Get Smoother Blends with the Top 10 Best Hand Blender in India 2024

Are you not able to find the best hand blender in India? Okay, no need to take the stress! It is very beneficial to have kitchen appliances that can complete your small tasks with quickness. …

Best Hand Blenders in India
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Are you not able to find the best hand blender in India?

Okay, no need to take the stress!

It is very beneficial to have kitchen appliances that can complete your small tasks with quickness. Hand blender is one of the best solutions if you want to do kitchen needs like blending, chopping and whisking immediately. The hand blender is also known by another name, which is the immersion mixer. It is a great kitchen appliance due to its various uses.

Hand blender makes kitchen work easier by eliminating the need for heavy food processors. This product saves your extra effort and time in manual tasks. This modern product has the ability to get your work done within minutes.

Best Hand Blenders in India

From time to time top kitchen equipment manufacturers produce hand blender equipped with various technologies. There are a large number of hand blenders available in India with superb facilities.

Among thousands of great companies, it becomes very important to choose a model that will complete your work effectively and efficiently.

A right hand blender is nothing short of a miracle for you. Therefore, it is necessary to have all the information about it before purchasing it. The information on this page will help you in keeping with your preferences and needs.

In this article, we have prepared a detailed buying guide. After reading that guide, you will get help in choosing the right hand blender for you.

After researching many hand blenders, we have shortlisted the top 11 best hand blenders in India. So now without taking time, take a look at the list below!

Here is the list of Top 11 Best Hand Blender in India

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Top 11 Best Hand Blender Brands in India 2024

1. Morphy Richards HBCD SS 400-Watt Hand Blender (Stainless Steel)


Best Hand Blenders in India

Morphy Richards is known in India’s markets for high quality home appliances. Its range of food processors in these home appliances is well liked by customers. Morphy Richards has over 80 years of experience in terms of excellence. Though this company is a Europe based company but it is marketed and serviced by Bajaj Electricals Limited in India. Keeping in mind transparency and ethics, Morphy Richards has a portfolio of home durables.

Product Specifications:

Morphy Richards HBCD SS is a good looking hand blender that has been awarded a 4 star rating by customers on Amazon. Being made by high grade stainless steel, this product is able to stay with you for a long time.

To smooth and speed up the process of this hand blender, its operation requires 400 watts. It is a valuable asset to the kitchen and is capable of doing many tasks like blending, grinding without any hustle.

To make Morphy Richards’ hand blender, high-grade steel has been used. The sparkling stainless steel hand blender matches your high standards, along with enhancing the beauty of your kitchen.

The variable speed settings of this hand blender make it one of the best hand blenders in India. It is equipped with a two-speed dial feature, which is used to reduce or exceed the speed of this hand blender.

This hand blender is designed by ergonomic design. This design makes the use of this hand blender easy and gives it a strong grip. Even for cleaning the hand blender, this design proves to be very effective.

Its locking system allows cleaning in a hull-free manner. And you can separate the feet for easy cleaning.

Morphy Richards offers a 2-year warranty period with this hand blender. If you face any difficulty during this period, you can contact Customer Service Services.

  • Flexible work facilities
  • Strong and durable product
  • Smooth Operation
  • Locking system is a bit difficult

2. Boss B101 125-Watt Portable Blender, Grey


Best Hand Blenders in India

Boss made his first move into the consumer section goods in the 1970s which served as a game changer for Indian families. Through its excellent products, this company has made the lives of its users much easier. It manufactures its home appliances based on a spectrum of value, integrity and scrutiny.

Boss launched his first-hand blender in 1985. And today the Boss B101 model has made its way to the list of Best Hand Blender in India by touching thousands of Indian homes. It has been highly praised by consumers for its exceptional work.

Product Specifications:

The best quality stainless steel has been used to make Boss hand blender. This steel makes this hand blender with amazing shine as well as good looking and durable. The hand blender is able to deliver its blending process using less time and effort.

The company offers 3 additional blades in this hand blender, which greatly help to make your kitchen work more smooth. These are called whisk blades, mincer blades and beater blades.

These stainless steel blades make your chopping, slicing, and dicing process a lot easier. In this model of Boss Hand Blender, a strong motor is included to provide excellence.

