Boiling Point: The Best Electric Kettles of 2024 in India

Are you searching for the top electric kettle in India, but feeling confused by the options available? This article provides a list of the best electric kettles in India and a thorough evaluation of critical …

Best Electric Kettles in India
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Are you searching for the top electric kettle in India, but feeling confused by the options available? This article provides a list of the best electric kettles in India and a thorough evaluation of critical factors to consider before making your purchase.

Due to its many advantages, the electric kettle has become an integral part of many Indian households in their kitchen. It is noteworthy that the electric kettle has a rich history, as it was originally invented for the purpose of efficiently heating liquids.

Best Electric Kettle in Chennai

The electric kettle heats the liquid from inside with a heating element. The liquid in an electric kettle can be heated in comparatively less time and effort.

Hence the era of placing the electric kettle on the stove or directly over the fire is gone.

Not only this, in today’s time electric kettle can be used for hot water as well as for other purposes.

If you choose the right and developed model of electric kettle, then with that kettle you can perform a lot of tasks like making tea /coffee, boiling eggs or making noodles.

When you go to buy an electric kettle in the market, you will find many models of electric kettles there. Not only this, seeing the many models and types of kettles from companies, you get confused as to which electric kettle will be best for you.

To overcome this dilemma, you turn to the Internet, where after searching, a series of websites comes in front of you. But even there you do not get all the information that you want to know in a single article.

Understanding your dilemma, have written a buying guide at the bottom of this article, where you can get proper information about the types, features of the electric kettle.

So let’s read this article so that you can finally choose the ‘Best Electric Kettle in India‘ without any confusion.

Here are the list of Top 12 Best Electric Kettles in India 2024

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Best Electric Kettle 2024

If you have reached this section while reading this article, then it means that you are very serious about buying the best electric kettle in India. Now you will know further about the full features of the electric kettle. Apart from this, you will also know about the pros and cons of the electric kettle. So without delay, let’s start the journey of the best electric kettles.

1. Philips HD9303/02 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle


Philips is one such brand in the world that constantly strives to bring out the best home appliances for you. Philips creates outstanding products with quality, integrity and value that are tailored to meet customer needs. One of these Philips products is the Electric Kettle which is one of the best electric kettles 2024.

Product Specifications:

This kettle from the Philips company is an innovative solution for all your liquid heating tasks in the kitchen. This electric kettle works fast and efficiently. This kettle is designed in such a way so that when the temperature exceeds the desired temperature, the kettle automatically cuts off the power supply. This helps to protect the parts of the machine as well as promote the life of the kettle.

This kettle also comes with an LED feature, which is an added advantage. This LED feature shows the kettle’s off and on status. Moreover, the kettle delivers performance efficiently by using 1800 watts.

This kettle heats water rapidly and efficiently using a minimal amount of energy. In the busy morning hours, you can have tea or coffee in just five minutes by this kettle. Furthermore, the Philips electric kettle comes with a capacity of 1.5 liters, and in this capacity, you are able to have several cups of tea/coffee, soup or your favorite beverage in one go.

The handle of the Philips Electric Kettle is made with the best of technology. So that, you can get a firm grip on holding it. Not only that, this kettle also comes with a 360° swivel power base, which allows the kettle to be plugged in in any direction.

This kettle is made by using very good quality food-grade stainless steel. You will never face any disappointment after buying this smart electric kettle. And the most special thing about this best-selling electric kettle in India is that it has a warranty of two years. Then without hesitation click on the red button given below and buy this kettle with attractive offers.

  • Innovative Electric Kettle
  • Strong stainless steel body
  • Variety of features Product
  • Very easy to use
  • With two years warranty
  • Its base wire is a bit short.

2. SOLARA 1.8L Double Wall Premium Electric Kettle


Solara simplifies the lives of the consumers in India by offering the best quality range of home products with integrity and values. Today Solara is a highly rated seller on Amazon, dealing in a small range related to Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care Products and Health Care Products, as it believes in fewer products but the best products.

Product Specifications:

Solara Premium Electric Kettle is one of the best quality products out there. You will see this kettle in the category of the best-selling kettle in local and online markets. If we talk about this kettle, then according to us this is the best deal for you.

Solara has used high-quality stainless steel in this electric kettle, which is capable of meeting all your needs. Not only this, steel as well as superior rubber has been used in this kettle, which makes this kettle stand out in the category of best and strongest electric kettle in India.

As you just learned how powerful this kettle is, besides, the secret behind its great performance, it only requires 1500 watts to use. Due to this feature, this kettle can heat water faster than other standard kettles. Not only this, it also reduces power consumption.

