Stay Cool in Style: The Best Ceiling Fans in India 2024

Are you thinking of buying the best ceiling fan in India 2024? If your answer is “YES”, then we will be very happy to tell you that you are reading the right article. In today’s …

Top Ceiling Fans in India
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Are you thinking of buying the best ceiling fan in India 2024?

If your answer is “YES”, then we will be very happy to tell you that you are reading the right article.

In today’s hot environment, ceiling fan is the essential electrical appliance for all.

Due to the hot weather in India, you get to see ceiling fans in every house. The product is the most commonly used household appliance in India, and after examining the condition, outstanding data has been found. December be you consider the purchase of ceiling fan an easy task, but to buy the best ceiling fan in India, it is necessary to know about it briefly.

Best Ceiling Fans in India

To know about the latest techniques and different factors of ceiling fans, we have prepared a buying guide in this article for you, which we highly recommend you to read.

In the beginning of this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best ceiling fans in India. After viewing, you can select the best ceiling fan for your home.

Here are the List of Best Ceiling Fans in India 2024

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Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India

1. Orient Electric Aero-Slim Smart Premium Ceiling Fan



When you think of the most popular ceiling fan in India, the name of the Orient first comes to your mind. This company is always in the news for the high quality of its products and services. In fact, it blends modern style and performance to create the next generation of fans.

Product Specifications:

Orient 1200mm Aero Slim-Smart Premium Ceiling Fan has received good reviews by its users based on its power-saving capability and efficiency. In this product, there is an underlight enclosure, which you can switch (dim or faint and bright) according to the surrounding landscape

Product Details Value
Air Delivery240 Cfm
Power Consumption45 W
Sweep Size1200 mm
RPM310 Rpm
Warranty02 Years

This Aero Slim Fan of the Orient has been built with a touch of new designs, and its noiseless ability makes it one of the best ceiling fans in India and this feature also helps in saving energy. It also features remote control, which gives you a lot of comfort.

Many other features have also been added to this ceiling fan, such as fan speed and its fan scheduling, reversal of rotation. This ceiling fan also allows you to connect with smart technology, so that it can also be used by apps like Alexa and Google Support.

Its blades are aerodynamically designed and rust-proof, so that they always have the maximum air delivery capability. It uses BLDC motor, which works to increase its functionality and durability.

When you go to buy this ceiling fan you get 4 color options in it, Champagne Brown, Marble-White, White and Black. Orient offers a 2-year warranty on this product as well as offering free installation facility.

  • This product is highly power-efficient.
  • This ceiling fan comes with a rust-free, premium quality body.
  • It has the facility of use by remote control.
  • Reverse rotation facility
  • This ceiling fan is a bit expensive, but it is worth the price depending on the quality and features.

2. Atomberg Efficio-1200mm -3 Blade-Energy Saving-Ceiling Fan



Atomberg company is quite famous for its products made because they run at high speed at low power consumption. Ceiling fans of this quality are counted among some of the best appliances in India. This ceiling fan is considered as one of the most energy-efficient fans available in India, due to its characteristics.

Product Specifications:

This ceiling fan is rated 5 stars by its consumers, due to which it is the most recommended in the market. The biggest reason behind its low energy consumption is the use of a brush-less DC motor. This motor increases its efficiency as well as eliminates heat loss.

Product Details Value
Air Delivery230 Cfm
Power Consumption78 W
Sweep Size1200 mm
RPM350 Rpm
Warranty03 Years

Atomberg company has also provided a smart remote control facility to control it, through which you can operate the sealing fan under different modes. The battery of this smart remote claims a long life.

This company has designed its fans with modern technology, so that it can provide airflow to the corners of the room as well. Not only this, these wings have the ability to run well with any type of room. Other features, such as improved reliability and silent functioning, are also found in this fan.

In the Indian market, this product is available in a variety of designs and sizes. The company offers a 2-year warranty on this ceiling fan with an additional 12-month site. The most attractive thing about this deal is the special discounts available with it.

  • It works wonders in air distribution.
  • Remote control facility
  • 3 unique modes like timer, sleep and boost
  • Not suitable for large rooms.

3. Atomberg Renesa-1200mm-Energy Saving-Ceiling Fan



Atomberg is a brand that can hit your mind in terms of the best ceiling fan in India. The energy-saving and efficiency of Atomberg Renesa has served as a revolution in the ceiling fan industry. Due to these skills, the ceiling fans of this company have been successful in beating their rivals in the market.

