Effortless Beauty: Best Epilator for Women in India 2024

Are you looking to buy the best epilator for women in India to clear your unwanted hair? If your answer to the above question is “YES”, then this article is going to be very useful …

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Are you looking to buy the best epilator for women in India to clear your unwanted hair?

If your answer to the above question is “YES”, then this article is going to be very useful for you.

If you are a woman reading this article, then your body hair is an important topic in terms of bothering you. Because growing hair in armpits, legs, hands or any other part of the body is not a pleasant experience for you.

Best Epilator for Women in India

To clear these unwanted hairs, hot wax is applied to the skin, which is peeled off with the help of a cloth. Or else, a razor is used to clear the growing hairs every other day, which can give a lot of irritation.

But today, to clean these unwanted hairs, epilator is nothing less than a boon for the users, because with an epilator, you are able to clean the hair very easily. There are many epilators available in the market with the assembly of tweezers.

There is a group of tweezers on its roller, which works to grab the hair and pull it out easily. The biggest reason behind making epilation a smart choice is that the procedure is painless.

If you consider each and every factor carefully, then you will not hesitate to buy this epilator machine.

The various features offered by the epilator manufacturers and how they work might make you a little hard to understand, but don’t worry, we are here to help you.

A detailed buying guide has also been provided to you in this article, with all the necessary details. This detail can be very beneficial for your good purchase. In addition, the buying guide will help you make a wise decision.

After going through several brands, we have compiled a list of the top 9 best epilators in India, which you will read below. We have tried to explain in brief the specifications of these brands of epilators. So without delay let’s start reading this article.

Here are the list of Top 9 Best Epilator for Women in India in 2024

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Best Epilator for Women

In today’s hectic world, it is not easy to find some time for yourself. Today you all have fixed daily schedules, which usually take a whole day to complete. But in the midst of completing all these programs, it is very important to take out time to pamper yourself and maintain yourself. To solve these dilemmas, we have compiled the list of best 9 epilators in India, so that you can take care of your body in less time.

1. Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Wet and Dry Epilator



Braun attracts the attention of consumers with its top -notch products. The main reason the company creates hair removal products is to let you enjoy the touch of smooth velvety skin. Using Braun epilators, you can achieve salon-like work from the comfort of your home.

Product Specifications:

Braun Silk-epil 7 7-561 epilator is very efficient in its functionality, due to which, you can use it for all skin types. While using this epilator, you will find that as it moves across the surface of your skin, it leaves behind the effect of smooth and glowing skin.

The Braun epilator is built with waterproof functionality, so you can comfortably use it for hair removal during bath time or even under the shower.

After using this epilator, you forget about the process of epilation with lukewarm water. Ultimately its use, gives you a serene experience. This epilator works with the power of 40 tweezers, that is why it has been rated as the best super epilator in India.

This epilator is able to easily pull out each strand of your hair due to the high accumulation of tweezers. You will be surprised to know that even the smallest hair of 0.5 mm cannot escape the reach of this epilator.

Not only this, this machine comes with the ability to rotate its head, so that you can clean your hair while using it, by rotating it in any position.

The Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Epilator also lets you access the High Definition feature of Smart Light, so that you can use the light to complete the epilation process with enhanced efficiency.

This epilator comes without a cord, which makes it easy for you to handle. The power source of this epilator is its rechargeable battery, which is amazing. This battery gives you the convenience of using this epilator for a long time, on a recharge of one hour.

After buying this epilator, you also get many other accessories, which are very useful in cleaning the hair from different parts of your body. This purchase of your home salon package completes that.

On Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Epilator the company offers a complete warranty period of 2 years making it a profitable deal for you. Don’t be late, to grab this amazing deal from Braun. So quickly hit on the red button below.

  • This multifunctional machine to make your skin silky and beautiful
  • Cordless and energy saving product
  • Its amazing shape for easy use
  • deep priced epilator
  • It has to be charged frequently for better performance.