The Solara Premium Electric Kettle is an XL kettle with a capacity of 1.8 liters of water. This kettle has the ability to heat water in just 5 minutes. Due to this feature, you do not need to heat the water frequently and is very useful for families and gatherings with large members.

In this electric kettle, several safety features have been taken care of, one of which is that the kettle will automatically shut down when the temperature is high. For this feature, the British Strix thermostat controlling system has been used in this kettle.

This kettle is built with a swivel power base, which allows you to plug this kettle in from anywhere. And after the water is hot, take this kettle off its base and take it anywhere.

Solara has designed this electric kettle in such a way that you do not face any problem in cleaning it after use. You can use things like white vinegar, baking soda, water, cleaning bottle brush and microfiber cloth to clean this kettle. You get a 1-year warranty offered in this kettle and click on the red button below to know about other offers.

  • Combination of premium stainless steel and high quality rubber
  • Powerful and easy to use
  • With the ability to heat water very quickly
  • Easy to clean
  • NONE

3. Inalsa Electric Kettle PRISM with LED Illumination


Inalsa has always been captivated in the minds of the consumers owing to its high-quality products. Inalsa comes under the category of most popular brands in India for kitchen appliances. Indian consumers know it as a trusted brand. Like its other kitchen appliances, the Inalsa Prism is also an efficient electric kettle.

Product Specifications:

Inalsa Prism Electric Kettle has the ability to complete basic household chores in minutes. This electric kettle is recognized as a great product by achieving maximum customer satisfaction. If you want to finish the boiling process in a few minutes, the Inalsa Prism Electric Kettle is the best choice for you.

This electric kettle uses 1500 watts to get the job done more effectively. This means you can make tea, coffee or soup in minutes without wasting time. This electric kettle has the capacity to hold 1.8 liters of liquid, due to which it can easily heat several cups of liquid at a time.

The large size of this kettle is perfect for large families and gatherings. If you want a durable electric kettle, the Inalsa Prism Kettle is the best choice. The highest quality ingredients have been used to make this kettle which makes it a sturdy product. In addition, in this kettle, scratch-resistant borosilicate glass has been used, which prevents scratches on this kettle.

The Inalsa Prism Electric Kettle is a premium quality kettle, due to which, it will last you many years. This kettle is also considered a perfect kettle in view of its safety features. The Inalsa kettle has the ability to automatically shut off during overheating. In addition, keeping your safety in mind, it also promotes dry heating.

This electric kettle has a hidden heating mechanism, which makes it unique and easy to use. This heating element also serves to prevent the kettle from calcification, which increases the life expectancy of the kettle.

The Inalsa Prism Electric Kettle incorporates a blue LED, which makes it amazing. Apart from this, the facility of water level indicator is also provided, this water level helps you to fill the proper amount of liquid in it. Inalsa has also provided a 24-month warranty on this electric kettle.

  • Versatile product
  • This is a cost-efficient electric kettle.
  • With 02 Years Warranty
  • This 1.8-liter capacity kettle
  • Its cord length is a bit short

4. Prestige 1.5Ltr Electric Kettle PKOSS


Prestige Company comes in the list of best companies in India, which is famous for manufacturing electric kettles and other home appliances over the years. This company as a trusted brand offers supreme quality products. If you are looking for the best electric kettles in India then Prestige PKOSS comes under the category of the best quality electric kettle.

Product Specifications:

This electric kettle is brought to the market after several tests under expert supervision, and not only this, this kettle is made using the best manufacturing machines so that you do not face any problem while using it.

The Prestige Electric Kettle is built-in with the feature of LED Indicator, which shows the on and off status of this kettle. Moreover, its water level indicator makes this kettle one of the best electric kettles in India 2024. Due to this feature, you get the facility of filling the right amount of water.

Apart from this, this best-selling electric kettle in India also comes with auto-shutoff safety features, which automatically cut off the power supply when the temperature inside the kettle exceeds the desired temperature. Due to this feature, the parts of the kettle are protected from damage, and its life is also extended.

This kettle requires only 1500 watts to operate which makes this kettle an energy-efficient product. If you have multiple family members, this is the ideal choice for making several cups of tea/coffee at a time in a kettle.

This Prestige Electric Kettle is designed with a spout design, which helps in serving your hot water with ease. Not only this, the spout design also features a stainless steel filter, which makes it different from other electric kettles, so that you can serve hot water after filtering out impurities.