This excellent motor is operated using 125 watts, which makes it less likely to disappoint you. A 4 star rating by many customers reflects the high demand and working style of this hand blender.

Unlike other standard hand blender, the design of this Boss hand blender model features a wall-mounting stand. This feature makes your kitchen work easy and usable.

The dual speed settings of this hand blender can be used depending on different conditions, such as using less speed to mix certain foods and faster speeds to mix more foods. You can choose this speed as you wish.

Continuous use of this hand blender requires proper maintenance. So after using it you should wash the blender carefully. Taking good care of the hand blender guarantees high longevity. Along with this, the Boss company also offers a 2-year warranty.

  • Made powerful along with stainless steel.
  • It is versatile in use
  • Its cost efficient
  • Produces little noise

3. Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)


Best Hand Blenders in India

Philips company has been the first choice of customers in the Indian markets for many decades. It has achieved this status due to its high quality home products. The Philips Company is the top supplier of a wide variety of household products, besides giving you an unmatched high standard. Hand blender is one of the best products in India for its finest household products.

Philips Hand Blender simplifies most of your kitchen tasks as well as saving time and effort. Philips hand blender has established a different position than other hand blenders in the market. This Philips hand blender is a great option if you are looking for a great quality product for your kitchen.

Product Specifications:

Philips Hand Blender has the ability to work continuously for 20 minutes, this quality of this hand blender makes it a powerful machine. So that you get a large amount of mixture at the same time.

For any hand blender, its blades are an essential part. Philips hand blender blades are sharp, pointed, smooth and thin. Due to which they have the ability to mix everything in a puree.

With this hand blender you will get an additional two more removable blades. One of these blades is the function of whipping, in the same way that other blades can be used for whipping purposes.

Its powerful motor requires 250 watts to operate, so that you don’t have to face any difficulty in crushing, blending and mixing hard ingredients. After purchasing it, you can enjoy making your favorite things like lassi, palak paneer.

This hand blender can be used by a single trigger press. To bring it into operation, hold down its press button. This will help you in better operation as well as speed up the hand blender.

Philips hand blender is manufactured in a trim body shape without any grooves. So that you do not have to face any hustle or difficulty while cleaning it.

Apart from this, there are many other benefits of this hand blender to make most of your things easier. After purchasing it you will get a warranty card with a full 2-year duration.

  • Capable of great performance
  • Available with unique features
  • Safe use friendly
  • Effective time
  • Its design is not pleasing

4. INALSA Robot Inox 1000, 1000 Watt Hand Blender with 600 ml


Best Hand Blenders in India

Inalsa Company was established in 1967. It is always been the first choice of Indian consumers for small home appliances. Inalsa is considered one of the fastest growing equipment companies in a very short time. Inalsa is a subsidiary of Taurus Group. The headquarters of the Taurus Group is located in Spain. Inalsa’s only objective is to design great products with superb features.

In the Inalsa Hand Blender, one can find innovation behind every nut and bolt. This powerful hand blender has the ability to mix anything that suits you. After purchasing it, it frees you from many kitchen troubles.

Product Specifications:

The light nature of the Inalsa Robot Inox 100 Hand Blender makes your food preparation fun and easy. Its light nature makes the blender movable and portable.

The slim shape of the hand blender makes it easily fit into any size bowl. Apart from this, its good look and great features make it one of the best hand blender in India.

Inalsa Hand Blender is full of multipurpose features. By this one product you can perform many tasks like Chop, Blend, Puree, Whisk. Given these functions, it will not be difficult to predict that it comes with many advantages compared to other standard blenders.

If you are using it for the first time then there is no need to worry as its ergonomic design enables you to operate and control easily.

The Inalsa Robot Inox 100 hand blender uses a powerful motor that requires 1000 watts to operate. The high power of this motor ensures that tasks such as grinding, mixing, or crunching can be completed in an instant.

Hanging loop is provided with Inalsa hand blender, so that it can be hung on the wall. In this way, it will not eat up your kitchen space and will also get rid of its storage problems.

After purchasing it, its package includes items such as a powerful chopper, detachable stainless-steel blending stick, multi-purpose 600ml jar and whisker. Apart from this, the company also provides a warranty of 02 years.