Product Specifications:

This ceiling fan is equipped with a super-efficient BLDC motor, due to which it fits your budget along with cutting the electricity bill. The biggest feature of the Atomberg Ceiling Fan is the low power consumption and long life. This pearl white sealing fan is rated 5 stars by consumers.

Product Details Value
Air Delivery220 Cfm
Power Consumption28 W
Sweep Size1200 mm
RPM300 Rpm
Warranty03 Years

The smart remote access feature of this ceiling fan enables the user to operate it on multiple modes. The design of this product is helpful in controlling airflow, so that it can provide maximum and uniform air distribution throughout the room.

This fan is also light in weight due to its unique design, due to this feature this ceiling fan is a classy product. With this ceiling fan you get a lamp attached, which adds elegance to the room. This lamp consumes less than 1 watt of power. This sealing fan is available in different sizes as per the usage area.

On this sealing fan of Atomberg, you get a 3-year warranty, along with a cash-back offer and no-cost EMI. Amazon has offered free delivery options and some amazing bank offers to improve the deal.

  • It makes no noise
  • Use of BLDC motor
  • Many amazing modes like timer and sleep
  • It comes in one of the most elegant ceiling fans.
  • It is a little expensive, but it is worth the money.

4. Havells Nicola-1200mm-Ceiling Fan



Havells have carved out a special place in India in the last several years due to their modern and efficient electrical appliances. Due to this popularity, today when one thinks of buying the best ceiling fan in India, Havells name comes first in his mind.

Product Specifications:

Havells has trimmed the fan blades beautifully, due to which it looks like a fan of modern times. It is designed in such a way that it can circulate the air in a regulated manner and give you high air distribution. Havells’ ceiling fan is eco-friendly, as it consumes less power.

Product Details Value
Air Delivery225 Cfm
Power Consumption68 W
Sweep Size1200 mm
RPM350 Rpm
Warranty02 Years

Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan is an ideal choice for your home and office. This fan gives you fresh air as well as adds elegance to your room. This ceiling fan uses a 72 watt motor, due to which it is a highly power-efficient appliance.

The most important thing about this fan is that it guarantees you optimal performance even in low voltage. When you go to buy it, in the market you get color options like Ivory, Bronze-Copper, Gold Mist Copper, Off White, Gold.

In this pack you get a set of two canopies, which you can use to cover the fan mount fittings. This canopy serves to add a little more style to this product.

The company offers you a pack of 2 fans in a box, to match similar fans with other rooms in your property. Because,
Havells always pays great attention to decor and elegance.

The body of this ceiling fan is made from solid aluminum and metallic paint finish, so that it supports its smooth and noiseless operation. This fan is very easy to install, due to which it is a high standard product. In addition, it has received a 4.3 star rating by users, due to its high efficiency.

Havells provides the facility of free delivery, no cost EMI and 2-year warranty on this ceiling fan. Apart from these features, other bank offers, freebies, and cashback offers make it the best ceiling fan in India.

  • Its stylish design adds decor and elegance to the room.
  • A pack of 2 fans
  • It has many color options
  • It consumes more power than other fans.

5. Havells Leganza 4 Blade-1200mm-Ceiling Fan



As you all know, Havells is a veteran name in the world of electrical appliances industry in India, which does not require any introduction. It is named in the list of famous ceiling fan manufacturers in India.

Product Specifications:

Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan is one of the best selling products in offline and online markets. This fan has received very good reviews by users based on quality and after sales service

Product Details Value
Air Delivery230 Cfm
Power Consumption72 W
Sweep Size1200 mm
RPM350 Rpm
Warranty02 Years

The most special thing about Havells Leganza is that you get to see it with 4 blades. Due to this design, this product not only looks unique and attractive but also works to ensure fine air circulation. The biggest secret of high efficiency in air delivery in this appliance is its HPLV motor.

This appliance comes with strong blade holder and down rods. Its fan blades are based on an aerodynamic design that eliminates buffing and unnecessary noise. This feature is found in most ceiling fans.

Havells Leganza has a revolving speed of 350 times a minute, which makes it the best ceiling fan in India. The unique trims and blades on its body work to enhance its beauty and stylishness.

This product also has a durable canopy attached, which is very beneficial for protecting its internal system. Its metallic paint finish and creative design add elegance to your room.

At Havells Leganza you get a variety of color options like Off-White, Bronze-Gold, White and Silver. The Bronze-Gold option of this product is most preferred. The company offers 2 years warranty along with free shipping with this product. On Amazon you get this product at a discount of over 20%.