In addition, this kettle also features a swivel-powered rotating base. Due to this feature, you can plug it into any position you want. This is how the cord gets stored at the base of the kettle since it’s detachable. After buying this best multipurpose electric kettle in India 2024, the company gives 12 months warranty with it.

  • Ensure a great performance
  • Kettle with Unique Features
  • Easy to use as well as safe to use
  • Providing hot water in effective time
  • Some customer reviews have left unsatisfied with its design and quality

5. Pigeon by Stovekraft Swell Electric Kettle


Today, when you think of buying home appliances, the name of the Pigeon brand comes first in your mind. Because this company deals in an amazing range of good looking and feature-packed products. Pigeon Electric Kettle is the best kettle in India for being innovative and smart.

Product Specifications:

Pigeon Electric Kettle has always stood ahead of other kettles due to its incredible design and features. This kettle is the best-selling product on Amazon for being the easiest and portable kettle.

This is a classic-looking kettle, with a swivel base. The design of this latch is made in such a way that it is easy for you to use it. This swivel base allows the kettle to be plugged in any direction you like.

The Pigeon Electric Kettle has the capacity to heat up to 0.7 Liters of liquid. If you live alone, this kettle makes things like tea coffee easy for you. And this kettle uses 1355 Watts to deliver the best.

This kettle gives you amazing performance even with such a small amount of wattage usage. In this product, you can boil water in 3-4 minutes. Not only this, this kettle also enhances the beauty of your kitchen due to its amazing design.

This electric kettle comes with a 1-meter detachable cord, so you won’t have any trouble using it. The most important thing about this kettle is that high-quality stainless steel has been used to make it, which makes it durable and protects its body for many years.

The handle of the Pigeon electric kettle is made using a non-heating material that does not heat up during use. If you want to get this best electric kettle in India, hit the button below and get the 12-month warranty that comes with it.

  • Convenient carrying kettle
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Cheapest electric kettle
  • Capable of meeting your every need for boiling water
  • This kettle makes a little noise sometimes.

6. AGARO Esteem Multi Kettle 1.2 Litre


Agaro Company uses high technology and quality in its products, due to which, its product can be trusted blindly. One such product is the Electric Kettle, which is the best electric kettle for hot water in India.

Product Specifications:

Agaro Electric Kettle is a multi-purpose and compact design kettle that you can take with you when you go out for a short trip. This electric kettle has been designed with a capacity of 1.2 liters, making it a perfect choice for a large family.

This electric kettle uses rapid heating technology, which enables the liquid to be heated very quickly, by increasing the speed and heat level. In this kettle, you can boil water, but along with making coffee or tea, eggs can also be boiled.

The Agaro Electric Kettle is offered in three modes (warm, heating and boiling), by choosing one of these modes, you can meet all your basic needs. The functionality and operation of each of the modes in this kettle vary widely from one to the other, so that the food will be cooked the same way.

With this kettle you get a combo pack of additional accessories like a plastic bowl, a stainless steel stand and an egg tray, so you can use them to make this kettle easy to use.

This amazing electric kettle from Agaro works with a 360̊ swivel base that needs to be plugged into the power to start. The side of this kettle has a light indicator, which shows the running status of the kettle. Moreover, its transparent lid helps you to take stock of the cooking status.

This amazing kettle is also designed with a cold touch handle, so you won’t have any trouble serving hot liquids. This kettle is a product with up to 600 W of power consumption, which is amazing in the best small electric kettle series. This kettle you get on Amazon along with 1 year warranty period along with other attractive discounts.

  • Efficient electric kettle in terms of functionality
  • Multipurpose product
  • Design with special mode of operation
  • A combo pack of extra accessories for ease of use
  • Some customers have condemned its heating mechanism

7. Inalsa Electric Kettle Absa with 1.5 Litre Capacity


Inalsa is one of the well-recognized companies dealing in Kitchen Appliances. Inalsa has carved a niche for itself in almost every household in India by manufacturing high-quality products. This company has created a buzz in the Indian market with some of the best products like Electric Chopper, Food Processor etc.

Product Specifications:

Inalsa Electric Kettle Absa-1500W is one of the best kettle for boiling water in India. Not only this, this electric kettle adds convenience as well as beauty to your kitchen. This kettle makes it easy to make tea or coffee, boil noodles, and many more. This product from Inalsa serves the consumers as the best stainless steel electric kettle in India, packed with exceptional features at a reasonable cost.