  • Best hand blender for blending
  • Dual speed function
  • Anti-slip design for comfortable grip
  • Splash-free blending
  • There is a possibility of developing noise

5. Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)


Best Hand Blenders in India

If you are thinking about purchasing home appliances then Orpat can be a great option for you. The biggest reason behind this is that Orpat has consistently created high standards for durables. Orpat is the leading manufacturer of various range in India such as watches, electrical switches, calculators, fans, household and kitchen appliances, telephones etc.

Among the different ranges of Orpat, the HHB-100E hand blender is a high quality product. The Orpat HHB-100E hand blender has created a distinct niche in the market with positive feedback from customers. The Orpat HHB-100E Hand Blender is a reliable product with the ability to work fast in your kitchen.

Product Specifications:

Buying an Orpat HHB-100E hand blender means that you can easily make drinks like Smoothie or Guacamole.

This hand blender can be cleaned very easily. Separate the detachable parts of the blender from the motor. After that wash and dry those parts with soap and water, so that there is no problem on the next use.

Orpat HHB-100E hand blender uses a powerful motor that requires 230 watts for operation.

Its sharp blades are capable of crushing hard veggies just like soft meat, but there are also many foods that require different speed settings to crush them. For example, some foods are crushed by more power and some can be crushed at a lower speed.

To deal with such situations, this hand blender is equipped with 6 different speed settings. By its different speed range, you can control the speed according to your requirement and convenience. This hand blender is designed keeping in mind your needs.

The ergonomic design of the hand blender gives the handle a strong grip, in addition to its stylish design to suit your kitchen. The great design of the hand blender helps to handle it very easily.

Orpat HHB-100E Hand Blender is on the list of best blenders in India due to its compact and lightweight. Apart from this, blender also has the feature of hanging on the wall which makes it perfect for your kitchen.

The company offers a warranty period of 01 years in this blender. For any technical assistance during this period, you can contact its customer care center.

  • It is customer friendly.
  • Perfect size for easy use
  • Investible product
  • 6 different speed settings
  • It can be a little hard to clean

6. Maharaja Whiteline HB-116 130 W Turbomix King Hand Blender


Best Hand Blenders in India

Maharaja Whiteline is a constantly growing company in terms of home appliances. The products of this company have been liked by its consumers for many years. Maharaja Whiteline has always been a company of new generation technology and science innovations.

Maharaja Whiteline HB-116 Hand Blender gives premium performance in your kitchen works. The premium performance of this hand blender reflects its high quality. After using it, there will be a lot of positive reactions from consumers.

Product Specifications:

The super sharp blades of the Maharaja Whiteline Hand Blender are capable of delivering the highest level of performance. These stainless steel blades have been made so powerful that they are capable of crushing even hard materials like ice during use. Even the harshest vegetables, grind and mix within a moment.

The most special thing about this hand blender is its noiseless feature. Due to this feature, it does not make noise while operating. Now, you can make breakfast in the morning without disturbing other family members.

It uses a strong and powerful motor to operate this hand blender of Maharaja Whiteline. It requires 130 watts to operate, due to this efficiency this motor saves both energy and your money. In addition, the use of watts at a minimum volume enables the motor to last longer.

Maharaja Whiteline HB-116 hand blender uses high food-grade safe material. Due to this facility, it not only ensures the freshness of the food, but also keeps the food healthy and safe.

The design of this hand blender has a detachable metal base. Because of which, blender can be washed by separating its base.

After purchasing this blender you will get an additional 500 ml chopper and 800 ml beaker. Chopper is used to cut onions and tomatoes and the same beaker is used to prepare tasty drinks.

Based on above features, it can be ensured that this hand blender is the best deal. An additional benefit of this is that, Maharaja Whiteline Company is providing a warranty period of 02 years in this product.

  • Its premium look
  • With great features
  • Efficient result
  • High quality product
  • Not suitable for slow mixing

7. KENT Hand Blender- 300 W (White)


Best Hand Blenders in India

Home Appliances manufactured by Kent are extremely popular in the market as well as consumers. Kent products are equipped with great features and they are very easy to use. Health products and home appliances manufactured by the Kent company are next-generation products.

Kent Hand Blender makes blending and whisking tasks easier in your kitchen. You will find the quality of this hand blender by looking at its 4-star rating on Amazon. Kent Hand Blender is a powerful product and is able to do your kitchen works in minutes.