2. Philips Touch-up HP6388 Eyebrows, Facial & Body Trimmer (White)



Philips has expanded the world with a versatile range of electronics products since its inauguration. Some of its products are also hair cleansers. The Philips collection has come up with personalized products to enhance your beauty look, including eyebrow touch-up or face cleansing trimmer.

Product Specifications:

Philips Touch-up HP6388 has been designed keeping in mind the sensitive skin of your face. You can use this trimmer or eyebrow touch-up to clean the unwanted hair on your face, so that, your face never loses its glow.

The device comes with two length settings of 2mm and 4 mm. Its trimming range is up to 1 – 4 mm. This feature keeps your face free from unwanted hair.

The main function of this product is to reshape your eyebrows and clean the upper lip. The comb attachment that comes with it helps to create the perfect shape of your eyebrows.

With the Philips Touch-up HP6388, you get a cleaning brush that is used to clean the device after cleaning off unwanted facial hair, to keep your device clean and hygenic.

This product from Philips is very small in size, due to which you can easily keep it in your purse while going on a trip.

The power source of the Philips Face Touch-up device is its rechargeable battery, which gives you 60 minutes of use on a single recharge. The company has used 1x AA batteries in this product.

The company has offered a 2-year warranty period on the Philips Touch-up HP6388, so that you can get a glowing, baby-soft face for a long time. You get to know the excellence of the quality of this product through its warranty period.

  • Low maintenance product
  • Ensure easy cleaning
  • Soft skin friendly
  • 2 years warranty period offered
  • With extra accessories
  • This best trimmer useful for face cleansing only.

3. Philips BRE635 Satinelle Advanced Cordless Epilator



Philips is one of the best brand in the world to deal in electrical products. Due to its quality products and after sales services, it has left an impression of credibility in the minds of the consumers. Epilator is one of the best products among such products. This hair machine gently removes unwanted hair from your skin.

Product Specifications:

Philips BRE635 epilator is known to be an efficient epilator by virtue of its functionality. This function helps to remove unwanted hair from your body and make it appear smoother and healthier skin. This epilator is more preferred by the people, being friendly and easy to use.

A ceramic surface has been used to make this epilator, which helps it develop a unique composition. The Philips epilator is designed with a super-fast rotating disc that expels hair from the skin at high speed.

This epilator works based on the different needs of different parts of the body. After understanding these requirements, Philips has designed a pack of several attachments in its BRE635 model. In this pack, you get to see attachments like shaving head, trimming comb, area cap and a facial cap.

The Philips BRE635 epilator is provided with an S-shaped ergonomic design to give you a firm grip while holding the handle. This firm grip makes the epilator convenient to use.

The Philips BRE635 model is an epilator with a waterproof mechanism, and is also cordless. This feature gives you a chance to operate the epilator even while taking a shower.

The head of this epilator is 30 mm wider than other normal epilators, which will prove to be the biggest advantage for you. Its large head works by occupying more space at the time of use, which makes your hair removal process easier and faster.

In order to make the epilation process effective, it is equipped with an opti-light. This feature spreads light over your skin, so that you can pull out even the smallest of hairs.

Along with the Philips BRE635 epilator, the company offers a 24-month warranty. Moreover, by using this amazing epilator machine, you will never regret the money invested on it.

  • Product packed with great features
  • Unique designed epilator
  • Capable of providing soft skin in minutes
  • Equipped with high power machine
  • It makes a little noise while using it.

4. Braun Silk Epil 1/1170 Epilator



Braun is renowned as a global brand, known for maintaining its innovative and latest products. Brown is one such brand that takes care of your beauty through its personalized products.

This company provides the best epilator in India for your hair removal process. The latest technology and highest quality are used in these epilators.

Product Specifications:

Braun Silk Epil 1/1170 Epilator is designed with a set of 20 tweezers, which removes your unwanted hair and gives you unparalleled beauty. This epilator, being equipped with multiple tweezers, is also able to comfortably pull out the hair that escapes from your eyes.

This epilator relieves you from the day to day waxing process, as its use allows you to control the re-growth of hair. After using this epilator, you can feel soft and smooth skin for four weeks.

