature is very helpful to keep you alert and safe.

The Vega curling iron comes with a cord length of 1.8m. This length is long enough to move around comfortably and keep a safe distance from the switchboard. After purchasing the best curling iron in india, the company provides the product with a warranty of 2 years in case any manufacturing defect is detected.

  • This curling iron with the perfect comfortable length
  • Use of ceramic coating to reduce hair damage
  • The barrel tip is insulated, providing protection from excessive heat
  • Styling temperature 200°C
  • stand made of stainless steel
  • Comfortable long wire length
  • A beautiful and alluring shade of gold
  • This curling iron is not suitable for very long hair.

Top 4 Best Hair Curler in India under 1000

7. Syska HC700 SalonFinish Hair Curler



Siska Company is a leading manufacturer of electronic products in India. It has introduced new technologies from time to time in its products for the convenience of its consumers. Siska has been able to maintain its high standing in India for the last two decades. All the products from this brand are perfect, one of the best hair curlers is also one of them.

Product Specifications:

The Syska curling iron requires 32 watts during use. In addition, this best curling iron from Syska is rated for voltage requirements of 220- 240 Volts. This iron completes the curling process using a frequency of 50/60 Hz.

This curling iron has a barrel length of 14 cm and the rod comes with a diameter or thickness of 19 mm. Both these measurements prove to be an ideal product for long hair.

The curling rod plates are coated with a layer of high quality ceramic coating, which allows for uniform heat distribution across the rod during styling. Not only this, along with giving better bounce to the hair, this coating also protects them from any damage caused by heat.

You also get a clamp on the curling rod, which is used to hold the strands of hair wrapped around the barrel, so that you can get the desired result while styling.

This modern curling rod features a foldable safety stand. This provides protection for the surface where you keep the rod at high temperatures after use. However, this curling iron’s high temperatures of up to 200 degrees have the potential to ruin that surface.

The top of the barrel of this curling rod is protected by a cool tip, which is an insulation cap made of high grade plastic. This cool tip keeps your neck or hands from burning with a hot curling rod.

This curling rod also features a 360° swivel cord, which saves you from any tangle of strands while styling your hair. Not only this, in this best curling rod, you have also been provided with an LED power indicator, through which you can get an idea of ​​whether the rod is on or not.

Syska Company has assured 24 months warranty on this best curl machine so that the user can speak to the customer care for any manufacturer defects during this period.

  • Its barrel length is suitable for hair of any length or thickness
  • Use of ceramic coating to protect hair from heat damage
  • Features a tip as a safety feature
  • stainless steel safety stand
  • With Perfect Wire Length
  • Suitable for all hair types and textures
  • Can’t adjust its temperature manually

8. AGARO HC-8001 Chopstick Hair Curler



Agaro is known in India as a manufacturer of various personal care products ranging from nail clippers to straighteners. This company, since a long time, has presented itself as a splendid name and most trusted brand in the market.

Product Specifications:

This curling rod is designed very wonderfully, as it has very less thickness, due to which the manufacturers also call this curling rod by the name of toothpick curler. The diameter of this curling rod is 10mm, which helps you achieve the curls you want.

Its heating rod is covered with a layer of ceramic coating to protect your hair from any damage caused by high temperatures. Not only this, this layer also ensures that the curling process does not cause frizziness in your hair.

The heat in the Agaro curling rod is evenly distributed throughout the barrel, so you can get the perfect curl you want. During use in this rod, the temperature is up to 180°C, which ensures that the curls stay set until you wash your hair.

LED indicator light is also provided in this curling rod. This feature lets you check whether the curling rod is on or off, during use and after the job is done.

The swivel cord of this rod has the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees, which minimizes the possibility of tangling its wires. This feature also helps in increasing the durability of the cables.

You can get two types of curls for your hair by this Best Curling Rod in India.

1. Soft curls – For this type of curls, you have to wrap your hair in a small space and hold it gently.

2. Telephone Wire Curls – If you are interested in this curl, you should wrap your hair closely and keep it tight.

The barrel tip of this hair curler is covered in such a way that while curling, the barrel tip does not damage any part of your body. Due to this feature, you can feel free to enjoy curling hair.

The Agaro curling rod is very easy to use, once you start using it, you will never go to the salon to get your hair curled. This option is economical for you as well as saves your time.

It takes less than 1 minute for this curling rod iron to heat up. Not only this, it takes 20 seconds to give the perfect curls that are shiny and bouncy to the hair.

Agaro company provides 24 months warranty on this product, so that during this time period if you find a manufacturing defect in it, you can contact them through a helpline number.

  • Featuring soft, shiny little spiral curls
  • Barrel thickness less than 10 mm
  • Ceramic Coating in Curling Wand
  • Operating temperature of curling rod 180 degree
  • 2 years warranty period offered
  • Very easy to use curling rod
  • 360 degree rotating cord feature
  • with an insulated cooling tip
  • Equipped with PTC heater to keep warm-up time down to just 60 seconds
  • Features an LED indicator light
  • Suitable for dry hair only
  • The curling iron does not feature a safety stand.