This electric kettle boils liquid very quickly at just 1500 watts, and has the ability to get the job done in just 3 minutes. Inalsa has left no stone unturned to make this product the most convenient electric kettle for you.

By this kettle, 1.5 liters of liquid can be heated at the same time. This feature makes it an ideal kettle for brewing multiple cups of tea or coffee. This electric kettle is considered the ideal product for large families and occasions. Also, in terms of durability, it has scored very well by the consumers on Amazon.

The Inalsa Electric Kettle accomplishes its task via a hidden heating element. The concealment of the heating element plays an important role in preventing calcification, which greatly helps your kettle last longer.

The company has emphasized many more features in this kettle to keep you safe while boiling water. This kettle is also equipped with a feature to automatically shut down when it senses overheating. This kettle also has a dry boiling system to ensure you 100% safety. The amazing design of this electric kettle enables you to handle and carry it with ease.

The Inalsa Electric Kettle is designed with a 360° cordless pirouette base, which allows it to be taken wherever the water is heated. Not only this, the facility of storing and rotating the cord is also provided at the base of the kettle.

This electric kettle has a large mouth and hinged lid, which makes it very helpful for easy filling and washing. The 1-year guarantee of this electric kettle makes this deal amazing, moreover, Inalsa promises a guarantee period along with good customer service.

  • Kettle with great features
  • with flexible working range
  • strong and durable product
  • Comfortable Kettle for Everyone
  • This kettle makes a bit more noise when it boils the liquid.

8. Pigeon Quartz Electric Kettle (14299) 1.7 Litre


Pigeon strives to make its quality range of Home Appliances and Electronics the best in India through its experience. Not only this, it has also gained a lot of popularity over the years due to its excellent products. This company has employed high-end technology and materials to make Pigeon Quartz Electric Kettle the best electric kettle in India.

Product Specifications:

Pigeon tests this electric kettle on various parameters so that it does not leave any gap in terms of quality. That’s why this best small electric kettle is more preferred by consumers. This high-quality electric kettle has a capacity to hold 1.7 Liters of water.

Furthermore, superior quality stainless steel has been used in this electric kettle which is absolutely safe while boiling any food item in it. This kettle has an auto-off feature, which allows it to automatically turn off the power once the water is boiled. This feature saves energy as well as protects the parts of the kettle.

The biggest feature you get to see in this small electric kettle is that the lid is made of super-quality glass. This feature is very helpful in keeping an eye on the food inside during its use. Not only this, this lid can be locked with a single touch.

The base of this small electric kettle has the ability to rotate 360°, which makes it easy to plug the kettle in the direction you want. Not only this, the base can also be separated from the kettle, which makes this small electric kettle a perfect fit for portability.

Pigeon Quartz Electric Kettle is designed to meet all your needs. The largemouth of this kettle makes cleaning the inside easier. Due to its proper cleaning, the life of this kettle is also extended.

The handle of this kettle is made by using heat-resistant material, which does not get hot during use. Due to these features, this product has been awarded the title of Best Small Electric Kettle in India. The effect of this title is accomplished by its 12-month warranty.

  • Best electric kettle for boiling water
  • With full of security features
  • Consumer’s first choice
  • With 360 degree rotational base
  • Kettle with Hygienic Stainless Steel Body
  • There has been a complaint of slight noise during boiling, which is natural.

9. Butterfly EKN 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle


Butterfly is one of the brands in India that always believes in giving the best to its consumers. The company uses the best and latest technology in its appliances to make the lives of its users more convenient.

Product Specifications:

Butterfly deals in a wide range of luxurious home appliances. From this wide range, we bring to you the best electric kettle in India, which is designed with the finest ingredients.

The Butterfly EKN is a smart electric kettle, which is meant to serve you with its high efficiency and effectiveness. The ergonomic design of this electric kettle is built for elegance so that it looks like a good-looking stainless steel electric kettle when you use it in your kitchen.

The Butterfly EKN Electric Kettle has the capacity to easily boil 1.5 liters of water at a time, it can heat that water in just 5-6 minutes. Such high speeds make it an ideal choice for large families and gatherings.

In addition, the handle of this kettle is designed in such a way that it is not a hassle to hold it. This electric kettle is designed with a hidden element that heats the hot water from the center of the bottom of the kettle.

This electric kettle makes the cleaning process easy thanks to its wide mouth, and without any hassle, you can clean the interior by just putting your hand inside it. This can also save this kettle from rusting.

The biggest feature of this kettle is its swivel power base, which allows you to plug the kettle in any direction you want. Due to this base, this kettle is movable and portable.