  • Guaranteed High Rotational Speed
  • Its premium design adds elegance to the room.
  • A perfect choice for large rooms
  • After-sales service for 2 years
  • This appliance does not work very powerful

6. Orient Electric Apex FX-1200mm-Ceiling Fan



If you are thinking of buying ceiling fans with high and prestigious status then Orient meets all your expectations, as it falls in the category of Best Ceiling Fans in India. Affordable products made by Orient have a high customer satisfaction rate.

Product Specifications:

Orient deals in some of the best products manufactured by it in the Indian market such as water heaters, air purifiers, sealing fans and coffee makers etc. The Orient Electric Apex FX Ceiling Fan’s smooth functioning technology is a powerful motor used in it, which makes it more reliable.

Product Details Value
Air Delivery200 Cfm
Power Consumption78 W
Sweep Size1200 mm
RPM370 Rpm
Warranty02 Years

The power of this Ceiling Fan motor is 78W and it is made of copper metal. Due to these features, the Orient Electric Apex FX Ceiling Fan is the most power-efficient product, which also saves you from increasing electricity bills.

Its blades are wide and ribbed aluminum, enabling the product to provide thrust and high air distribution even in sharp corners of the room.

The Orient Electric Apex Ceiling Fan uses double ball bearings, which make it a high efficiency and noiseless product. Not only this, these bearings guarantee a better life and ease of operation in this product.

This Ceiling Fan proves to be very beneficial for areas that face excess power cut. The biggest feature of this fan is that it is also compatible with the inverter. Its simple design serves to add elegance to your room.

On this product you get a choice of two colors, white and brown, in the market. Both these colors make this fan premium and classy. This Ceiling Fan is rated by more than 3000 families on Amazon with more than 4.8 stars. On the Orient Electric Apex, you get a 2-year warranty after purchase.

  • It is a highly pocket-friendly product.
  • Heavy duty materials have been used to make this Ceiling Fan.
  • This product fits well in power-efficient.
  • The best-selling and liked product on Amazon.
  • Heating problems mentioned by some users

7. Orient Electric Aero Auiet 1200mm Premium Ceiling Fan



Another great product from the Orient, Aeroquit 1200mm, has made it to our list of Best Ceiling Fans in India. This fan is equipped with 3-dimensional aerodynamic profile blades, which are capable of maximum airflow and smooth operation.

Product Specifications:

This ceiling fan uses dual ball bearings of best quality, which ensure efficient working efficiency in its quiet condition. To add stability and better life to this product, a powerful 18 pole motor (heavy duty) has been used in it.

Product Details Value
Air Delivery240 Cfm
Power Consumption62 W
Sweep Size1200 mm
RPM310 Rpm
Warranty02 Years

This fan blade is made by Orient with high-quality rust-free ABS material, which not only makes it stronger. Rather, effectively guarantee performance as well.

Its airflow cubic feet per minute is around 8122, which is higher than other ceiling fans in India. It uses a 62 watt motor, due to which it is much more powerful than other Ceiling Fans.

High-gloss premium finishes have been used to give this product a rich look and style. Orient has given you 4 color options on this fan which are caramel, roasted coffee, white and wood finish.

If you are thinking of buying a good ceiling fan for your office or home, then this fan will live up to all your expectations. You are offered 2 years warranty on this Ceiling Fan from the house of the Orient.

  • To give a premium look, use of high gloss PU finish
  • Use of rust-free coating
  • Aerodynamic Profile Blade for Maximum Airflow
  • Use of high quality motor
  • Zero-Noise Operation Guaranteed
  • Not a perfect choice for large areas.

8. Super Fan X1-Remote Control Ceiling fan



The Super Fan X1 is a next generation product designed with aesthetically built quality, which has recently entered the Indian market. Super Fan X1 is the best variant of this company, in which you get to see a lot of functions and settings-options.

Product Specifications:

This ceiling fan claims the best quality and excellent performance. The most special thing about this product is that it has been awarded by Bharat Design Mark for premium design and appearance.

Product Details Value
Air Delivery240 Cfm
Power Consumption35 W
Sweep Size1200 mm
RPM385 Rpm
Warranty05 Years

A brushless DC motor has been used inside this ceiling fan, which is very helpful in reducing 56% power consumption. Due to this motor, it is renowned as India’s first super-energy efficient ceiling fan, which assures power consumption of only 35W.