Product Specifications:

A turbo function has been used to excite the speed of this hand blender. The Kent Hand Blender motor requires 300 watts for optimum use. To make this motor, 100% pure copper has been used.

In the Kent Hand Blender motor, the use of copper material ensures that it will deliver top performance in your kitchen work for a long time. The unique feature of this hand blender is the overheating protection that makes it one of the best blender in India.

Kent Hand Blender can be used to blend any dish. This hand blender is a perfect home appliance and you will never have to be disappointed for the money spent on it.

Kent hand blender can be used with different frequencies that will provide you with it. In this hand blender you will find various beaters, dough hooks. These accessories will help you in easing the whipping, mixing and blending tasks.

This Kent Hand Blender can be used with 5 different speed settings. The Kent Company offers a warranty of 01 year after purchasing this hand blender. If you want to know about other offers available in this product, then click on the button below.

  • It is convenient to carry.
  • It is a portable and inexpensive product.
  • It matches your requirement
  • Sometimes a little noisy

8. Inalsa Robot 2.5SS Hand Blender with Stainless Steel Stem, (White)


Best Hand Blenders in India

Inalsa Corporation has a huge chain of kitchen appliances in India. This company sells over a thousand products to make your kitchen life easier. The products of this company can be trusted because all its products are made by looking at the needs of the customers.

Inalsa Robot 2.5 PS hand blender occupies an important place for any kitchen. This product makes the kitchen blending and grinding tasks much easier. Therefore, this blender will not prove to be disappointing for you.

Product Specifications:

This hand blender uses a powerful DC motor, which requires 250 watts. It has a detachable stam which gives this machine the status of the best blenders in India.

Its sleek and slim design makes its grip strong. It is a portable hand blender, which is designed keeping in mind your needs. Due to these characteristics it guarantees efficiency and durability.

To start using this Inalsa hand blender, a start button is provided. This button secures the use of this hand blender.

Cleaning is the easiest part of this hand blender. To wash parts of this blender you just have to separate the plastic bar. This hand blender is quite convenient for your kitchen and has many benefits.

This amazing Inalsa Robot 2.5 PS offers a full 1-year warranty period. During this warranty period, you can contact customer service for any repair or replacement of the hand blender.

  • Great performance ability
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Cheap and effective products
  • Its warranty period is too short

9. Maharaja Whiteline HB-115 130 W Turbo-mix Hand Blender


Best Hand Blenders in India

Maharaja Whiteline is one of the reputed companies making a large amount of domestic products in India. The products of this company are made keeping in mind the desire of the consumers.

Maharaja Whiteline HB-115 Hand Blender is durable as well as cheaper product. This hand blender meets all the criteria of high efficiency. Use of this hand blender makes your kitchen tasks easier.

Product Specifications:

The powerful stainless steel blades of this hand blender are sleek and sharp in design. You can gauge the strength of its blade by the fact that it is capable of crushing even solid objects like ice.

While mixing tough vegetables in this hand blender, you do not have to face any difficulty. Maharaja Whiteline HB-1115 does not produce any sound during use. This quality brings it to the range of best hand blenders in India.

This noiseless feature of this hand blender is useful in preparing good breakfast in the morning without disturbing the family members.

A strong motor has been used in the Maharaja Whiteline hand blender. This motor requires only 130 watts for powerful effective performance. Due to which, you can get rid of huge bill of extra energy and electricity.

The food-grade safe material of this hand blender ensure that the food made by it is safe to eat.

Its detachable plastic bottom base is another great advantage in providing durability and convenience. Due to this feature you can wash this blender easily.

To operate the Maharaja Whiteline Hand Blender, a push button is provided. It is used to turn on and off the hand blender. This button serves as a safe key for the user.

Maharaja Whiteline Company gives a warranty period of 02 years after purchasing this hand blender.

  • Shapely body for good grip
  • Sharp Stainless Steel Blades
  • Easy to use for consumer
  • Low energy use product
  • Its switches are very delicate

10. Prestige IRIS 1.0 Hand Blender


Best Hand Blenders in India

Prestige is a brand that has established its niche in the Indian market for decades. Not only this, it has maintained its excellence with its high standard domestic products. Prestige Company is specialized in various home appliances and its products are used in most Indian homes.