Butterfly has built its EKN electric kettle with safety features. One of these safety features is its automatic power cut. This feature automatically turns off the kettle when the temperature inside the kettle exceeds the desired temperature. Not only this, this feature protects the kettle from getting damaged.

This kettle also features an extra hot mode, which maintains a low temperature to keep the water in a lukewarm state. Not only this, the locking lid of the kettle prevents the escape of steam, which helps in heating the water more quickly.

  • Suitable kettle for best performance
  • Most preferred product by customers
  • High efficient and effective electric kettle
  • Positive reviews by users
  • Its cable length is a bit short

10. KENT 16023 Electric Glass Kettle 1.7 L -1500W


The Kent brand has earned its name as a leading manufacturer of electronics and home appliances in India. Kent is also known as its best water purifier manufacturer in India. Apart from this, Kent also deals in the best kettles for boiling water in India. In this part of our article, we will discuss the specifications/highlights of this electric kettle.

Product Specifications:

After buying Kent 16023 electric kettle, there is no need to worry about quality and service. This kettle is a perfect choice for the home that needs to quickly heat liquids, make tea/coffee, or boil soup.

In this electric kettle, it takes just 3-4 minutes to boil the liquid. Kent has made this electric kettle smart and automatic. Furthermore, the automatic shut-off system of this kettle makes it one of the best electric kettles in India, which automatically shuts off the kettle when the temperature exceeds the desired level.

This transparent electric kettle from Kent only requires 1500 watts. Its low power usage feature makes this kettle a cost-effective and power-efficient product. Due to this, you can use this kettle without incurring huge electricity bills.

This kettle’s perforated stainless steel filter sets it apart from other kettles, which act as a filter for water as it pours into the kettle. The most important thing about this filter is that it can be cleaned and reused.

In addition, there is a light to monitor the operation of this electric kettle, which glows when the kettle is started. Plus, its swivel power base allows the kettle’s power cord to be plugged into your desired handle position.

The single-touch lid-locking feature of this electric kettle makes it one of the best electric kettles in India. This feature closes the lid of the kettle with one touch. Not only this, it speeds up the liquid-heating process by preventing steam from escaping. This process also proves effective in saving energy.

The cord of this transparent electric kettle is detachable, which can be stored at the base of the kettle, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. Kent provides 12 months warranty after purchasing this electric kettle.

  • Customer friendly products
  • Perfect size and easy to use
  • Additional Filter Feature
  • Electric kettle with 1.7 liters
  • Cleaning can be a bit tricky as there are delegated products

11. iBELL SEK20LPlus Premium Electric Kettle – 2 Ltr – 1500W


ibell is a well-known company in the electronics industry in India, which has provided convenience to its customers with its best collection of products. ibell is always on the lookout for its growth as well as increasing the confidence of the consumers. One of the high-quality products of this company is an electric kettle. It has provided a wealth of features to make it the best electric kettle in India.

Product Specifications:

ibell SEK is a top-quality electric kettle that also saves your money at an affordable price point. The exterior of this kettle is made of plastic, and the interior is made of steel. This unique structure of this kettle heats the water rapidly from the inside and is safe from touch due to the plastic body on the outside.

The ibell SEK Electric Kettle is actually a large kettle with a capacity of 2 liters, and this large capacity will not be found in most standard kettles. This large-capacity electric kettle is capable of boiling water for multiple purposes at the same time, which also saves you time and energy. Not only this, it frees you from the stress of heating water again and again.

Other features are also included in this electric kettle keeping in mind your safety. It is an electric kettle with temperature control, which automatically shuts off the water once it is heated, due to this feature, the extended longevity of the kettle is also ensured.

This kettle comes with a 360° swivel base. This base allows you to plug in any direction you like. Apart from these features, ibell has also provided the facility of one year and one-year warranty on registration, which makes this kettle the best electric kettle for boiling water in India.

  • Qualified to save your time and effort
  • With a confluence of great features
  • With great storage capacity
  • Energy-efficient products
  • The body of this kettle is not strong enough

12. Havells Aqua Plus 1.2 litre Double Wall Kettle


Havells has been giving tough competition to other products in the market with high-quality electronics components for the last few decades. Havells is a major manufacturer of specialized small kitchen appliances and electrical products. Havells always strives to make its products the best for the consumers.

Product Specifications:

Havells Aqua Plus Electric Kettle will prove to be a great appliance to make your kitchen life easier. This electric kettle is designed to be a unique and innovative one with great benefits. With this electric kettle, you can do many things like tea, coffee, boiling eggs etc.