The BLDC motor used in it does not allow any heat to be emitted. If the fan runs continuously for weeks, the fan remains cool. In addition, it has high air delivery capability.

In the Super Fan X1, you have the facility of remote control, so that you can use this fan easily while resting on the bed. You can use this fan remotely using various modes such as speed, power, sleep mode and wind function. Due to this feature, this product is the first choice of customers.

To make the Super Fan X1, a high quality aluminum body has been used. This feature helps it to work efficiently as well as protects it from speed fluctuations and excess heat. In this ceiling fan, enhanced technology like semiconductors has been used.

The Ceiling Fan has been awarded a 5-star rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), indicating its powerful performance. The company offers a choice of 10 different colors on this product. The company’s reliability is demonstrated by its 5-year warranty. Apart from all these features, you also get a discount and cash-back offer on Amazon.

  • Power efficient product
  • Remote control facilities
  • Highest air distribution
  • List of over 99% satisfied customer
  • Offer 5 years warranty
  • It is a new brand in the market.

9. Jupiter Quadcopter 1200 mm Ceiling Fan



Jupiter is one of those amazing brands that has a good experience of making some of the best ceiling fans in India. You will not get to see this product in the markets of India, but it has a lot of dominance in the online market and it is one of the best selling appliances there.

Product Specifications:

In the Jupiter Quadcopter ceiling fan, you get quiet unusual performance. This ceiling fan has gained a large customer base, based on the performance of low power consumption.

Product Details Value
Air Delivery250 Cfm
Power Consumption30 W
Sweep Size1200 mm
RPM350 Rpm
Warranty03 Years

To provide efficient workability and high air delivery in this product, it has used BLDC motor. This sealing fan uses a permanent magnet which works to eliminate overheating and unnecessary noise.

The good performance of any electrical appliance is shown when it is able to supply power from the inverter after a power cut. You get to see this feature in this product, because it uses energy-efficient inverter drive technology.

The 4 blades and aerodynamic design of this ceiling fan enable air to flow to all corners of the room. Not only this, it has the ability to move in both directions. Due to this facility, you can enjoy cool air in summer and hot air in cold weather.

The biggest and preferred feature of Jupiter quadcopter is to control it with a smart remote control. Through this facility you can operate it under different modes. Its dynamically balanced blades make it a low energy consuming product.

In this ceiling fan you get a choice of snow-white color which gives a classic look to your room. This ceiling fan is rated 5 stars by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). After purchasing the Jupiter Quadcopter ceiling fan you get a 3-year warranty.

  • Reversible rotation facility
  • It is a slim and aero-dynamic design product.
  • Its high quality copper winding helps in high performance.
  • With remote control
  • It produces little noise.

10. Crompton Uranus 48 inch Ceiling Fan



As you all know, Crompton is a very famous brand in the electrical appliance industry. Crompton has carved a niche in the Indian market with its cheaper and superior quality products. The company is also known for some of the best geysers in India. One of Crompton’s other well-known products is its ceiling fans.

Product Specifications:

Crompton Uranus is considered one of the best ceiling fans in India, due to its unique features. This product is not only cheap but can also be used as a decorative appliance. In most ceiling fans only 3 blades are used, but in Crompton Uranus you get 4 blades.

Product Details Value
Air Delivery200 Cfm
Power Consumption72 W
Sweep Size1200 mm
RPM320 Rpm
Warranty02 Years

This ceiling fan with 4 blades also serves to deliver cool air to the small corners of the room. This product consumes only 72W and rotates 320 revolutions per minute. This feature makes this ceiling fan a highly power-efficient product.

The minimum air distribution by Crompton Uranus is at least 200 cubic meters per minute. In addition, 3 decorative lampshades attached to the base of this ceiling fan, which serve to add elegance to your room. To change the light and speed mode of this fan, there are 2 cords attached to its lampshade.

This stylish ceiling fan is the perfect choice for modular rooms due to its ivory color. Crompton’s home offers an assurance of a 2-year warranty. Not only this, this ceiling fan is available on Amazon India with a discount of over 20% as well as other offers.

  • This product comes with rich look and premium design.
  • Facility of 2 cords to change fan speed and light
  • High rpm product
  • It is a heavy weight ceiling fan and also makes little noise.

Buying Guide – Best Ceiling Fans in India 2024

Ceiling fan is an electrical appliance that you can see in every house. By this, you can get air circulation in any particular area, which is quite a convenient and inexpensive way.

As you all know, the climate of India is very hot, due to which the need of this appliance is very much in India. Here you mostly see a ceiling fan in every room of the house, which is used throughout the year.