9. AGARO HC-7001 Hair Curler



If you are looking for personal care products from Amazon, then Agaro is one brand where your search will come to an end. The company is a major manufacturer of products ranging from nail clippers to straighteners. Agaro’s products attract more customers due to more features in less budget.

Product Specifications:

Among such low-budget products is a curling rod with a barrel thickness of 19 mm. This diameter is perfect to give your hair a perfect curl in a very luxurious way.

The barrel of this curling rod is coated with a tourmaline coating, which ensures that you get shiny curls while curling. Not only this, it also protects your hair from getting frizzy.

The Agaro curling rod can withstand temperatures of up to 200°C when in use, which helps you achieve the perfect curl you want. In addition, its barrel tip prevents damage to any part of your body due to heat.

This curling rod is equipped with a 360 degree rotating swivel cord facility, which eliminates the possibility of tangling the wires while curling. The built-in LED indicator light ensures that you don’t forget to turn the rod off once the curling work is over.

The brand offers a 2-year warranty on this best curl machine so that you can feel free to use it for a long time. This rod is the best curling rod in India to give you silky and smooth curls.

  • Barrel thickness 19 mm for better curl
  • Ceramic coating for silky and bouncy curls
  • Operating temperature is up to 200 degrees
  • 360 degree rotating cord eliminates tangle of wires
  • an insulated cooling tip
  • with an LED indicator
  • It has one temperature settings only.

10. Rozia HR721 Hair Curling Tong



The Rozia Company has been a favorite of its users in the personal care markets for the past ten years. This company is known for the innovative design of its products and their professional results. Rozia is one of the brands that manufactures products that play a vital role in saving the time and cost of the consumers. Not only this, they also help in making them more self-reliant.

Product Specifications:

One of such great products from Rozia is the curling iron. The length of this curling iron is 22 cm and the diameter is 5 cm. With this curling iron, you are able to easily wrap long and thick hair and give it the perfect curl.

The heating barrel of the Rozia curling iron is coated with tourmaline-ceramic. This coating does not allow your hair to stick to hot elements, thereby not harming the texture of your hair, and not only this, it also protects them from dryness or frizziness.

By the company Rozia, the tip of this curling iron is made from hard plastic that has the ability to withstand high temperatures without overheating. Due to this feature, you avoid any kind of irritation if the tip of the curling iron touches any part of your body.

The handle of this curling iron is absolutely heatproof and shockproof as its body is made using high grade plastic material. Due to this material, this curling iron is completely safe to use.

This curling iron is very easy to use and handle. You can complete the way of using it in just three steps.
  • First you have to grab a strand of your hair as thick as your thumb.
  • After that you have to very carefully wrap it around the heating iron in a spiral.
  • The third step is to set the curling iron’s required temperature to achieve the style you want.

This curling iron has the flexibility to choose the temperature settings up to 170 and 220 degree celsius. You can manually control this temperature to achieve the style you want.

This product is equipped with a PTC heating element, which is capable of providing consistent and well distributed heat. This element acts as a sensor to heat the rod, so that you can be saved from any mishap.

Auto off technology makes it the best curling iron in India. This technique automatically turns off the curling iron when it is not used for an hour.

This curling iron has the ability to heat up very quickly to the temperature you choose, so you can save time by curling your hair in a short amount of time.

It also comes with an indicator light that alerts you when the rod is hot enough. Apart from this, the facility of a clamp has also been provided in this rod to hold the hair. This feature makes this curling iron versatile.

.A stent made of stainless steel is also provided to keep the curling iron down during use. This curling iron is available in the market in a very beautiful shade of gold. This product is designed in such a way that you can style beautiful and bouncy hair at home.

  • Comfortable length rod and handle
  • 28 mm thick tourmaline ceramic coating
  • PTC heating element for quick heating
  • Features of Stainless Steel Stent
  • Clamps to hold your hair in place
  • Facility to alternate the temperature between 170 and 220 °C
  • Fast heating up capability in 30 seconds
  • Confluence of a beautiful and alluring shade of gold
  • No information available about the warranty period of this product

Buying Guide – Best Hair Curler in India 2024

In today’s hectic life, hair curlers have emerged as an essential personal care product. Because today no one has enough time to go to the beauty salon for curling hair.

In our above list of Best Hair Curling Irons in India, respective brands deal in a wide range of these products.


New and innovative features have been used in each model in this wide range. That’s why it is not easy to choose one hair curler out of so many excellent options.

Understanding your dilemma, we have compiled a list of all those comparable features below. Check these features carefully before making a purchase, so that you can choose the best hair curling iron.

Things to keep in mind while buying the best hair curler in India

1. Barrel Material

In most hair curlers barrels, chrome or titanium are used, although both of these materials are good for barrels of hair curlers. And their promising results are also seen. But if we talk about the popularity of either of these two materials, then Chrome is more popular. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is suitable even for thin and dry hair.