The auto shut-off feature of this electric kettle makes it one of the best electric kettles in India. By this feature, the kettle automatically shuts off after a certain temperature so that there is no loss of electricity and other parts of the kettle.

Moreover, you can enjoy the convenience of 360° swivel base in this kettle. This feature enables you to plug this electric kettle in any direction you want.

To make this kettle the best kettle, Havells has made its interior with the best quality stainless steel. Moreover, keeping your safety in mind, the filled body is made with a cool touch body, so that you will not burn your hand if you accidentally touch its body while using it.

This electric kettle has a capacity to fill 1.2 liters of liquid, which is enough to brew several cups of tea at a time for multiple members. In addition, this kettle is designed with a large mouth so that you will have no problem filling or serving water in it. This big mouth is also very helpful in cleaning this kettle easily.

Havells Aqua Plus also gets an ergonomic on-off switch that comes with a light indicator. With this feature, you can easily check whether the kettle is on or not. To make this kettle the best electric kettle for you, Havells has introduced it in the market with 24 months warranty. Click the button below to know about other offers with this kettle.

  • Premium Design Electric Kettle
  • Full of great features
  • The heating element heats the liquid very quickly
  • Unmatched in high quality and performance
  • Its connecting wire is too short

Buying Guide – Best Electric Kettle in India 2024

Boiling water is often seen as the simplest task in the kitchen. But, putting a vessel full of water on the stove and waiting for the bubbles to rise in it, seems boring as usual.

If you are fond of drinking tea or coffee frequently at home or in the office, then boiling water throughout the day also wastes your precious time. To overcome such a problem, the electric kettle has been invented, which is a part of common household appliances today.

Best Top Electric Kettles in India

In today’s time, an electric kettle is mostly used in every Indian kitchen, which is used for boiling water, making tea/coffee or making soup etc. To heat the bottom of an electric kettle, a heating element is used.

Since the electric kettle is in direct contact with cold water, due to which the heat is transferred to the water by conduction. The kettle also heats up faster by this process. Not only this, there are many other benefits of having an electric kettle.

If you do not choose an electric kettle thoughtfully, then along with its advantages, you may have to face some disadvantages as well. For example, water heating up late, excessive noise during water heating and wastage of water and energy.

That is why we have curated this buying guide to help you choose the best electric kettle in India. We’ve also included some tips for you in this best electric kettle buying guide.

Then without delay let’s start.

Information about types of Electric Kettle

Cordless Electric Kettle

Cordless electric kettles are called cordless because there is a power cord attached to the base of the kettle. This power cord supplies electricity to operate this kettle. There is a docking power base for connecting cordless kettles to mains power.

In cordless kettles, the main cord is attached to the base rather than attached to the kettle. When the kettle is raised to take in the hot water, its base remains at the bottom. Cordless kettles are portable and handy because they are detachable from the base.

Another wonderful thing about the base of the cordless kettle is that it is rotating in nature and is capable of rotating around 360°. Because of this feature, you can plug the base cord in any direction.

Corded Electric Kettles

Corded kettles have cards attached to the kettle, which are less than 1 to 2 meters in length. By the way, corded kettles work better than cordless kettles.

But it has to face a major drawback while pouring and serving water. As you have to be around the power socket to use it.

The only difference between corded kettles and cordless kettles is that in corded kettles the cord is attached to the kettle and in cordless kettles, the cord is attached to the base.

Things to keep in mind while buying the Best Electric Kettle in India

In the Indian market, you will find many models of kettles, among those many models, choosing the best electric kettle is very inconvenient. Because some kettles come with a combination of additional features, which have the ability to keep tasks like tea and coffee completed in a smooth and enjoyable way.

These additional features save you valuable time when using or cleaning the kettle. Some kettles make you feel comfortable when lifting and pouring, and some give amazing performance by being excellent with speed.

In this section of this article, we will take you through the features that will be beneficial for you while buying the best electric kettle in India.

1. Safety features of Kettle

Safety features should be given top priority when using an electric kettle. It requires a lot of care to use it, because, a little carelessness can hurt or burn you.

To save yourself from burning, you should choose a kettle whose exterior is not hot. When a liquid is heated in a stainless steel kettle, it becomes hot in no time. Choose a kettle that has a cool touch covering to prevent burns.

