Stay Cool This Summer: Find the Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India 2024 for Your Home

How do you think about the summer season in India without an air conditioner? It is true that imagining summer without an air conditioner in India is an unbelievable thought. As we all know, due …

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How do you think about the summer season in India without an air conditioner?

It is true that imagining summer without an air conditioner in India is an unbelievable thought.

As we all know, due to global warming, the Earth’s atmosphere is getting warmer day by day. Due to the excess heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, we feel uncomfortable in summer. The most disturbing thing in summer is sweating all over your body.

Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India

Therefore, all such problems have been solved by inventing AC. These air conditioners make you feel cold during the summer season, and serve as a perfect companion throughout your life.

In India, window AC’s are the right purchase for most people who have a low budget. Because, split AC is a costly deal compared to window AC in India. So if you are a bit confused about buying the Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India, then you are reading the right article.

If you want to choose the best Window AC for your home, then we suggest you to read the Buying Guide provided after the list of AC’s.

Below you will find that, after studying many companies AC’s, we have shortlisted 8 Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India 2024. Here, you will get to know about each window AC specification and features.

Here in this list are the Top 8 Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India 2024

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Best Brands for 1.5 Ton Window AC in India

Due to rising temperatures, ACs are no longer seen as luxury appliances in India and have become an essential appliance in many parts of the world. Split ACs are quite popular in the range of ACs, but a window AC is much cheaper than a split AC and requires less maintenance, not only this, window AC is a better idea for small rooms.
When buying the best window AC from any company, you need to consider things like its capacity, compressor used and power consumption. The capacity of a window AC should be decided keeping in mind the size of the room and the temperature outside.

1. Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Estra Neo, CAW18SN5R39F0)


Best Window AC in India

Today, when we think of buying window AC or split AC for our home or office, the name that comes first in our mind is “Carrier”. Carrier is a US-based company, and also the best window AC manufacturer in India. Also, this company’s air conditioner is considered as one of the most economical appliances.

Product Specifications:

Carrier CAW18SN5R3F0 window AC is equipped with an energy-saving mode. This mode ensures that when the compressor turns off, the fan also turns off automatically. This does not put extra burden on your pocket, due to huge power savings.

This window AC features a smart-time guard feature, which protects the AC during random power cuts. This feature keeps the compressor off for at least 3 minutes upon turning on the AC.

In this model, an exhaust lever facility is provided. Through this facility, the smoke or bad smell inside the room is thrown out.

This window AC also has a sleep mode function, which helps maintain room temperature a little more evenly. In this window AC, noise is also very low. So that you can enjoy good sleep without any disturbance.

This 1.5-ton capacity air conditioner is the best buy for medium-sized rooms. Because it uses copper condenser coil instead of traditional aluminum coils. As a result, this coil provides a better cooling without causing any problems. Not only this, due to this facility you can also take advantage of low maintenance option.

The feature of anti-dust filter makes it in the category of best air conditioner in India. This facility is perfect for people who have an allergy to dust, pollutants or pet hair. This filter gives a clean air by removing pollen, hair, dust, etc.

In this product, there is a choice of Precess Cooling. Through this, you can set the room temperature to your desired cooling by remote.

A condenser has been used in this carrier window AC, which is made with 100% copper material. In addition the copper condenser is protected by being coated with a corrosive blue fin-coating. This coating provides a long life by protecting it from rust.

The refrigerant gas used in this window AC falls into the Eco-friendly category, and this gas has low global ozone depletion efficiency as well as global warming potential. This window is available in the market with an AC 5 star energy rating. To maintain its reliability among consumers, the carrier company offers a 1-year warranty on this window AC and a 5-year compressor warranty.

  • Power-efficient product due to its 5-star energy rating
  • Up to 20% off
  • Automatic Air Swing Facility
  • Copper coating
  • Its installation fee is higher than other companies.

2. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (183 DZA/ 183 DZA R32, White)


Best Window AC in India

Another version of Voltas has made its place in our list of Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India. Voltas has carved a niche for customers due to its modern technology and good services.