Prestige IRIS hand blender is a product used in most Indian households. The durability of this hand blender makes it worth taking seriously. This hand blender has touched successes due to its development and high performance.

Product Specifications:

Prestige IRIS hand blender uses superior quality stainless steel sharp blades. Being stainless steel blades perform their work efficiently.

If you look carefully at the design of this hand blender, you will find that this design has been made by talented minds. Because it is designed in such a way that it is very easy for the user to use. Due to its design, this product is in the list of best hand blender in India.

During the making of this hand blender, high quality material has been used. Due to which it makes the blender highly durable as well as safe for daily use. By proper maintenance, this hand blender can support your kitchen works for a long time.

Behind this blender to deliver effective results, there is a huge support of the powerful motor inside it. Only 250 watts are required to operate this motor. By using such high power it has the ability to finish all your kitchen work in very less time.

Prestige IRIS Hand Blender offers a full 1-year warranty period after purchase. In case of any difficulty during this period, its customer service can be contacted, which is committed to solve your problem.

  • This product saves your precious time and effort.
  • It has long power cord provided.
  • Long lead time due to strong build quality
  • Its efficiency is incredible.
  • For longevity, every part needs a thorough cleaning

11. Kent Hand Blender SS-16044, 400 W, Silver


Best Hand Blenders in India

Kent Company is a well-known organization making health care products and home appliances. The company was founded in 1999 in Noida. In such a short time, this company has given competition to many big and old companies on the basis of best performance. The Kent Company has become the largest manufacturer of a water purifier in India today.

Kent Hand Blender SS-16044 is a very high and precise product in terms of your kitchen mixing tasks. This product has established its place in the list of Best Hand Blenders in India based on the best performance.

Product Specifications:

The Kent Hand Blender’s sleek and elegant design makes its look amazing. The slim design of this hand blender makes the user quite comfortable during use. Apart from this, you can easily take this hand blender with you anywhere.

This hand blender is designed to function in all types of temperatures such that it works on both hot and cold foods. Due to this feature, you can use it to make your desired meal.

For the best performance of the Kent Hand Blender, it uses powerful motor. However, to operate this motor, it uses 400 watts. The energy used ensures that you are able to complete your kitchen work in a short time, such as blending, whispering, or mixing.

This hand blender is equipped with a choice of speed settings. As you know, some food ingredients are a bit stiffer than others. So hand blender requires more power in their mixture. In such situations, the speed dial can easily change its speed such as high to low speed. You get this feature as an additional benefit.

The biggest feature of the Kent Hand Blender is its noiseless operation. With this feature, you can complete your kitchen tasks without disturbing your family members.

After purchasing it, hand blender-01, user manual with power cord is provided in its package. Apart from this, the company gives a warranty of 01 year to deal with any technical problems.

  • Able to mix both hot and cold items
  • With powerful motor
  • Affordable price as well as durable.
  • The convenient design makes it easy to use.
  • Its machine overheats after some time

Buying Guide – Best Hand Blender in India 2024

If you are asked, how often do you need to whisk, blend or mix things in the kitchen?

So your answer will be, Decemberbe many times! Most of the time you will have noticed that the experience of blending, whispering, or mixing is loud and very time consuming.

We will advise you that you should buy a hand blender to bid farewell to the traditional methods of blending. To work in your kitchen in a convenient manner, this list of 11 best hand blenders in India is going to be very useful for you.

Best Hand Blenders in India

By bringing the hand blender at home, most of the tasks in your kitchen are done very easily. In addition, you experience cooking with a hand blender, simple and fun.

But when you go to any store or browse online shopping website to buy hand blender of any company. You will find a lot of different models with different features there, which makes it very challenging to choose one of them.

Therefore, before choosing one, you have to know and understand the hand blender very well. Because it will be helpful in your kitchen for a long time.

First of all, before choosing any hand blender you should keep in mind the following:

1. What features does it include
2. What kind are they
3. What is his price range

Through the market, after researching many hand blenders, we have listed below the things you need to know.

So let’s start!

What to look for in any Hand Blender?

1. Cordless or Corded Hand Blenders

There are two types of hand blenders available in the market.