It’s true that using this Braun epilator may cause you some pain, but the results after that pain are very soothing.

A feature of lift tips has been provided in this epilator, which eliminates the hassle of removing those lying hairs. This tip ensures that every strand can be removed by gently lifting the lying hairs.

To use this Braun epilator, electricity is required via a cord, so you can complete the hair removal process without interruption. Since there is no battery in it, there is no problem of charging it again and again. The use of electricity in this epilator enhances its performance.

This epilator is classified as the best epilator machine, so that you do not feel any pain or discomfort during the epilation process. The sensitive cap that comes with it provides a gentle feel on your sensitive areas, and pulls the hair out in one go.

On the purchase of Braun Silk Epil 1/1170 Epilator, the company provides a long warranty period of 2 years. So that, you can get any part of the machine replaced or repaired without spending a single penny by contacting any service center.

  • Multifunctional epilator
  • Easy to use on skin
  • Feeling of tenderness on every part of the body
  • High efficiency product
  • Sometimes the power cords make it difficult to work.
  • This epilator cannot be used in water

5. Braun Silk-epil 9-890, Epilator for Long-Lasting Hair Removal



The Braun brand is world famous as a German consumer products company, founded in 1921. The company is particularly known for its high quality and latest technology industrial products, which included products such as electric shavers and record players. Today, Braun company is also known as the manufacturer of the best epilator in India.

Product Specifications:

The Braun Silk-epil 9-890 epilator features a wider pivoting head, which takes up more space during epilation, and removes hair more efficiently.

In this epilator, you get to see the micro-grip tweezer technology with 40 tweezers. This feature frees you from the routine hair removal process as this epilator is able to keep your skin supple without hair for weeks.

With the Braun Silk-Epil 9-890 Epilator, the company has added an amazing product called the Bikini Styler, which is specially designed to shave precise lines, shapes or contours. With Bikini Styler you are able to remove hair in a creative way.

The Braun epilator is made with 100% waterproof technology, so you have a less painful experience when you epilate in the bath or shower. Not only this, it is capable of working in water for a long time.

The Braun epilator is included with another shaver head for use in sensitive areas, so you don’t damage your skin while epilating. This shaver head is able to gently remove the hair from your skin.

In this epilator, you get access to an amazing SensoSmart technology, which acts as a pressure guide. This feature ensures that the right amount of pressure is applied while using the epilator. This feature is directed to you with a red light, so that you will have no problem understanding the epilator’s pressure.

In this epilator, you have been given two features like shaver head and trimmer cap. The job of the shaver head is to turn the epilator into a fully functional shaver, and on the other hand, through the trimmer cap, lets you trim the hair you love.

In the pack of Braun Silk-Epil 9-890 Epilator, you get a combination of 7 accessories, which make it the best epilator in India. In addition, the company offers a 24-month long warranty on the Silk-epil 9-890 model, so that you can enjoy smooth and supple skin with this epilator for a longer period of time.

  • Wide pivot head
  • With shaver head and trimmer cap
  • Feature of pressur guide technology
  • 100% waterproof technology used
  • Bikini Styler for precise lines
  • None

6. Philips BRE245/00 Corded Compact Epilator



Another product from the Philips group has made its place on our list. In personal products, ‘Philips’ is one such brand that people trust blindly. Philips has managed to establish a secure foothold in the epilator product category and today its epilators are considered among the best in India.

Product Specifications:

Over the years, epilators designed by Philips have succeeded in bringing beauty and softness to women’s skin. The Philips BRE245/00 comes with a slew of features that help you end your hunt for the best epilator.

In this epilator, you get to see the use of the latest technology, which provides you with multi-functional features for many years.

The Philips epilator has a set of 20 tweezers, which allow you to remove hair more effectively and efficiently than any standard epilator. This low budget epilator is a more suitable option for you than waxing, razor or laser.

The Philips BRE245/00 epilator also comes with a smart light option, so you can easily see and pull out even the smallest of hairs. The most special thing about this epilator is that it easily removes hairs even 0.5 mm in size.