Product Specifications:

This Voltas model is available in the market as a 1.5-ton 3-star window AC. Most of the features of this model are similar to the Voltas 1.5 ton 5-star version. One of these features is the “self-diagnosis operation”, which has the ability to correct itself if there is any abnormality due to this feature.

Voltas 183DZAR32 features a multi-stage filtration facility, so that, when you turn it on to avoid heat, the feature removes pollutants, odors, dust and other harmful particles from the air. So, you can enjoy fresh and cool air.

A sleep mode option is also provided in this window AC. You can use this option to control excessive cooling at night time, which ensures you to enjoy a pleasant sleep at night without any disturbance Not only this, it also has the facility of turbo cooling mode, which has the ability to cool the room immediately without any delay.

Are you worried before buying window AC that the electricity bill will increase after using it? So you do not need to be worried about this, as this Voltas Window AC reduces your electricity bills by optimizes power consumption. That is why this window AC has been given a 3-star status for power consumption by BEE.

This window AC allows you to enjoy cool air even in high temperatures using a high ambient cooling process.

Voltas 183DZAR32 also features an Active Dehumidifier. This facility realizes the inner humidity of the room and transforms it into cold air. This facility is very useful during monsoon.

Voltas company offers a 12-month product warranty on this window AC as well as a 5-year compressor warranty.

  • Use of copper condenser coil
  • A suitable product for a mid-size room
  • Offer 5 years compressor warranty
  • It features a 2 stage filtration process.
  • This window AC has a traditional design.

3. LG 1.5 Ton 5-Star Wi-Fi Inverter Window AC (JW-Q18WUZA, White)


Best Window AC in India

LG is one of the most recognized companies in home appliances in India. Many home appliances of this company such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners etc. are the first choice for consumers in the market.

Product Specifications:

Among all LG’s renowned products, its Window AC ranks as the best 1.5 ton inverter window AC in India. This inverter window AC is very easy to install. Its variable speed compressor makes this window AC a wonderful product. This compressor allows the window AC to be adjusted according to the heat load.

The Wi-Fi technology and voice control system feature of this window AC attracts people to buy it. You can use these features by installing its mobile application in your smartphone. Through its application you can easily control this window AC.

100% copper metal has been used to make this LG Dual Inverter Window AC Compressor. Not only this, ocean black protection has been used to give this compressor exceptional durability. This protection allows this window AC to withstand Indian conditions and work with its utmost efficiency.

This LG dual inverter window AC features a top air discharge technology, which it uses to ensure quick and uniform cooling. Its wide air outlet helps in getting more volume of cool air.

The LG company has come up with such a unique technology in this Window AC to take care of its filter cleaning. This technique will remind you that the filter needs cleaning.

Another special feature of this window AC is that it does not make any noise during use, so that you can get restful sleep. The CH38 level is always displayed in its display panel, so that you will be aware of the gas level present from time to time.

To make it one of the Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India, the company has used modern technologies for power consumption, due to which BEE has given it a 5-star energy rating.

This window AC is available in the market with a 1-year warranty and a 10-year compressor warranty. Not only this, after purchasing it, free delivery facility has also been given. Also, this window AC has very satisfied customer reviews on Amazon.

  • Unique and modern design product
  • Voice control facility
  • 100% copper condenser plus ocean black protection.
  • Clean filter indicator feature
  • This window AC is worth this price, albeit a bit expensive.

4. Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (RAW511KUD Kaze Plus)


Best Window AC in India

Hitachi is known in every country for being a Japanese company and for its high-tech products. Some of its high-tech products are an air purifier, chiller, projector and window AC. Products of this brand are famous worldwide for their value for money. Today in this article, we will talk about Hitachi’s Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India.

Product Specifications:

Hitachi RAW511KUD Kaze Plus saves user effort by being a smart appliance. In this model of Hitachi you do not have to change the time periodically, because this window AC is able to automatically set the desired room temperature at a specific time.

This window air conditioner automatically turns off its system after a power cut or current supply is switched off. And when the power supply is normal, it starts working normally.