Best Top Electric Kettles in Chennai
Kettle with Automatic Shut-off Feature

Keeping your safety in mind, many companies offer automatic shut-off features in their kettles. This feature signals the kettle to automatically shut down when the water is completely boiled. Because sometimes many people forget to turn off the kettle after turning it on. At that point, this feature turns off your kettle so that the power consumption is reduced.

If the electric kettle does not have this feature, then a situation like fire and explosion can arise if the boiling water in the kettle is not monitored. This situation is created because boiling water produces steam, and the steam expands, which leads to the possibility of explosion and fire.

Thus, with this facility, you can take care of the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Dry Boiling

This feature automatically shuts off the kettle, if there is not enough water in the kettle to prevent dry heating of the kettle.

The dry boiling feature prevents damage to the kettle, which also increases its life expectancy. Just as less water is not suitable for a kettle, too much water can be a hazard to the kettle and your safety. Therefore, always choose a kettle that has the facility of a water indicator. So that you can put water in the kettle according to the water indicator.

2. Kettle Capacity

Before buying a kettle of any company, one should always pay attention to its water holding capacity. If you go for a higher capacity kettle, you can avoid the process of heating the water again and again. Generally, the best kettle in India is a 1 liter to 2-liter capacity.

By the way, the average cup has a capacity of about 250 ml. Thus, you should heat enough water for 6-7 cups at a time to save your time, effort and energy.

That’s why we told you earlier that you should go with a higher capacity kettle so that you don’t have to heat the liquid frequently for a gathering or family with multiple members.

3. Boiling Consistency of Kettle

As you all know, the main purpose of an electric kettle is to boil water in a fast and efficient way. Regardless of the more features you want, the boiling speed of an electric kettle remains the same. So in view of the speed factor, many people prefer to heat water in a kettle by stove or microwave.

So now it must be clear to you that the kettle that heats the water at high speed is the best. A kettle’s ability to heat up quickly is based on its wattage. So, the higher the wattage of the kettle, the more quickly it will heat the liquid.

When you go to the market to buy a kettle, you will find most of the normal kettles that heat the water within 5 minutes, but some kettles take as long as 7 to 8 minutes. By the way, a fast-speed kettle is often recommended. But in the end, the decision has to be taken by yourself.

Top Electric Kettle in India

4. Material of Kettle

Materials play a major role in making the best electric kettle. In the market, you will find many types of kettle models, in which different types of materials are used. For example, some kettles use plastic and some use stainless steel or glass.

In addition, some have a combination of steel, glass and plastic materials to make an electric kettle. Although, plastic electric kettles offer high performance, that you are advised to opt for high budget electric kettles.

One of the best features that you get in a plastic electric kettle is that when you heat any liquid in it, its outer surface does not heat up. On the other hand, if you want an electric kettle with a great look and stylish design, then you should consider glass kettles.

As you all know that glass is very fragile, so you need to be more careful in the maintenance of glass kettles. If you have children or pets in your home, you should think twice about glass kettles as they can easily break when they collide with glass kettles while playing or running around. Not only this, glass kettles are heavier than others.

After our research till now, we have come to know that consumers prefer stainless steel kettles more. Stainless steel kettles are durable as well as last longer than others. Not only this, you can easily take it anywhere in the journey as well. But as every product has advantages as well as disadvantages, this stainless steel kettle has a disadvantage, that the outer cover of the kettle gets hot when water is boiled.

5. The ergonomic design of the kettle

In today’s time, an electric kettle is the most used home appliance by Indians. Electric kettles are used many times a day, due to which one needs to pay more attention to its ergonomic design while buying it.

The electric kettle with an ergonomic design makes it easy to use, so you don’t have to face any difficulty in holding it. Thus the size, design and position of the parts of the kettle make it the best electric kettle in India.

6. Noise level of kettle

When you boil water in an electric kettle, noise comes from it. Since the kettle is an electronic device, noise is inevitable during this process. But it’s also true that the kettle doesn’t make much noise when it’s boiling water, as to bother your ears.

Typically, electric kettles with higher wattage tend to make a louder noise. In addition, if the kettle is of high quality, it will be noiseless. That’s why we would advise you, before going with any kettle to get a complete idea about the noise it generates

What are the advantages of an electric kettle?

In today’s time, everyone wants to do their work in a quick and easy way, in which boiling water is also one of the tasks. When you choose a high-quality kettle, you are not limited to just boiling water from that kettle, but you can also use an electric kettle for many other purposes.

The electric kettle has attracted the attention of people due to its uses and benefits. An electric kettle gives you the option of heating water in less time. With the advent of this kettle, people no longer need to depend on the stove for tasks like tea and coffee.