The epilator comes with a 1.8 meter long cord, so that you don’t have to worry about battery drain during use. In addition, this long wire also helps in better handling of the device. With the help of this cord, you can easily reach the epilator to any part of the body. The BRE245/00 epilator model can be used on both dry and wet skin.

This epilator is equipped with the facility of massage rollers, which ensure that you feel the least amount of pain while using it. Not only this, you can also use this machine as a shave and trimmer. Its shaver head turns the epilator into a fully functional shaver, while with the trimmer cap, you can trim your hair of your choice.

The Philips BRE245/00 epilator features 2 speed settings, which makes it unique. With these settings you can control the speed of epilation to remove thick and thin hair.

The ergonomic design has been used to make this epilator, which gives a nice look to this machine. Not only this, you also get an amazing package of 2 years warranty with Philips BRE245/00 Epilator, which you can extend by contacting customer care.

  • It features a friendly warranty package.
  • Use of dual technology of shaver and epilator
  • Ideal choice for all skin types
  • With massage rollers
  • Due to the wire, you may face some problem.

7. Braun Series-3/3270 Epilator



Braun is a world-renowned brand in personal products that is highly trusted by people. Its products are very helpful for your grooming. Braun has made the hair removal process a little more easy for us, by manufacturing world class quality epilators.

Product Specifications:

With the Braun Series-3/3270, you can make the hair removal process as easy as possible without the pain. A set of tweezers plays an important role in the high performance of any epilator. The epilator in this series features a set of 20 tweezers, an ideal number for pulling out hairs.

This epilator is a great choice for hands, feet and areas with thick hair, because with this machine, the process of epilating becomes faster for you than ever before. Once you buy it, it comes with accessories like shaver head, trimmer cap and massage pad, which works as a simple 3 in 1 system.

The roller of this epilator has the facility of a massager, which along with increasing the blood circulation to your skin, also removes the hair from the skin with less pain. In addition, by further exfoliating your skin, gives better results in terms of its softness.

The machine also features an inbuilt light, which helps you in better visualization. This light makes even the smallest hairs of your skin visible, so that you can enjoy silky and smooth skin.

Many epilators available in the market do not have the option to choose the speed, but this epilator from the Braun series has the option to choose the speed according to your needs. The two-speed settings on this machine help you select the speed for soft epilation.

The Braun Series-3/3270 is well-known as the best epilator in India due to these features available. Apart from these features, the company also provides a full 2-year warranty. This epilator is the complete package for you at an affordable price.

  • It features dual speed function.
  • Along with being a sturdy machine, it is also compact.
  • with multiple attachments
  • Affordable epilator
  • It has an amazing 24 months warranty
  • This is an epilator with only 20 tweezers.

8. Braun Silk-Epil SE 5-541 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator



Since its infancy, Braun has made a mark in the skin care market with its innovative products. Braun has launched many great hair removal products like epilators for women in the market. It has developed a range of hair removal products with various features that suit your needs.

Product Specifications:

Brown Silk-Epil 5-541 is considered to be the best epilator in India due to its features. Also, its affordable price attracts the customers. This model from Brown is committed to cleaning your unwanted body hair without any hassle.

This epilator comes equipped with 28 tweezers, which provide a huge amount of power to the epilator. Its tweezers have the ability to pull out even the smallest hairs from the body. Not only this, this powerful machine can be used easily on hairy surfaces without any hassle.

In this epilator, you also get the facility of a massager, which gently swirls on the skin to get your work done smoothly. This feature reduces your pain during the epilation procedure, and also helps blood flow more efficiently. This massager not only lubricates your skin, but also gives it a natural glow.

While making this epilator, more attention has been paid to its sturdy design, so that you do not face any problem in holding it. This design completely removes the stress of falling from the hands. Its anti-grip feature further enhances the experience of cleaning your body hair.

The most important thing about this epilator is that it can be used in both wet and dry conditions. If you want better and effective results without pain, it is recommended to use it while taking bath.