This window air conditioner has the facility of Smart Auto Filter Clean Indicator which informs the user to clean the filter on time. With this feature, the AC filter prevents excess dust from accumulating, to prevent its performance from being affected.

The most important thing about this window AC is that after the compressor is cut, its fan speed is automatically controlled. And if the compressor turns on again, the fan speed is higher.

The total components of the Hitachi RAW511KUD Kaze Plus, are made from high quality copper material, which gives it a durability.

In this product, automatic climate technology has been used, which detects temperature and humidity levels in the atmosphere. And arranges the air conditioner accordingly.

This smart and powerful product from Hitachi is rated 5 stars for power efficiency. The company offers a 12-month product warranty and a 5-year compressor warranty on this window AC. The free door-step delivery facility by Amazon makes the deal more surprising.

  • Use of auto-climate technology
  • 5 years compressor warranty
  • Feature of auto-filter clean technology
  • Great user reviews on Amazon
  • Free installation is not included

5. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (185 DZA/185 DZA R32)


Best Window AC in India

Voltas is a manufacturer of homegrown products in India. This company has provided a good service to its consumers due to its high quality products for the last several years. One of its best products series is Window AC. This product comes in the series of some of the Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India, due to its high technologies and features.

Product Specifications:

Voltas DZA/185 DZA R32 Window AC is designed with a cooling capacity of 1.5 tons, giving you an amazing and cool experience during the summer season.

This window AC has a rotary compressor, which is very useful with self-diagnosis operation. This means that it has the ability to diagnose issues on its own and fix them automatically. Its compressor has a high power capacity to increase pressure and decrease gas volume. So that, an effective cooling environment can be devised in your room.

An inbuilt anti-dust filter has been used in this product. This filter removes the dust particles present in the air, so that you get clean and cool air. Not only this, it also has high ambient cooling facility.

During the summer season when the temperature level rises above 50 degrees, this amazing air conditioner has the ability to immediately cool the atmosphere of the room.

Voltas DZA / 185 DZA R32 has the ability to control the humidity problem in the room, which is possible with an active dehumidifier option. You get the most benefit of this facility during the monsoon.

To make the Voltas DZA / 185 DZA R32 condenser coil, 100% copper metal has been used, which makes it more durable than other materials, and gives AC a better life.

This model of Voltas is programmed with Echo mode, which aims to reduce your electricity bills by optimizing power consumption.

Voltas DZA / 185 DZA R32 also has unique features such as sleep mode and turbo cooling mode, which cools the room environment 3x faster and makes it worth your sleep. It is rated 5-star by BEE and the brand is giving a 1-year warranty on this air conditioner.

  • The product also comes in 2-star and 3-star ratings.
  • Use of heavy-duty copper condenser
  • Ability to increase advance purification
  • Provision of up to 18% off
  • It makes little noise.

6. Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (LW19B32EW, White)


Best Window AC in India

The Lloyd brand is a branch of Havells Company, which is very famous for its electrical products in India. In India, Lloyd’s deals in a large range of home appliances such as washing machines, LED TVs, ACs. Through its high quality products, the brand has earned a great reputation in the Indian market over the years.

Product Specifications:

To give your room a good atmosphere, its strong humidifier controls the humidity level in the atmosphere.

This window AC uses the Smart Self-Clean feature, which works by automatically cleaning the evaporator coil to protect it from dust and bacteria. This feature also increases the lifetime of the air conditioner.

The Lloyd Company has used a special type of motor called BLDC in it. The BLDC has a full form brush less DC motor. This motor is powerful and provides a power-packed performance by consuming less power. Due to this performance, your electricity bills are saved a lot.

In this model of the Lloyd window AC, there is also a clear LED display with good transparency. This version of Lloyd produces much less noise than other ACs.

If you have a medium-sized room, this air conditioner with a capacity of 1.5 tons gives the maximum efficiency performance for such a room.

This window AC uses 100% internal oval copper coils which helps the refrigerant to flow faster. Due to these copper coils, air conditioners are durable as well as reduce maintenance costs.