Similarly, there are two types of coating used in the barrel of hair curler, which is gold plating or ceramic coating. Of these two, ceramic coating is considered to be a preferred option. The ceramic coating is very useful for providing uniform heating along the length of the barrel, so your hair doesn’t end up frizzy.


2. Barrel Length and Thickness

By the way, the barrel length of many models varies from 200 to 250 mm. But if you want to use a hair curler for long hair, you will not get the desired results. Therefore, a long barrel is a must for long hair.

Before choosing any barrel thickness or diameter, it’s important to consider the type of curl you want for your hair.

Thin Barrel – This type of barrel is versatile, allowing you to adjust the size by increasing or decreasing the space between the hairs wrapped on it.

Thick Barrel – This type of barrel does not fit the versatility, as its thickness ranges from 7 to 30 mm.


3. Temperature Settings

If you want more hairstyle possibilities with your hair, a hair curler with temperature settings is the right choice for you. You can do softer curls with a lower temperature, and to style super-coily hair, you need a higher temperature.

Considering the preferences of the users, today many models in the market come with the ability to manually change the temperature. You can increase or decrease this temperature as per your need. Apart from this, the facility of LCD is also provided to monitor the temperature.

On the other hand, other models come with a single switch that you can use to turn the hair curler on or off. Not only this, in this models the hair can be curled by only one working temperature.


4. Heating Time

The heating time of any hair curling iron depends on the heating material used in it. By the way, the most popular in terms of heating is PTC, which has the ability to provide rapid heat transmission and also stop working in case of overheating.

Therefore, the shorter the heating time of the hair curling iron, the faster you can complete the curling task. The heating time of a hair curling iron ranges from 30 seconds to five minutes. It is imperative to make a careful and informed choice regarding heating of a hair curling iron.


5. Focus on Security Features

Hair curler makers provide extreme safety features in it, because with your slightest carelessness, you can burn your body or damage anything else.

Some of these security features are special such as:

  • Auto turn off feature if the curling iron is not used for a long time
  • Use of cool tip made of insulating material
  • LED Indicator Light

6. Product Warranty Period

Before buying any product, knowing about its warranty period is one of the few important factors. Because, a long warranty period proves to be a safe investment for you. If after purchase the curling iron may be defective or may show some errors after continuous use for some time.

Most manufacturers of curling irons offer a warranty period of between 6 months to 3 years. Therefore, before buying a particular hair curler, you must first read about its warranty.


7. Brand and Model

Before going with any brand, you should know about the popularity of its customer choice, and should be highly recommended by them. You should avoid the lure of high discounts on any unknown brand and go for a trusted brand. Yes, that’s right, those trusted brands can be a bit more expensive than unknown brands. But more than budget, your safety is important.

After selecting any company, your next step is to choose the model of curling rod. As we all know, there are more than 100 brands in the Indian market, and each brand manufactures several variants of curling rods. Therefore, before choosing a model of any company, it is very important to study the features available in it.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Best Hair Curler in India

Q1. How do you use a curling rod for beginners?

Ans. Actually using a curling rod is very easy. To operate the curling rod, plug it into an electrical socket. To curl your hair, wait for the necessary heating.

After the curling rod is hot, hold a strand of hair as thick as your thumb. And very carefully wrap it like a spiral around the hot barrel. After that, set the required temperature to achieve the style you want.

Q2. How to protect your hair from getting damaged due to excessive heat of curling rod?

Ans. Products specifically called heat protectants are easily available in the market to protect your hair from the excessive heat of the curling rod. To prevent damage to your hair, it is recommended by experts to apply a protectant before using the curling rod.

Note – Before curling your hair, do not use products like Aloe-Vera Gel or hair spray. Using them can cause more damage to your hair.

Q3. How safe is the curling iron to use after hair coloring?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely safe to use a curling iron after dyeing your hair, but dry your hair completely before curling.

Q4. What is the best way to clean a curling iron?

Ans. Tissue or wet wipes should be used to clean the barrels of curling irons, but before using them, use some sanitizer on them. With this process, you can gently clean the dirt out of it. Do not hold the curling iron under running water or even use soap to clean it.

Before using the curling iron, make sure it is dry, as being an electrical appliance, it can also cause an electric shock.

Q5. What is the maximum warranty period of a curling iron?

Ans. You will find many brands of curling irons in the market, whose warranty period can be between 6 months to three years. We recommend that you check the warranty card before making any curling iron purchase.

Conclusion – Best hair curling iron in India in 2024

If you are looking to buy the best curling iron in India according to the buying guide mentioned above, we would recommend you to buy the Vega Long Curl Hair Curler-22mm (VHCH-04).

In this Vega curling iron, you will find an amalgamation of all the desirable features that are available at an affordable price range. Furthermore, this curling iron comes with a two-year warranty period.


This product comes with excellent and updated safety features, which deliver amazing results for all hair types. The curls it creates are perfect shape that looks like a professional work.

A detailed review about the Vega curling iron is provided at the beginning of this article, which will help you to know more about this product.

If you have any doubts about this product or any of the other curling irons on the list, please let us know in the comments below, so that we can clear your doubts as soon as possible.

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