This epilator machine allows you both features like a shaver and a trimmer. You also get a shaving head and trimmer cap to take advantage of both these features. After using this machine, you can enjoy hair free skin for 4 weeks.

Brown Silk-Epil 5-541 Epilator comes with a multicolor option, so that, you can choose the epilator with your favorite color. Not only this, you also get this epilator with a warranty of 24 months, so that you can use it for a long time without any hassle.

  • This is 3 in 1 epilator machine
  • Able to work on both dry and wet surfaces
  • It comes with a strong design.
  • It is known as a leading brand in the field of grooming equipment.
  • It has less number of tweezers.

9. Philips Cordless Epilator– All-Rounder for Face and Body Hair Removal (White)


Philips Cordless Epilator

Philips continuously expands to offer its users a wide range of high performance and world class skin care products. With a deep understanding of the needs of its users, Philips has ensured to offer them a comprehensive beauty experience with its epilators. Philips cordless epilator is suitable for all your skin types.

Product Specifications:

This epilator never lets you get disappointed for the money you spend on it. Not only this, it has been given positive reviews by its users, due to which it has made it to the list of best epilator in India on amazon. After charging the Philips epilator, you can complete the epilation process comfortably on dry skin or under the shower.

The Philips cordless epilator comes with a wide ceramic tweezers head, which takes up more space during epilation to remove hair in less time. This epilator head works smoothly even in difficult areas like underarms or behind the knees.

This Philips epilator lets you remove hair with less pain than waxing or a razor. This epilator machine also comes with the feature of Opti-light, which enables you to see the tiny hairs on the skin. Due to this feature, you can remove every hair and get smooth skin.

The sleek and slim design of this epilator makes it easy to use, and also eliminates the fear of falling down during the epilation process. This epilator has an optimal contact cap designed to minimize skin stretching and discomfort.

It is very easy to clean all its parts to maintain the effectiveness of this epilator. The company also provides a two-year warranty with this epilator machine, which reflects its durability score. To get more offers on this amazing machine from Philips, click on the red button below.

  • This epilator machine is easy to hold and use.
  • It is suitable for every part of the body.
  • Able to pluck short and thick hairs easily
  • Less number of tweezers

Buying Guide – Best Epilator for Women in India

Are you searching for the best epilator to make your skin smooth or silky?

If “YES”, then in our best epilator buying guide, you will get to know everything that will help you choose the best epilator in India.

Although in earlier times, waxing seemed to be the easiest and most accessible way for women to keep their skin free of hair. For this, she used to go to the nearby parlor or even buy a bunch of razors to accomplish this task at home.


However, waxing is the fastest technique and quickest way to remove unwanted hair from your skin. But sometimes you do not get the results as per your expectations.

For waxing, using hot wax on your skin or using hard razor blades can also leave some hair on your skin. Also, after these procedures, the ends of the hair left behind bother you the most. Not only this, the hair growing on the skin every other day makes you more angry.

Therefore, keeping in view this problem of women, many well-known personal care product brands have come up with a brilliant invention, which is named as the Epilator.

Epilator removes hair from your skin like an expert. The working style of this product is very unique. Because it works by using its small tweezers to break your hair from the root. To use the epilator, you simply roll it over the hairy skin, which grabs and pulls out even the smallest of hairs that get in the way.

The biggest advantage of epilation is that it gives you hair free, smooth, silky and glowing skin. After using the epilator, you need to use it again not after days, but after at least 1 month. Now you get rid of the unbearable pain caused by using hot wax on the skin and burning sensation after razor.

Due to the efficiency provided by epilators, epilating may be a wiser option for you. But when you go to buy it in the market or online store, then you get to see a lot of options there, which can be troublesome for you. To choose the best epilator for you, you have to go through dozens of epilators.

Types of Epilators available in the market

You get to see different types of epilators in the market, which are equipped with different features. We have mentioned some such epilator categories below:

Corded epilators are the traditional type of epilator with an attached wire. This wire acts as the power source for the epilator. The epilator is powered by plugging this wire into the socket.