Lloyd Window AC has received 3 stars for the Energy Rating by BEE. You get a 1-year warranty on this product and its condenser, and a 5-year warranty on the compressor.

  • 100% copper coil used
  • BLDC motors provide better life to window AC
  • Self Clean Feature
  • Offer 5 years compressor warranty
  • No color option available
  • Additional 700 Rupees on installation of this AC

7. Blue Star 3WAE081YDF Window AC (0.75 Ton, White)


Best Window AC in India

Blue Star is another Indian giant manufacturing home appliances. The home appliances of this company have been appreciated by consumers for a long time. Blue Star is also known for its premium after-sales services.

Product Specifications:

This window AC uses a rotary type of compressor which is very powerful and promises to deliver high efficiency. An inbuilt accumulator is also provided in the compressor of this window AC. In this window AC model of Blue Star, there is less power consumption and it focuses on providing a higher cooling experience.

Blue Star has used 100% copper to make outdoor units in this window AC to ensure maximum efficiency and a good air conditioned function. This technique serves to provide maximum efficiency for this window AC.

The feature in Blue Star 3WAE081YDF Window AC brings it to the series of Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India is its cleanliness. There is a provision to easily separate the front panel of its units for periodic cleaning purposes, so that you can enjoy clean air by keeping an air conditioner free of dust.

This window AC has the ability to control its internal function automatically. Its anti-freeze thermostat option automatically stops the compressor when the window AC is set to a very low temperature.

This model of Blue Star features a self diagnostic capability. When the AC system is unable to perform its function properly, or behaves abnormally. So this self-diagnosis option comes into action to alert the user.

This window AC is rated 3 stars for power efficiency by BEE. The company offers a 1-year warranty on this window AC and a 5-year warranty on the compressor.

  • Most affordable product
  • With anti-freeze thermostat feature
  • Use of premium quality rotary compressor
  • Pure copper kit used
  • This window AC is not the right choice for medium-sized rooms

8. Godrej 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (GWC 18UTC3-WSA, White)


Best Window AC in India

Godrej is a company that has been ruling the hearts of India’s consumers for the last 120 years. The company is known for producing a huge range of electrical equipment. Not only this, Godrej is one such brand, consumers do not have to think much to buy its high quality products.

Product Specifications:

Godrej GWC 18UTC3-WSA Window AC as the latest model in this particular product range. This window AC uses a twin-rotary inverter compressor which works to give you an amazing cooling experience. This compressor greatly contributes to low power consumption.

The Godrej GWC 18UTC3-WSA window AC uses an anti-dust filter which makes it the Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India. This anti-dust filter works by removing dust, pollutants or pet hair to give you a clean and filtered air.

The Precise cooling option of this window AC allows you to achieve the desired cooling of the room according to the temperature, which you can set by remote.

Like other window ACs, this model of Godrej also uses a condenser with 100% copper meterial. This condenser is coated with a corrosive blue fin-coating. This coating serves to protect the condenser coil from corrosion, due to which, it extends its life.

Godrej GWC 18UTC3-WSA Window AC has an Energy rating of 3 stars. This window AC comes with a 1-year warranty. If you are thinking of buying this amazing window AC, then without any delay, click the below button.

  • Use of anti-dust filters
  • Availability of connecting pipes and wires
  • With 5 years compressor warranty
  • High customer satisfaction rate in this window AC
  • This AC remote does not have a screen
  • Comes in white color only.

Buying Guide – Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India

It is mostly seen that some generic brands are tested before we buy any product. However, just taking stock of the products does not work.

Best Window AC in India

If you are thinking about buying an air conditioner, then you should first know about the features and specification available in it. Even more important thing that you have to take care of is that the product you are planning to buy has the ability to fulfill all your needs or not.

Factors to consider below when purchasing window AC

We have listed below the factors that can help you in buying the best window AC in India.

1. Room Size

The first thing to consider when buying a window AC of any company. What is the size of the room in which you want to place it? Below, we have mentioned the window AC versions according to the size of the rooms.