Due to this, the number of ceiling fan users is increasing every year, if we talk about their sales, you will find that more than 10 million ceiling fans are sold in India every year.

However, we have prepared a wonderful buying guide for you. Through this guide, you will get to know about those factors, which you can keep in mind while buying the best ceiling fan in India for you. This is a wonderful invention, which has revolutionized the electrical appliance industry, and has given a happy life to many homes.

It December not be a difficult task for you to buy a ceiling fan, but which ceiling fan is best for your home or office. For this, you have to be smart.

Factors to consider when buying a ceiling fan

1. Budget

Before buying any appliance, everyone first looks at their budget. And we cannot ignore this factor. In India, you will find that there is a wide range of ceiling fans that can start from Rs 1500 to Rs 5000.

If you plan to buy a ceiling fan by pre-budget planning, then you can get the best ceiling fan in India at the best price. You cannot buy a remote-controlled or BLDC ceiling fan on a low budget, but if you are thinking of buying a duo-ball bearing fan, then you can get some options in the price range, under Rs 2000.

2. Room Size

When we go to buy a ceiling fan in the market, there are many variations depending on the size of the ceiling fan, which we have described below.

  1. Size 900 mm (36 in)
  2. Size 1400 mm (56 in)
  3. 1200 mm (48 in) size most liked by people

It is also an important factor to know about the size of the room before taking any ceiling fan. If the size of your room is very large, then you can also install several ceiling fans there.

The size of a chosen ceiling fan is based on the size of the room, which we have described below:-

  • If the area of ​​the room is less than 75 sq ft, then the size of fan is 900 mm for that.
  • If the area of ​​the room is 100 sq ft, a 1050 mm fan size is the right choice for that room.
  • For a room area of ​​100 mm to 130 sq ft, the 1200 mm fan size is correct.
  • For rooms with an area of ​​130 to 150 square feet, a fan size of 1400 mm is preferred.
  • If the area of ​​the room is more than 150 square feet, then you December prefer a fan size of more than 1400 mm.

3. Ceiling Fan Motor

As you all know, a healthy brain is the key to a healthy body, only then it is able to function properly. In the same way, a motor has a great support behind the full functioning of a fan. Signs of a good motor which are as follows: –

  • Made of high quality material such as (Copper-coiled)
  • Providing maximum airflow
  • High energy efficiency
  • Having the ability to move in both directions
  • No harm when hot
  • Easy to handle
  • Long life efficiency

4. Airflow


The specialty of a ceiling fan is revealed only when it is able to provide airflow to every nook and corner of the area. The distribution capacity of the air created by it must be high and the air must have the ability to circulate in the room at a uniform rate. This is possible only when the speed and angle of the fan blades work correctly.

5. Ceiling Fan’s Blade Pitch / Tilt

The bent blades of any sealing fan work more efficiently in air-delivery than flat blades. Therefore, while purchasing any ceiling fan, keep in mind that the tilt angle of its blades is about 12 to 15 degrees. If the tilt angle of the blades is more than 15 degrees then the efficiency of the motor is reduced due to which you December face the payment of high electricity bills.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rates the ceiling fan only when its power consumption and efficiency are good. For example, ceiling fans with a size of 1200 mm are considered efficient by them because they consume less than 45 watts of power. If any sealing fan that consumes more than 80 watts. Then by BEE, it is rated as ineligible.

6. Types of Ceiling Fans

Although no specific classification of ceiling fans can be made, but below we have summarized them according to the climatic conditions.

Summer Ceiling Fan – There is no significant difference in the structure and function of the ceiling fan, but it is particularly noticeable in the direction of their rotation. As you all know, the ceiling fan rotates in a counter clockwise direction, which causes it to push hot air upwards and cold air downwards. These types of ceiling fans are very common and are very well liked by people in India.

Winter Ceiling Fan – Ceiling fans of this category rotate in the clockwise direction, by which it acts to push hot air downwards and throws cold air upwards. This type of technology is very new right now, due to which, you cannot easily find this technology, ceiling fan. But on Amazon, you can buy these ceiling fans easily.

7. Drop Rod

Some of the unseen parts of the ceiling fan have a drop rod, which is very important for a ceiling fan. The best way to use this drop rod is to place it at a distance of 2 to 3 feet from the ceiling and 7 feet from the floor and 1 feet away from the side wall. If we apply it in this way, its proper rotation is ensured.