1. Corded

2. Cordless

As the name corded one can guess, these hand blenders have a power cord. In addition to operating these hand blenders. Its cord is plugged into an electric socket. Due to which corded hand blenders use electricity for operation.

Similarly, there is another type of hand blender, which is cordless. Cordless hand blenders do not require electricity to operate, as they run on batteries. This hand blender is portable and can be carried anywhere.

Corded hand blender is more effective than cordless. However, you should go with a hand blender that is capable of meeting your needs very well.

2. Warranty Period and After Sales Service

If you are planning to buy a hand blender from the market or online website. So first make sure that you get minimum 1-year warranty period in that hand blender. Because the warranty period assures the quality of any product.

Mostly, reputed companies provide a warranty period on every part of their hand blender. However some high-end brands offer a 2-year warranty on their hand blender.

As such, the warranty period occupies an important place in order to assure the quality of any product. Similarly, after purchasing the product, providing good customer service is also an important part. So that, they can listen to any of your technical problems and solve them.

3. Weight of Hand Blenders

It is also important to consider the weighty aspect of any hand blenders. Because when you handle it, you will only use one hand to hold it. Whereas, your other hand will be used to hold the vessel. A good hand blender should be reviewed in such a way that it is easy to pick up and run.

However you will see that most of the hand blenders available in the market are light weight. But some such models are available in the market, which can weigh up to 2 kg. If any hand blender is a heavyweight, then you December have to face difficulty in handling it.

Cordless hand blender weighs more than corded blenders. The main reason for this, is the battery used inside it to operate it. This battery increases the weight of the hand blender. Cordless hand blender are very useful for portability and light blending.

Best Hand Blenders in India

4. Trusted Brand

When buying any kind of electronic product, the brand of that product plays an important role. Because buying a reliable brand product ensures that the money spent on it does not go in vain.

In addition, products from popular brands are reliable and high quality. These products have excellent features as well as great durability.

If you want to know which brand of hand blender is the best in India. So, hand blender from trusted brands like Philips, Morphy Richards, Bajaj, Orpat, and Prestige are among the best hand blenders in India.

Hand blender from these companies will provide you with least frustration and high satisfaction.

5. Power of Hand Blender

As everyone knows, hand blender is used for almost every day routine kitchen works. Due to which, the power used has a significant effect on your electricity bill.

If the hand blender consumes a large amount of electricity at the time of use. They increase your electricity bills.

On the other hand, those hand blenders have the ability to use less power. They will not give you the desired results.

More often, those hand blenders have the ability to use 200 watts to 500 watts. They provide effective performance. But, for daily use and for crushing soft foods, a 200 watt hand blender is sufficient.

If you want to crush hard objects like ice, then go with a hand blender that has the potential to use a lot of energy. Because using high power very quickly and easily everything will crumble.

6. Hand Blender’s Design

Before purchasing a hand blender, the important aspect to keep in mind is its design. Because you will use it almost every day.

Hand blender with no good design can make you feel uncomfortable during use. That’s because, you use one hand to hold the pot, and the other hand to hold the blender.

Therefore, choose a hand blender with an ergonomic design that will give you the best experience. Hand blender with ergonomic design is easy to use and also helps to clean it.

Any hand blender needs a strong grip to prevent falling off when used. A hand blender with ergonomic design is very effective for this.

The size of any hand blender must be appropriate. Its size is neither too big nor too small. Therefore, choose a hand blender with a size that can be easily used in any vessel.

If the hand blender has a power button, it is even better. The power button is also located in the right place, which makes it convenient to use.

7. Attachment of Hand Blender

A standard-looking hand blender comes with attachments such as a stick and blade. These attachments are used only for blending and mixing. But some such blenders also come, which use high-end technology. So that the user gets some additional benefits.

In some hand blenders, additional blades and wands are also found. These additional attachments can be used for various purposes.

Through these, you can use hand blender as whisker, chopper and many more. Multipurpose hand blender, making it easy to use and increase in daily kitchen tasks.

As the number of attachments increases in hand blenders, its value also increases. The models of hand blenders only have blades. They are used only for blending. They are also very cheap.

8. Easy Cleaning

Like the food we eat is healthy as well as clean. Similarly, special attention should also be paid in cleaning the hand blender. So that the food mixed with that blender is fresh and free of bacteria.