With corded epilators, you don’t have to deal with battery life issues. As mentioned above, these epilators get their energy through electricity, due to which the battery is not used in it. And you don’t have to go through the hassle of charging the battery again and again. However, these types of epilators are very easy to use.

Corded epilators work very efficiently because they run on electricity. Compared to cordless epilators, you get to see more power and strength in corded epilators.

Although there are many positive aspects to corded epilators, you should also pay attention to one negative aspect of it. Corded epilators don’t have very long cords, so you’ll always have to use them close to the socket. Not only this, sometimes its strings, entangled with each other, can also disturb you, which can be the reason for creating a big nuisance.

As you must have come to know from its title, that this epilator has absence of wire. In this epilator, the absence of wires makes it more convenient to use.


The use of cordless technology in the epilator, you get to see in the latest models. Cordless epilators use rechargeable batteries, which provide power to operate the machine.

These types of epilators are a bit heavy due to the presence of batteries. The compact design of these epilators enables you to use them anywhere without any hassle. Not only this, it is easy to carry it even during the journey.

Cordless epilators have one drawback, as you have to go through the process of recharging the battery from time to time. You may also have to deal with the problem of draining the battery in the middle of use, when it is recharged low or using it for a long time.


In a spring type epilator, a coil spring is used to remove the hair from the skin. The spring is placed over the unwashed hair by bending it in a curve. After that, the machine works to rotate the spring, which causes the spring to flex as it is rotated. In the last step, the spring works to grab the hair and remove it from the root.

The only thing in this epilator stacks up to its entire functionality. That is, by opening the epilator, the hair collected in it has to be removed. Not only this, based on its functionality, it will not live up to your expectations. Because after using it, many hairs are left behind, which later become very chewy.


The modern version of the spring type epilator is named the rotating disc type epilator. Rotating disc technology is found in new modern types of epilators.

As in spring type epilator the hair is pulled out by spring, similarly in rotating disc type epilator a disc is used to pull out the hair.


One of the latest models of epilators is also a tweezer type epilator. The head of the tweezer type epilator, is designed in such a way that it rotates during use and you also get to see many tweezers in that head.

This one is the best compared to other categories of epilators, as its rotating head and tiny tweezers all work together to remove the hair. Apart from this, you also get less pain while using it.

Some important things to keep in mind while buying the best Epilator in India:

When you are making your final decision to buy anything, there are a few factors you must consider. So that, that thing can provide the result as per your requirements. First of all, you should list the important features that you need and also decide a budget according to your pocket.

In this buying guide, we have thoroughly researched each and every hair removal brand in India to clear up your confusions. We have gathered below the features and requirements of the best epilators made by them. These are the things you need to look at before choosing the best epilator in India.

Epilator works Wet or Dry

You will find many such epilators in the market, which are capable of working in wet or dry environment. We have listed them on the basis of their characteristics:

Wet use type Epilator – You can easily use this type of epilator in wet surface or while taking a shower. Not only this, it can also be easily used on lotion or gel surfaces. Wet use epilators do not have a cord, as they are rechargeable.

This epilator is a perfect choice for those who do not want to feel pain because of their use in water.

Dry use type Epilator – This type of epilator, can be used on dry surface only. Since these types of epilators are conventional, they do not have waterproof functionality. These epilators get their power through the cord, which is why they do not have rechargeable batteries.

Dry use epilators are considered the best in terms of efficiency as compared to wet use epilators.

If you go with a high quality epilator, you get both these features in one epilator. Anyway, in today’s time, you get to see both these features in most epilators.

Attachments that come with the Epilator

While selecting the best epilator in India, it is essential to take a look at the accessories that come with it. In terms of attachment of epilators, their heads play an important role. The various attachments that come with it are very helpful in getting you the best results from that epilator.

As we just mentioned, in terms of accessories in any epilator, their group of heads is important. Because, these heads work according to your different needs.

In each epilator brand, you get to see different types of heads, as it is convenient for you to have different types of heads. These heads are very helpful in relieving the pain caused during epilating.

Budget for Epilator

While buying any item, spend your hard earned money with a little attention. By the way, you can get most of the best epilators in the market at a reasonable price.