While installing the ceiling fan, we have to ensure that there is a minimum distance of 24 inches between the fan and the ceiling. To maintain this distance we need a drop rod.

The length of the drop rod varies according to the height of the roof. If the ceiling height of your room is 13 feet, you will need a 48 inch long drop rod. On the other hand, for a 12-feet-high roof, a 36-inch-long drop rod is required. Most Indian homes require 36 inch long drop rods.

8. Installation location of Ceiling Fan

If you want the purpose of ceiling fan to be more effective, then it is very important to install it in the proper place on the roof. To apply this, it is based on the height of the ceiling and size of the room, which we have just discussed above.

Before installing the ceiling fan, you must ensure that there is a sufficient gap between the fan blade and the surrounding walls and ceiling. Mostly, homes in India have a flat roof, which makes the installation of ceiling fans much easier than a sloping roof.

In a sloping roof, the ceiling fan needs to be installed under the roof, while on the other hand, to install the ceiling fan in a flat roof, there should be a gap of at least 6 feet above the floor level. It also needs to be noted that it is not necessary to install the ceiling fan in the center of the room. Because it can also be applied according to the dimensions of the room.

9. Maintenance of Ceiling Fan

By the way, ceiling fans fall into appliances that require less maintenance. But if we take care of them a little, then this product can support you for a few more years. It works quite well by periodically lubricating the motor of the ceiling fan. However, most of today’s motors do not require all of this, because the bearings of these motors are sealed.

A ceiling fan starts making noise after it becomes a little old, and it also starts vibrating. But if his ball bearings are replaced on time, then he will reduce noise and will also work smoothly.

Many companies are improving their technologies to eliminate user agitation. For example, some companies are producing with Brushless DC motors in their ceiling fan.

Also, in the maintenance of the ceiling fan, there is a need to do something else. Such as changing its regulators from time to time (they often deteriorate very quickly) and periodically cleaning the fan blades, as they often accumulate dust. Because of that, they move a little heavier.

10. Fresh Features of Ceiling Fan

In today’s times, the ceiling fan has been added with the latest features, such as controlling it using a remote. This facility is greatly preferred by customers for their home ceiling fan, as it allows them to adjust the fan speed without getting up from their bed.

There are also some fans available in the market, which consume less electricity and enhance the decoration of your room by decorative lighting. You can operate and control this light through various mediums, not only that, you can also switch it according to the situation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Best Ceiling Fans in India

Q 1. Which brand is the best for ceiling fans in India?

Ans. In the market, you will find many big brands of ceiling fans such as Havells, Crompton Greaves, Orient Electric, Luminous, etc., which produce large quantities of ceiling fans. But when it comes to the durable performance of ceiling fans, Orient Electric is considered to be the best ceiling fan brand in India.

Q 2. Which Ceiling Fan is Best for the Bedroom?

Ans. You should consider many factors like noiseless operation and design before choosing a ceiling fan for your bedroom. According to us, the Gorilla Efficiento 1200mm is the best ceiling fan for the bedroom. Because you can operate this fan with remote control also. Apart from this feature, this ceiling fan comes with a noiseless operation and an amazing design.

Q 3. What is the best high-speed ceiling fan in India?

Ans. If you are looking for a ceiling fan that can operate at high speeds, then choosing the Orient Electric Apex FX-1200mm ceiling fan is a sensible deal. It comes under the category of one of the best high-speed ceiling fans. The most important thing about this ceiling fan is that it is equipped with a long-lasting high RPM and powerful motor.

ConclusionBest Ceiling Fans in India 2024

The ceiling fan is the most ignored appliance in today’s time, because its presence is realized only when it is needed a lot. And at that time you realize its importance and value.

Not a single day passes in India without a fan. This does not mean that the climate here is very hot, but people have become a habit of it. Due to the increasing temperature in the changing season, it has become very important to buy a ceiling fan.

Today, the ceiling fan is very much liked, but around the world, in every house you get to see a ceiling fan.

Companies making ceiling fans have slowly begun to evaporate the minds of consumers. Therefore, in view of their increasing demands, Companies have given improvised versions and additional features in this power appliance.

As we have mentioned earlier, the sale of this product is skyrocketing today. And there will be no restriction on its development in future also. Indeed, this fascinating invention that revolutionized the industry has come a long way, reaching this point.

In our opinion, the Atomberg Effecio-200mm is the right choice for you, as it is one of the best ceiling fans in India. If you have any questions related to the best ceiling fans in India, please let us know in the comment box below.

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