1 Ton Window AC – This version is an ideal choice for a small room up to 80 sqft. Such as pre-study room, children’s room etc.

1.5 Ton Window AC – This AC is the best choice for a large-sized room, ranging in size from 80 square feet to 200 square feet.

2 Ton Window AC – If your room size is more than 200 square feet then 2-ton window AC will be a perfect purchase for that.

2. Power Consumption by Window AC

In the summer season in most areas of India, it is difficult to imagine a room without AC. However, the first dilemma you have to face before using it is how much electricity it will consume.

Because in the summer season, an average air conditioner needs to be used for about 7 to 8 hours / day to keep your room cool. But it is also true that every air conditioner consumes electricity according to its wattage.

After examining the wattage and power consumption of the air conditioner, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) gives each one a rating accordingly. If an air conditioner has a higher rating then that window AC has a lower power consumption capability. And if the air conditioner has a low rating, it will consume more power.

If you want to save on electricity bills while using your air conditioner, we will recommend you a window AC with 3-5 star rating.

This is also true, high-rated window ACs can be a bit expensive, but also save on high electricity bills for the next 10 years, which does not put an extra burden on your pocket.

3. Air Conditioner Compressor

For any window AC its compressor is an integral part. Most companies use compressors made of 100% copper to give you an amazing cooling air experience.

When you go to buy an air conditioner in the market, everyone suggests you to check the quality of its compressor. For example, anti-corrosive coating has been used or not. Because, this coating protects the compressor from rust and also increases its lifetime. By the way, most companies today use new technology with “black sea protection” to protect the air conditioner from corrosion.

4. Active Dehumidifier Facilities

During the monsoon season, it is common for the air to become moist due to increasing humidity. The active dehumidifier feature available in AC gives you cool air by eliminating humidity levels in the air environment. Therefore we recommend you to choose window AC with active dehumidifier facility.

5. Turbo Cooling Option

After walking in the scorching sun, spending time in the cool air in your room makes everyone feel infinite happiness. Keeping in mind such requirements, the company offers turbo cooling feature in its air conditioners. On this mode, you immediately experience coldness when you turn on the AC switch.

6. Air Dust Filter

Air dust filters have one main purpose in air conditioners. This filter removes dust particles, hair, pollen etc. in the air, so that you get clean and cool air. This filter is used in all types of air conditioner models (split and window AC).

7. Clear Filter Indicator

The filter in the window AC traps dust particles, so that you get a clean and fresh air. Therefore, for the effective working of the air conditioner, it is very necessary to periodically check and clean the filter.

Not cleaning the filter can cause a major problem. Not only this, window AC can also stop working. Therefore companies mostly use an indicator system for filters in window ACs. The system notifies you by an alarm when the filter is dirty. Therefore, periodically cleaning the filter helps in extending the life-time of the AC.

8. Low Gas Detection Facility

Gas is an important part in any AC. Because if the optimum amount of gas required in the AC is less then the cooling process in the AC will fail and the AC will be unable to deliver the cold air as per your requirements.

These days, you will find many such brands of ACs in the market, which have the facility to display low gas content in the LED screen on its panel. So that you can know the amount of gas present in that AC and if it has less quantity of gas then it will inform you to refill the gas.

9. Eco Mode

Power consumption is a major problem that arises with all types of electrical appliances. You December have to face such a situation using any such electrical appliances to see big figures of your electricity bills. To solve this problem, the feature with Eco mode system is very effective.

This mode automatically turns off the air conditioner when room temperature rises. This proper sensing technology of air conditioners helps in reducing power consumption. So that you do not have to face high electricity bills.

10. Wi-Fi and Voice Control Facilities

Best Smart Window AC in India

In today’s time, everything has become smart. With a smartphone, every appliance can be controlled. Some advanced technology ACs also have Wi-Fi and voice control facilities. To use these features, you can connect your phone to the air conditioner using the Wi-Fi facility.