If you are looking to buy an epilator from a trusted brand, the average amount spent for them can range from Rs 1000 to Rs 6000. Epilators falling under this amount are cheap and reliable as well as available with a variety of variable heads.


Epilator Warranty

Its warranty for any product serves as a measure of reliability for its good quality and high performance. You should go with an epilator which has a longer warranty period.

You should go with epilators that have a warranty period of at least one year, because under this warranty, the brand considers the product promising. That brand allows you to contact customer service for any repairs or replacements that may occur during the warranty period of the epilator.

Epilator Noise

You will find many such epilators in the market, which produce a lot of sound during operation. We think you won’t go along with an epilator that makes a lot of noise or doesn’t bother others with that sound. That’s why you should go with an epilator that makes the least amount of noise.

Number of Tweezers in Epilator

At this time, you get to see the facility of tweezers in the epilators of the new models, which is an integral part of a best epilator. With these tweezers, the epilator removes the hair from the root with very little pain.

The efficiency of any company epilator depends on the number of tweezers provided in it. That is, if the number of tweezers in an epilator is more, then that machine gives more powerful performance.

When you’re looking for an epilator for yourself, you’ll find that the number of tweezers can range from 20 tweezers to 72 in many ideal epilator models. If an epilator has more number of tweezers, then that machine takes less time in the process of epilation. But due to more tweezers, the fast work of that epilator gives you more pain.

Light power in Epilator

When you undergo the process of epilation, sometimes some tiny hairs can escape from the grip of the powerful epilator. After epilation, you will find that you do not get to see smooth skin free from hair. To solve some of these problems, the best epilators in India provide light.

Through this light, the epilator works to protect your skin from prickling. In addition, this light illuminates even the smallest of your hairs to make them visible to you, so that you can grab each strand of hair with the epilator.

Light is an important feature of any epilator, as it makes those hairs visible, which you would not be able to see without light. Due to this feature, you can enjoy smooth skin by pulling out every hair without facing any hindrances.

Epilator Cleaning Solution

As you all know, the reason for the long life of any machine is its maintenance, and the same principle applies to epilators as well. You will find in good quality epilators today, that they come with washable technology.

With such an epilator, you can easily clean the debris after use. Cleaning the epilator also serves to maintain cleanliness for you in its next use. Not only this, it also helps in making your epilator last longer.


Epilator Speed Settings

The speed settings of the epilator are set based on different skin textures, as not every skin on your entire body has the same texture. For this purpose, you should go with an epilator with dual speed settings.

While running the epilator on sensitive skin like underarms, you can do it at low speed and on the other hand, feet and hands need a faster speed to clean the thick hair.

If you are not experienced in operating an epilator, then at that time you should only use a two-speed power epilator. Since epilating at a high speed can be dangerous for your skin, you should try to epilate at a slow speed in the beginning.

When you are proficient in epilation, at that point, you should use the high speed setting. That’s why we advised you to go with epilators with two-speed settings.

How to use epilator?

Although in the market, you get to see many options for removing hair from the skin, among which waxing and razors are very common. But today epilator, based on its working style, is a better option for the users. This machine gives you less pain than waxing and razors.

If you are thinking of going with an epilator, we would suggest that first of all, you should learn about the methods of using an epilator. So that you can get the best output by knowing the correct instructions.

You can complete the epilation process by following 6 simple steps given below:

1. First of all, you have to choose the best epilator with double speed settings, which will provide high performance according to your skin. If you are looking for optimum results, it should cover almost all the features.

2. Your next step is to exfoliation your skin. If you scrub the face, the problem of ingrown hairs in your skin goes away. After the scrub, you need to focus on exfoliation to remove the dead skin from your face. In addition, exfoliation lifts the hair, so that, you can complete the epilation process more effectively.

3. During the epilation process, you must hold the machine tight so that it does not fall down. Most importantly, do not press the epilator machine too hard on the skin, as there is a risk of skin damage if you press hard. If you want the best results with an epilator machine, all you have to do is roll it gently over the hairy skin.