Today almost everyone uses an electric kettle in their kitchen, as it is the easiest and most effective machine to heat liquids. The electric kettle has to be plugged into the power socket to boil water, tea or coffee anywhere. After bringing the electric kettle into the house, you do not need to go to the kitchen again and again for a cup of hot water or tea.

A modern electric kettle is not just limited to heating water for tea or coffee. You can also use it to make instant noodles and soups. You can also boil eggs with a high-quality electric kettle. If you are single and are more into ready-to-eat food, then an electric kettle is the best option for you.

An electric kettle has the ability to heat water within 5 minutes, due to which, it uses a very small amount of energy, while other kettles take longer on the stove. Because of these features, making an electric kettle is an energy-efficient product.

A high-quality electric kettle comes with an amalgamation of safety features like automatic shut-off and dry boiling protection. By these features, the machine and your safety are guaranteed, and any unfortunate accident is avoided. In addition, companies equip electric kettles with beautiful designs and vibrant colors to enhance the aesthetics. So that, your kitchen counter is aesthetically beautiful.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Best Electric Kettles in India

Q1. Which electric kettle is best?

Ans. However, electric kettles do not fall into the category of products in which a very high level of technology is used. But it is very difficult to choose anyone among so many options. After a thorough study, we have selected these two electric kettles, which are very much liked by the users after their excellent performance.

1. Philips HD9303/02 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle (4.4 Star Rating)
2. Pigeon by Stovekraft Swell Electric Kettle (4-star Rating)

Q2. Is electric kettle water good for health?

Ans. Water boiled by an electric kettle does not harm your health, if that kettle is chosen very carefully. But some scientific advisors have studied the results and told that by boiling water in some cheap type of kettle, there is a possibility of high nickel level in it. Therefore, keeping in mind your health, you should always choose a good quality electric kettle.

Q3. What is the price range of the best electric kettle in India?

Ans. Although electric kettles are generally available in the market at reasonable prices, you don’t need to spend a lot of your money on a kettle with high quality and added features.

You can get the best electric kettle price in India from 500 to 2500. For this price, you get all the features in a kettle that can complete your everyday tasks.

Q4. What is the best way to clean an electric kettle?

Ans. Cleaning an electric kettle is a little different from cleaning other utensils. You need to take some precautions while cleaning the kettle. During cleaning, keep in mind that the water does not reach the wires of the kettle.

The easiest way to clean an electric kettle is to fill it with a mixture of vinegar and water and leave it for 30 minutes, so that the dirt in it dissolves and leaves the coating of the kettle, then rinse it with cold water.

Kindly Note – Before cleaning the kettle, take it off the base and make sure the kettle is not plugged in.

Q5. How much electricity does an electric kettle consume?

Ans. By the way, an electric kettle is an energy-efficient appliance, and it does not consume much energy while using it. A typical electric kettle requires 1000 watts for high performance. If you want to boil more liquid, some electric kettles even come with a requirement of 2000 watts or 3000 watts depending on their size.

Conclusion – Best Electric Kettles in India in 2024

In today’s modern and hectic life, everyone needs such an appliance, which is capable of getting their work done quickly and efficiently. In such a situation, an electric kettle is one such product that helps you in completing some of your daily tasks. By the way, today most people use an electric kettle.

As we are progressing, the electric kettle is also getting equipped with multi-functional features over time. Today, apart from just having hot water, you can use the best electric kettles in India to do other things like boil eggs, make Maggi, tea and coffee etc. Today electric kettle has become so much liked in India that every electrical appliance maker company deals in it.


In such a situation, choosing the best kettle out of so many options can confuse you. So, you should choose it as per your requirement. Today, you will find two types of kettles in the market, cordless and corded.

By the way, every kettle is made full of different features by the companies. So to tackle such a dilemma, we have compiled a list of the 12 best electric kettles for you. After perusing this list, we have handpicked the Philips HD9303/02 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle as the best electric kettle in India for you.

The Philips Electric Kettle is a wireless automatic stainless steel kettle that is capable of meeting your needs. This electric kettle is durable, feature-rich and also comes in under your budget. If you want an electric kettle under 2000, then this electric kettle is the best choice for you. You can refer to our list above to learn more about this kettle.

We hope that our buying guide will be of little help to you in choosing the best electric kettle with all the features. After reading this article of ours, we hope that you have got the answers to all the questions regarding the best electric kettles in India. If you still want to know something from us, then you can also ask your questions in the comment box below.

We will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

We wish you all the best for your purchase!

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