After connecting the air conditioner to the Wi-Fi facility you can control it by voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. By using this feature by your smartphone, you can turn the air conditioner mode on and off from anywhere. If you are thinking of buying window AC, then you should consider buying AC with this feature.

11. Sleep Mode Facility

To give you a comfortable and good sleep, companies have added a sleep mode feature in the air conditioner. When you turn on this mode before going to sleep at night, the window AC will automatically adjust to the temperature of the room. When the room temperature starts to heat up, the AC flows cool air into the room, and automatically stops the cold air to flow when the room temperature is good enough for you to sleep.

12. Anti-Freeze Thermostat

This anti-freeze thermostat acts as a safety feature that is added to the indoor coil. When the window AC system is set to a very low temperature and runs in cool mode. So, this feature protects the entire system by preventing cooling from forming on the heat exchanger.

13. Auto Fan Speed Option

This feature has been specifically implemented on AC to save power consumption. Even if the compressor is cut off, the fan keeps rotating. This causes wastage of electricity. This auto fan speed option slows down the fan when the compressor is cut off and restarts it when the compressor is restarted.

14. Auto Restart

This feature is used to protect the system from damage after a power cut. This auto-restart feature, after a sudden power cut, automatically sets the system.

15. Window AC Price

By the way, the price is your choice. It completely depends on your needs and budget. If you want to buy one of the best window AC in India, then you should have a minimum budget of ₹ 15,000 which can go up to ₹ 30,000.

Ensure that AC is a one-time investment. This will serve you for a long time, so we recommend you buy one of the ACs from the list above. So, be alert and cautious when choosing a good window AC for you.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India 2024

Q1. Which AC is better? Split AC or window AC

Ans. To be honest, split AC is more efficient and useful than window AC. The BEE Star rating shows that window AC units are always 1 point below the split AC rating for the same tonnage. However, window ACs are less expensive than split ACs. An important point to note is that split ACs are economical in the long run, as they save a lot of power.

Q2. Is it better to go for a higher ton of AC?

Ans. For any ton of AC, a lot depends on the size of your room. You can check the size of your room with the information given above in this article and decide accordingly. An AC of high tonnage can cause over-cooling in small rooms. Apart from this, it also increases your bill by consuming more electricity.

Q3. I have a small budget. Which one should I go for window AC or split AC?

Ans. If you have a small budget then we will advise you to go with Window AC. Because window ACs are cheaper than split ACs. But before going with the window AC, you should take review of your room, whether the room has a window or not. And if there is a window in that room, then it is also necessary to know that when using the window AC, there is a proper exit for the hot air coming out of its backside

Q4. Does my AC need a stabilizer?

Ans. It depends on the fluctuations of the input voltage at your place of residence. If there are heavy voltage fluctuations, it is always better to have a stabilizer to eliminate that fluctuation. This can protect your AC from unnecessary damage.

The biggest advantage of the stabilizer is that you will be able to use AC even during low input voltage. These stabilizers maintain the output voltage at desirable levels.

Q5. How much power does one AC consume?

Ans. A lot of factors go into the calculation of power consumption. They can range from tonnage of AC to its temperature setting. Compressor speed is also an important factor. Fixed speed compressors consume more power than variable speed compressors.

As a general rule of thumb, for computing AC power consumption, 1 ton AC = 1,000 watts should be taken. AC with 1.5 = 1,500 watts. 2 ton AC = 2,000 watts. An older 1.5-ton AC uses about 1.5 units per hour, while an inverter AC uses only 0.91 units per hour. These are approximate values.

Conclusion – Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India

Window AC is an innovation that allows cool air in summer, at an affordable cost. After a tired and hot day, the cool air coming out of the AC can make you feel like you are in heaven.

So, if you are disappointed with summer, and want to buy the best window AC in India for yourself, then go through the window AC listed above.

In our opinion, the Best 1.5 Ton Window AC in India is the LG 1.5 Ton 5-Star Wi-Fi Inverter Window AC (JW-Q18WUZA). If you have any question about this article or want to know more about a particular window AC version, then let us know in the comment box below. And after some time, we will reply you with the best solution.

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