4. You can use a high quality epilator in both wet and dry conditions. If you epilate on a wet surface, you will feel less pain. But it is completely up to you to choose the condition.

5. When using an epilator, keep your skin tight to avoid pinching your skin. Not only this, this method will also not allow you to experience plucking pain.

6. After epilating your skin, wash it with lukewarm water and apply lotion on it, so that the moisture gets locked in your skin. By doing this process, your skin gets tightened and it starts looking silky and smooth.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Best Epilator for Women in India 2024

Q1. On which parts of the body can the epilator be used?

Ans. Epilators are designed so that, you can use them to epilate every part of the body. However, you will also find some epilator models in the market, which are specially designed to epilate certain parts of the body.

Therefore, be careful while buying an epilator. The epilator you are planning to buy is specifically designed for which parts of the body.

Q2. Is epilator safe to use to remove pubic hair?

Ans. Yes, epilators can be used to remove pubic hair. In fact, epilator is a perfect choice for pubic hair as epilator gives you better results on pubic hair as compared to waxing and razor. Epilators are able to gently remove pubic hairs without harming your sensitive skin.

Q3. Is epilator a good option for sensitive skin?

Yes, using an epilator to remove unwanted hair is a good option for sensitive skin. In the case of epilators, there are some misconceptions that using an epilator can damage your skin. But this is completely wrong, because the epilator machine does not come in direct contact with your skin.

If you remove unwanted hair by waxing then you have to face pain and irritation. On the other hand, after using the razor, your skin turns red. But the epilator breaks the hair without harming your skin.

Q4. Does epilator use slow down hair growth?

Ans. Some research has proved that the biggest reason for the decrease in hair growth is the frequent use of epilators. Because the function of epilator is to remove the hair from the roots instead of cutting it from above.

Due to repeated removal of hair from the root, it becomes weak. Hence, you will notice that the hair appears softer and finer after epilation.

Q5. Can using an epilator cause my skin to darken?

Ans. No, this is totally wrong, because the role of epilators is only to pull the hair out of your skin, which has no effect on your skin complexion. Its function, of course, is to clean the hair from your skin without damaging its color.

Q6. Is it OK to epilate private parts?

Ans. It is possible to epilate private parts, but it is not without risks. Epilation can be painful, especially in sensitive areas like the pubic region, and it can also cause skin irritation and redness. Additionally, removing hair from the pubic area can increase the risk of infection. It is important to use a high-quality epilator specifically designed for use on sensitive skin and to follow proper hygiene practices when epilating this area. Before attempting epilation, it may be best to consult a dermatologist or other healthcare professional to determine if it is the right option for you and to receive advice on the proper technique.

Q7. Which hair epilator is best?

Ans. If you have been thinking of buying the best epilator machine, then now you must be wondering which brand or model to go with from the above given list of top 9 best epilators in India. Understanding your dilemma, we recommend you to go with Braun Silk-epil 9-890, Epilator for Long-Lasting Hair Removal. This epilator is unique and comes with unique features.

Conclusion – Best Epilators in India for Women

The most troubling reason for a woman is the unwanted hair on her skin. Without cleaning this hair, she can’t go out or put on a pretty outfit. Because it has been observed that society’s norms for a woman are based on her smooth, silky skin.

Although women have to go through a lot of pain to remove body hair, but due to some social reasons, they have to take this step. Before and some people still consider waxing and razor procedure the most accessible techniques today. But it is also true that if you remove your hair using epilator machines, you can avoid the hassle of wax and razor.


The epilator machine is equipped with tweezers so that it can grab your hair at the root and remove it. After this process is complete, you get smooth and soft looking skin. The use of epilator helps in controlling the re-growth of hair.

This epilator is capable of performing all the functions in terms of clearing the hair, which you can get from a specialist salon after a huge cost. Not only this, this epilator from Braun comes with seven additional accessories. The Braun Silk-epil 9-890 comes with the feature of waterproof technology, which making it the best epilator in India.

If still, you have some query regarding epilator machines then leave message in below comment box.

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