Therefore, while choosing the hand blender of any model, it should be kept in mind that it is easy to clean. Some blender models in India markets require more attention to cleanliness, while some can be easily dried after rubbing.

Some hand blender models feature detachable wands. In these models all you have to do is clean the handle of the motor separately. These models are dishwasher safe, so it is more recommended to take them.

In any hand blender, the most noticeable thing is to clean it immediately after use. Because if you do not clean it, the food particles will get trapped inside. Due to which, it is difficult to clean after drying the food.

9. Maximum Runtime

It is commonly seen that the temperature of some hand blenders becomes warm after use for a few minutes. To use it again, it is necessary to set aside a little time to cool down.

Given this possibility, you should select a hand blender that has more runtime. Runtime refers to the duration, how long you can use the hand blender at once.

Always look for a hand blender with maximum runtime as it will be good in the long run. In addition, it is useful to mix large quantities at once.

10. Speed ​​Control System

An important aspect of any hand blender is its speed control. We are saying this because, to cut different foods, a different speed is required. For example, cutting hard vegetables such as potatoes or carrots requires more speed. On the other hand, soft vegetables like tomatoes require less speed.

Variable speed control saves you electricity, because you use as much power as is necessary. Some hand blender has the facility of high and low speed. Which is enough for daily use to prepare common dishes.

However, some models feature 5 to 6-speed settings. Keep in mind that a hand blender with low speed settings costs less. The ones with different speed settings are expensive.

Frequently Asked Question – Best Hand Blenders in India

Q1. Is a cordless hand blender less powerful?

Ans. Well, it is an old belief that cordless hand blenders are unable to produce enough power. But it is far from reality.

If you use a high-quality branded cordless hand blender, you will find that both hand blender (corded and cordless) are identical in terms of performance. The high-end cordless hand blender uses a good quality battery which gives good run time.

Q2. Does the stick material in the hand blender matter?

Ans. Yes absolutely. The hallmark of a good hand blender is its stick material. The plastic stick is not workable after a certain period of time. As far as stainless steel rods are concerned, they promise to support you in your kitchen tasks for a long time.

Hand grinders with plastic sticks are cheaper than stainless steel. Plastic sticks are difficult to use as they heat up quickly.

Q3. What is BPA? Why is it important to search for it?

Ans. BPA is abbreviated as Bisphenol A., which is used to make poly-carbonate plastics. Poly-carbonate plastic is commonly used in making household appliances.

This hormone affects estrogen, and that is why companies have stopped using it to make their plastics. There is a lot of controversy, and some laws. You can be sure that as time progresses, there will probably be a dispute over options!

Q4. Are hand blender dishwasher parts safe?

Yes, all parts of it are dishwasher safe, except the base of the hand blender. Therefore, you can easily clean and maintain this kitchen appliance.

Conclusion – Best Hand Blender in India

Best Hand Blenders in India

In today’s times, hand blender is an important part for any Indian kitchen. This hand blender can help you in many of your kitchen works such as mixing, puree. Not only this, they are able to mix, grind and even pound food.

You will see more benefits in hand blender than any other blender. At the time of using the hand blender, you do not have to transfer the mixed food to any special vessels.

These hand blends have been designed by companies in such a way that you can mix the food directly by dipping the blender in the vessel in which the cooking process is taking place. Due to which your time and effort are saved.

But it can be a difficult task to choose one right-hand blender from so many models available in the market. To save you from wastage of time, we have tried to put all knowledge together, at this place. The information available here will help you choose one of the best hand blender in India.

On this article, we have inspected over thousands of hand blends to achieve the best 11 hand blender in India. However, all the products given in this article are superb. But if you want to get our advice about any one, we would recommend you to go with Morphy Richards HBCD SS.

This hand blender is easy to use in every vessel due to its long and thin design. So that your work can be done quickly. By the way, this hand blender is a bit expensive. But to know fully about Hand Blender, we have also included a buying guide for your reference. By studying that guide you can get all the features that a best hand blender should have.

We believe that the information given by us will prove beneficial for you to purchase the best hand blender. If you still have some questions, feel free to reach out to us by presenting your thoughts in the comments section below.

Best wishes for your shopping!

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